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Everyone go check @sirvikalot out! She is super sweet, and I love her posts and snapchats!!! ❤️❤️ #bodypositive #bodypositiveshoutouts

Shoutout to my boo @dazy22_love ! ❤️❤️ seriously one of sweetest and most beautiful women out there!!! Go show her some love❤️❤️ love you girl! #bodypositive #bodypositiveshoutouts

Last but not least, everyone head over to @fromdietstobliss for so much positivity, and self love posts!! This gorgeous woman is so inspirational, and I know you'll all dig her amazing posts. 💗💗💗 @fromdietstobliss @fromdietstobliss @fromdietstobliss #bodypositive #bodypositiveshoutouts

Can honestly say I love following, working and being friends with this wonderful woman! Her little family is so frickin adorable, and I love seeing her pics and videos of her little boy Jason, daily! Go follow her and show her lots of love!💜💜💜 @mrsbrown_xo love you boo! #bodypositive #bodypositiveshoutouts

I'm obsessed with this pic she looks so happy and full of life!!! You need to head over to @rere_stonedsilly and show her some love! 💜💗💜 #bodypositive #bodypositiveshoutouts

Last but not least the beautifullllllllll @carynkbeauty! So happy and full of life! Love her page! ❤️ #bodypositive #bodypositiveshoutouts

Love this lady's page! Go show her some love💜💜 @jlb_sunkissed☀️💋 #bodypositive #bodypositiveshoutouts

Go check out the lovely @c0ldasfire! I swear she has the most beautiful hair color! ❤️ #bodypositive #bodypositiveshoutouts

@i_fenix looking flawless as always!!! Go follow this beautiful woman! ❤️❤️❤️ #bodypositive #bodypositiveshoutouts


Love yourself through every stage! Love the fact you are making a change. Love the fact you are taking care of the body God gave you to take care of. Love that you are breaking negative behavior and grounding new positive ones instead. There is only one you! 💪🏻💜
#fitnessjourney #wellness #lovingyourbody #wednesdaywisdom #deltalifecp #lupusfighter #bodypositiveshoutouts #sweatismynewaccessory

This account is to inspire every one to love their body! No matter the size #bodypositive #bodypositivity #bodypositiveshoutouts #bodypositivefitness #loveyourself #lovemylife #beautiful #love #happy

So like many people on Instagram I take multiple selfies before I find the perfect shot I'm happy to post. Does the lighting seem right, does my face look thin enough, the right pout, you get the idea. But tonight my son wanted to take a photo of me. He is 4. He politely asked if he could have my phone so he could take a photo of me and as usual I went into my normal pose in a vain attempt to look somewhat decent in the photo so I could post it up to show his handy work. He was quick to tell me that I needed to smile! "Not like that mummy! Like this!" And he proceeded to show off a big cheesy grin showing all his teeth. So I did. The thing is I HATE my smile, I hate my teeth, I just don't like taking photos smiling. I will delete/untag myself if a friend posts a picture of me smiling. Hate it. So naturally when I saw the photo I quickly decided I wasn't going to post. But then I remember how incredibly proud my son was to take this photo of his mummy. The mummy he loves warts, crappy smile and all! So here it is, the photo my adorable 4 year old took, my hair and face all sweaty from the humidity, my gut hanging out, double chin on show and grotty teeth bared. But whatever, at least my son loves it and is proud of his beautiful mummy. The one he desperately wanted to take a photo of. #fuckyourstandards #fatandhappy #fatandfabulous #fabulous #atleastmysonlovesme #proudmummy #proudmummymoment #gorgeous #inallmyglory #blue #xmas #christmas #chrissy #bodypositiveshoutouts #thepinkprotagonist #pinkprotagonist

"I joined the body positivity community because ever since I was a kid I would get picked on for my weight. I would get called fat, ugly and every name in the book. People would pretend to throw candy in the halls of my old school and tell me to fetch like i was a animal. Finally when I was 14 I realized that it shouldn't be me who feels bad for the way I look, it should be them for making me feel so poorly about MY body and ruining MY self esteem when I was just 11 years old. We are all beautiful whether a size 18, 12, 8 or a size 2. After all, we are all a skeleton underneath." -@skelvanna 💜 #bodypositiveshoutouts

Last but not least the beautifullllllllll @carynkbeauty! So happy and full of life! Love her page! ❤️ #bodypositive #bodypositiveshoutouts

Go check out the lovely @c0ldasfire! I swear she has the most beautiful hair color! ❤️ #bodypositive #bodypositiveshoutouts

Love seeing these beautiful ladies on my feed!! 💗💗 go follow @xviii_ox you won't regret it!! 😘 #bodypositive #bodypositiveshoutouts

Everyone go shoe this beauty some love!❤️❤️ follow @disneyqueencupcake 😘 #bodypositive #bodypositiveshoutouts

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