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Today's healing meditation was really interesting.
It's like my body and I were having a conversation.
During the meditation I saw how my entire life, I LEARNED to try.
So many rules came with that.
I was told what to eat and what not to eat, when to eat, how to eat, blah, blah, blah.
I was always trying to do something to lose weight. Healthy or unhealthy methods, I didn't care. I just wanted to be skinny.
All of a sudden I heard my younger mes ( #healingtheyoungermes) say:
"You couldn't relax? You couldn't just be?
We wanted to play and be free".
I was always controlling.
I didn't allow.
Words of advice:
Do what YOU want!
Do what feels good for YOU!
NOT what others want you to do.
How are you going to let somebody else come and tell u what your body likes and dislikes!?
Nobody knows you like YOU.
Plug into that! Tune IN!
Your body is trying to communicate with you.
Along with my process of healing, comes the process of unlearning.
Unlearning everything that doesn't serve me.
Although I needed those beliefs at some point to shape me into the person I am today, I now release them.
What do you need to unlearn?
What are the younger yous trying to communicate to you?

Just your daily reminder;
You can wear whatever the fuck you want.
Your body is beautiful.
Your mind offers value to the world.
Trans people are not burdens.
And the colour pink makes me happy.
#thatsall #youareloved #staydope #goodsquad 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Today's workout was a bike ride along the coast of Vancouver with my man 😍

Before I left for BC I was looking around for a gym I could go to, since I don't have a membership out here. I stressed because I don't want to fall out of my usual routine, I didn't want to see my body change. But it hit me... FITNESS ISN'T EVERYTHING and your progress will always be there. As much as I love the gym, I don't let it consume or take over my life.
As much as I love eating healthy, I like to treat myself and indulge.
One thing I've learned throughout my journey is that it's all about BALANCE.
You deserve to relax, take time off and unwind. Treat yourself to the little things in life 💜

#tb when I was in shape 💪🏼💃🏼❤️
Und während ich meiner Form hinterhertrauere, lass ich mir jetzt mein Abendessen schmecken 😜🐳🐛🤰🏼
Wer ist dabei? 🤗
5% mit ANNI5 @bodyipnutrition
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♥️ Happy Period! ♥️ Take care of yourself; eat well, sleep well, treat yourself to healthy (and tasty!) food, and take care of your vulva. Gently wash your vulva with lukewarm water (soap isn't necessary), and don't wash the inside of your vagina with soap in order not to disturb it's pH level💧Because tampons absorb not only menstrual fluid but also the natural moisture from your vaginal walls, they may cause an imbalance of your vagina (due to a disturbance of it's natural pH and moisture levels). It might be interesting take a look at other options regarding menstrual hygiene, for example menstrual cups, or organic (or home-sewn) pads. Some of us are very sensitive and easily have yeast infections. In that case it's important to be extra gentle to your vulva and vagina. Choose your menstrual products carefully, and choose what fits your body and preferences. ✨Menstrual cramps are caused by contractions in the uterus (which is a muscle). They may be mild, but for some of us they can be heavy. There are many ways of relieving period cramps. A very nice way to relieve them, is having an orgasm! ✨The orgasmic contractions can take away the cramps for a little while, and it helps you relax afterwards. What is your favorite or most effective way of relieving your period cramps? 🙌🏾#letstalkaboutperiods #letstalkaboutit #thevulvagallery #vulvaart #period #menstruation #periodheart #sharingthoughts #empowerment #bodypositive #bodypositivity #bodylove #genderinclusivity #respecteachother #selflove #loveyourself #hildeatalanta

In case we haven't met, I'm Michelle. I run this account and I am the only person running this account. It is not a team.
I also run another body positive account called @ScarredNotScared
This is a photo of me from the launch of my campaign #ScarredNotScared from 2014 that has been warped into a stupid meme and really frustrated me at the time. I wanted to talk about scars and my life-saving surgeries, and all anyone else talked about was my weight.

This is why I do what I do. The reason I speak about scars is because that was my biggest insecurity.

I want to introduce myself because I want you all to remember there is a person behind this account.

No need for aggressive DMs about a lack of response. No need for abuse for not replying to comments.

@ScarredNotScared was started in 2014. That was my first body positive page. That will always be my priority so follow me on there if you want replies to comments/DMs.
I am a 5 board accredited body confidence coach so I do know what I am talking about. This page is for all bodies but fat ones are the ones included in most memes and are body shamed the most, so there will be more memes of fat bodies - and rightly so.

This is not just a meme page. This is a body positive page so you will get blocked if you are rude on this page. I am not a meme generating machine.

Thank you very much.

