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this picture is old but I have nothing new and it’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m pretty sure I have a sinus infection so I’m ready to actually die rn and to make it even better I work until 12am and then have to work tomorrow from 8am to 4pm so it’s GUCCI as fuck

" C o l d Hands"

Tripple Forward Helix Piercing
16 gauge barbells

Location: @ectattoo
Thank you @msolorio_83 ! 😘 This turned out so good!

Double Dermal Piercings
4mm clear gems

Location: @ectattoo
One fresh and one healed from a few years ago.

Vertical Labret Piercing
16 gauge 1/2 curved barbell

Location: @ectattoo

Rook Piercing
16 gauge 3/8 curved barbell

Location: @ectattoo

Nostril Piercing
20 gauge 5/16 seamless ring

Location: @ectattoo

Industrial Piercing
14 gauge 1 3/8 barbell

Location: @ectattoo

Navel Piercing
14 gauge 1/2 barbell with mini teal gems

Location: @ectattoo

Smiley Piercings
18 gauge circular barbell

Location: @ectattoo

Fresh triple helix piercings with 16g 5/16 captive bead rings from @anatometalinc
Note to self: learn how to pin back hair properly.

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