Y O G E S... the calming
the connecting
the release
physical + emotional
support + strengthen + open + soothe your practice with essential oils.

My go to these last few weeks is @doterraaunz PEACE

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Allow me to reintroduce myself because some of you don't know me, and others know me from many years ago. Well, many things have changed since then. So here goes... My name is Mmatshepo Oganne. I am married to the love of my life. At 25 and 11 months old I thought I'd have my life figured out (okay maybe not so much, but a bit more than I do right now😂) but that's far from the case.

I met my husband on social media (kinda, but that's a story for another day) and we got engaged nine months into our relationship and married exactly a year into it. For an indecisive person, my love for this guy is one of the few things I've been sure of right from the start.

I am passionate about Jesus, storytelling, broadcasting, wellness, selfcare, skincare and writing.
I am an avid collector of magazines, journals and colouring books.

I am an awkward, anti-social introvert (this changes very quickly after I've had a glass of wine or champers) who sucks at taking photos and recently mastered the Instagram girl 'forward leg' pose 💃

I am a child loss survivor (I say survivor because I almost died and didn't even know it🙃). While I never thought this is what my story would look like, I am grateful for where this journey has taken me and the healing it has brought to parts of me I never even knew were broken. It has also taught me an inexplicable (I really hope this is the word I'm looking for😂) kind of empathy for people who are grieving. As I continue to walk this journey, I hope to help others who have gone (or are going through) similar pain or just plain grief (grief of any kind is probs better English)

I am building a powerhouse lifestyle and wellness brand with one of my best friends and soul lover @kefiloeneo, which was birthed from our different journeys through grief and loving ourselves through and to healing.

If you know us even just a little bit then you know this business has been in the works for millions of years, but the process has been necessary and every failure is teaching us how to come back better, do better and be better.

I am also sharing on my journey to holistic living and healing my skin @everydayskin.sa

It is not easy starting from the ground up, but it can be exciting and liberating. It is a new fresh start, a new beginning, a new opportunity, a new life.
You can choose the seeds that you want to grow. Consciously considering each one you want to grow in your inner garden.
What is it that you want to grow? What is worth tending to every single day to nurture, to create, to grow? What is it that you want more of in your life? You can plant anything you like, anything you desire.
What is it that makes your heart overflow with joy? What is it that you want to live fir and do every single day?
That is the seeds you need to plant. That is the seeds worth growing in your heart, in your mind, in your life - your inner garden. That is the seeds you want to grow in your body, mind and spirit.

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JOMO is in integral part of my job as a movement practitioner and possibly my no1 self care strategy. What are the habits that support your work or practice ? #somaticexperiencing #actorslife #bodymindspirit #movementdirector #bodywork #bodyworker #selfcare #worklifebalance

Thank you to everyone who came to listen to me speak at the MBS Festival in Melbourne over the weekend.🙏⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I absolutely love sharing my work and I was so honoured to be sharing it with all the amazing people who attended.♥️⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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You reap what you sow #bodymindspirit

Living plants are brimming with superconductive energy and are integrated with healing vibrations of color and geometries that are in harmony with our bodies. They contain powerful regenerating nutrients and life-force energy harnessed from the sun as they transmute light into life.
That is why our ingrediens are 100% wildcrafted, living plants. Only the very best 💛🌱🍃 ______________________________
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Celebrating International Men’s Day. This video is dedicated to all the men in this world that have contributed positively to the world, their communities & families. Men that are here with us today & men who’s spirits live on. TAG men that have made a positive difference in your life. SHARE this Video to show your appreciation for ALL inspiring men.
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🎥 Featured:
Bob Marley
Bruce Lee
Winston Churchill
Nelson Mandela
Albert Einstein
Martin Luther King

Monday mantra✨: I choose to stay in the present moment and to look at the beauty that surrounds me. I embrace with gratitude and kindness every experience that comes my way. Namaste 🙏

In my childhood I did fear so much cold weather. While my family was out, I was home, I couldn’t take it. But as I grow older I knew I had to face all my fears and I realized behind all fears is the person you want to be.I don t love cold because is mercefulless, but I respect the cold. 🏂

Working on balance boat.

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