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Just thought that I would start this off raw and real.. No filter no adjustments just me! This is a scary post cause in my actual account @selinaantipass I usually do filters as well as adjusting pretty much everything but I decided that instead of photoshopping why not look like that in real life 👌👌✌️
Hope you guys will go on this journey with me too! I’ll be checking in whenever I can!
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I changed my relationship with food. I no longer eat when I’m stressed out, I no longer crave sugar when I’m hormonal or feeling blue, I am no longer filled with anxiety over what to wear so I give in and over eat. I stopped beating myself up and all because I trained that voice in my brain.
I could talk n talk about the power of your brain 🧠 over food addiction and so want to talk to you!!! #bodylove #weightlossjourney #weightloss #fatloss #selflove #cravingcontrol #fitness #healthychoices #health #bodylove

Reposting @the_illustrator_of_curves:⠀

Strength comes in many forms. From beating cancer; to living with a long term illness and waking up smiling, to raising children, running a business, all the way to just getting up and getting through your day. ⠀
Whatever strength is to you, carry on honey. We're all just getting through this thing called Life ❤️ #cancer #survivor #selflove #effyourbeautystandards #loveyourself #bodypositive #bodylove #cellulite #illustration #illustrator #art #artist #artwork #picoftheday #instaartist #stretchmarks #instagood #curves #curvy #thick #plussize #women #body #plussizemen #draw #support #drawing #drawingoftheday #love"

I Was 13-14 When I Started To Lose My Hair. I Was So Truly Devastated By It. My Mum Has The Most Gorgeous Looking, Thick, Brown Hair. I Would Look At Her Locks And Cry About The Lack Of My Hair. Everywhere I Looked Women Had Beautiful Thick Hair. All My Friends And Everyone I Knew Had Hair That They Could Be Proud Of. It Was A Constant Topic Of Conversation As To What Hair Styles The Girls Would Try Next, How Beautiful Their Hair Makes Them Feel Like and How The People Around Them Commented On Their Hair. All The Magazines And TV Programmes Featured Ladies With The Most Luxurious, Healthy Looking Hair, That Was A Sign of Health And Femininity. And At The Same Time, There I Am, A Teenager, Rapidly Losing Hair. Over The Years I Had Tried Almost Everything That I Could Find On The Internet To Make My Hair Grow Back, But All My Efforts Were In Vain. It Got To The Point Where I Was Almost Completely Bald On The Top Of My Head. From The Age Of 13-14, My Hair Loss Severely Restricted Everything I Did. I Would Not Leave The House Because I Felt Ugly. I Would Not Leave The House Because When I Did, People Would Comment On My Hair And I Would Feel Humiliated And Disgustingly Abnormal. I Would Cancel Dates And Refuse To Meet With Friends And Family Just Because I Could Not Arrange That Few Hairs That I had Left To Look “Decent” In My Eyes. Then Last Year I Had Finally Had Enough And On The 2nd Of June, I Shaved My Head. I Took The Kitchen Scissor And Cut A Chunk Off At The Front. first I Creaked Out. I Thought, Great, Now I Look Even More Hideous Than I Did So Far. Not Only Am I Almost CompletelyBald On The Top Of My Head, But Now I Am Also Missing A Chunk At The Front Where I Had Hair So Far. But There Was No Going Back Now And I Cut And Then Shaved It Off Completely. I Was A Little Bewildered At First, I Wasn’t Sure How I Felt. I Wasn’t Sure If I Felt Looked Feminine Anymore. I Hardly Ever Seen, If Ever A Women With No Hair. And When I Did, It Was A Sign Of Sickness. I Stood In Front Of My Mirror In Disbelief That I Had Cut It All Off. And Then Slowly, Really Slowly I Began To Feel Liberated. I Felt Like All Those Years Of Pain, That My Hair And Its Lack Of It👇🏼

Viele Menschen kämpfen Tag für Tag um ihr Leben. Andere wiederum sind undankbar für alles und haben an allem etwas auszusetzten. Ich finde es erschreckend wie hässlich manche Menschen sein können ( und damit meine ich nicht das Aussehen). Die Mehrheit der Menschen sind unzufrieden mit sich und ihrem Körper. Sie wissen kleine Dinge aus dem Alltag nicht zu schätzen und finden an allem etwas auszusetzen. Doch irgendwann kommt der Tag , an dem dir bewusst wird , was wirklich zählt. Du wirst dankbar für alles in deinem Leben , lernst dich von Dingen zu trennen die dir nicht gut tun. Du lernst für die wichtigen Dinge im Leben zu kämpfen. Jeder hat seinen persönlichen Klick- Moment. Eine Situation , eine Diagnose oder vielleicht auch eine Begegnung mit einer inspirierenden Person. Auch bei mir gab es ein paar Wochen zuvor diesen Klick- Moment. Eine Diagnose einer mir nahestehenden Person die alles veränderte. Also. Seid dankbar! Lernt dankbar zu sein.. auch für die kleinen Dinge im Leben.
Ärgert euch nicht länger als 5 Minuten über etwas , was in Zukunft keine Bedeutung mehr hat. Wie -> @kimspiriert & @luderchris so schön sagten.
Seht nicht alles als selbstverständlich und vorallem lernt euch selbst zu lieben!
#fuckcancer #cancerfight #krebsisteinarschloch #selbstliebe #bodylove #hope #hoffnung #thinkaboutit #wortzumsamstag #overandout

So just be you precious girl....
Nobody else can or will ever do it better✌🏻

This year I am working on being more thankful for the body that God has given me. Though it may not be perfect, it keeps me going.
It’s really hard to live in a society that is so critical of the way you look, the way you dress, the way you do anything. We are made to believe that if our bodies aren’t a certain way then we are worth less than others. It’s in these moments that I remind myself of all the beautiful things that my body does for me.
My body HEALS me when I’m injured, FIGHTS off germs when I’m sick, CARRIES me when I’m tired, and PUSHES me through when I’m weak. My body was made with the strength and love of God and is perfect in His eyes. It deserves love and respect and I’m finally giving it just that. I am making myself stronger and better just by giving my body the proper nutrients and exercise that it needs and I have never felt better!
I am so thankful to God for giving me strong legs to run with, strong arms to lift with, and a strong mind to learn and grow with. Instead of looking at all the things my body doesn’t do or doesn’t look like, I choose to focus on what it DOES do for me! We are only given one body to live in and we should appreciate it every chance we get!

True love is not laughing, arguing, reconciling, and happily falling in love with each other. Sometimes true love continues to love a person even though he hurt you. sometimes true love is also letting go of a person you never wanted to let go of, with whom you desired a future and loved it with all your heart.

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absolutely STUNNING. @fatgirlglamour #FATGIRLROYALTY ✨❤️

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