Mein Leben lang hatte ich optisch den Körper eines unterentwickelten zwölfjährigen Jungen und selbst meine Knie waren kurviger als Brust und Hintern. Dass ich so gern schwanger bin, mit allen extra Kilos, etwas Cellulite und Doppelkinn, hat sicherlich auch damit zu tun, dass ich mich endlich wie eine richtige Frau fühle. Nicht nur äußerlich, auch innerlich. Denn ich war noch nie so gesund - und damit meine ich primär hormonell intakt - wie zu den Zeiten mit den Babys in meinem Bauch und kann bestätigen: Selbstliebe macht gesund und Gesundheit macht Selbstliebe. Das ist auch unter anderem Thema meines Buches, was auch Thema im gestrigen Live Stream war - der mir übrigens echt viel Spaß gemacht hat, auch wenn ich häufiger nach meinen Füßen und Titten gefragt wurde, als nach anderen Themen wie meinem aktuellen Training zum Beispiel 😅 Apropos. Ein paar Ausschnitte aus dem heutigen seht ihr in meiner Story. Hat sich nicht viel verändert, außer, dass der Bauch mittlerweile fast immer im Weg ist und einige Übungen deswegen nicht mehr gehen 😂 (was @sarahstage vermutlich nicht passieren wird - habt ihr ihren 7-Monats-Bauch gesehen?? 😳). Und um ehrlich zu sein bin ich aktuell lieber auf dem Sofa als auf der Trainingsfläche, aber das ist ok, ich mach nur, worauf ich Lust habe und das ist meist liegen und essen. Weil Selbstliebe und so. Und wenn ich keinen Gestationsdiabetes hätte, gäbe es darauf jetzt nen Pott Ben & Jerrys. Aber dann halt nur ne Folge Suits und ein Wurstbrot und dann Heia. Schlaft gut 🖤 (wie viele Themen kann Frau eigentlich in EINEM Post ansprechen?? 😅🙈😇 oh und sagte ich schon, dass Lias nicht mehr aus dem Elternbett zu bekommen ist ?? 🙄🔫)

And today is the day the Instagram world knows my #squatbooty does in fact exists lol. Sort of. Still covered. Lost a bit of my post #legday Pump but still happy with my results. #carbcycling working slowly but surely. #girlswholift #girlswhosquat #girlswithmuscle #girlswhodomorethansquats #onepiece #noimnotonsteroidsyourejustapussy #adenfilterislife #bodylove #bodybuilding #biggerthanyourboyfriend #quads #hamstrings #gym #fitness #fitchick #nofakebuttshere


Repost @curvecreation - I've only just seen this stunning little montage featuring my handmade Veronica Robe. I think it got lost in all the giveaway notifications! Don't forget to read Missi's review on her blog. What a dream to have her wear one of my handmade pieces! ❤️
I recently reviewed the stunning Veronica Robe from @myretrocloset and it's a piece I've really fallen in love with! ⠀

To read my review, click the link in my profile and reclick this image or head to http://www.curvecreationscloset.blogspot.com.au/⠀

Worn with lingerie from @whatkatiediduk

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There's nothing in the world that cannot be achieved if you do work hard, hardwork without a selfish moto always make you gain something. #gym #gymlife #gymlove #fitness #fitlifestyle #health #motivation #motivationalwords #hardwork #dedication #bodybuilding #bodylove #muscle #believeinyourself #believetoachieve #insta #instagram #india #aesthetic #shape #instafit #gains #exercise #workout #fitfriday

#BodyLove #alittleproudofthislittlepoke : 👸🏻Primarily plant based Queen that's starting to lift heavier & eat more. By no means am I posting to be compared or claim I've been strict but let's just say these knees aren't as " injury achy " these days & my legs are starting to like the struggle!! Lowering cardio & focusing on high intensity interval training + increasing weight. #HERESHEGOES 💪🏼🏋🏻‍♀️#thatACCOUNTABILITYPOST #thatGENETICSAREABITCHPOST #thatGOTTASTARTSOMEWHEREPOST #thatEATMORELIFTMOREPOST #thatCARDIOBOOTYNOMOREPOST #fitfam #slimthickergoals #alwaysaworkinprogress ♥️ #issaqueen

"Do it because you love your body, not because you hate it"
Day 2 of my liver detox, and im feeling pretty spacey and grumpy 🙈🙈 but at the same time, very excited to be giving my body a fresh start before I start my 12 Week Challenge. 👊

Thanks @chloe_fairlamb for putting me on the right track 🌱💚 📷: @danos_insanosss
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It's easy to come on here everyday and check out what everyone else is up to, but if you are in a dark and painful place in life, social media maybe depressing you further if you perceive others to have the shiny life that you don't have right now. I know that place so well 😒 Life over this past 5 years but especially the last 2 has been epically deeply profoundly painful at times and yet today, even though not much has changed materialistically (but that's changing coz I have 😃) I feel like a totally different me 😃I feel joy 😃👏😇😍All conditioning about how I should be at 51 and what I should have has dropped away. Social conditioning can be a killer for your heart and mind! If life just is total crap right now, let me show you how to get through it all. I have come home to the real me (to coin a phrase!) back to a full and grateful heart and I feel alive in my bones once again. I AM clearer and happier than I have ever been 😀😊😇😃All you need to start with is willingness and a hearts desire to be absolutely truthful with yourself ☘️Tune in here from Monday. Let's start again. I don't mince my words, this is a raw, real life right here waiting to share with you ☘️I love you, you are enough, you are gonna be ok 💋#wisewoman

#friyay 🙌🏻 endlich fast Wochenende. Die Woche war anstrengend. Jeden Tag schon um kurz nach sechs auf der Arbeit sein-nix für mich. Völlig entgegen meiner Biorhythmus. Aber was muss das muss. Kommt alle gut ins Wochenende. Ich werkel hier noch bisschen weiter 🖤
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That time when I joined my first #pageant @missbritishbeautycurve and i got on the #dailymail haha! Definitely a milestone for a curvy girl! #milestone #curvy #plussize #pageant #revolution #bodylove #challenge

Was um Dich herum passiert, darf kein Grund dafür sein, wie Du Dich fühlst. Horche in Dich hinein, liebe Dich selbst und leben mehr!

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