Remember that food is a gift to nourish ourselves and be well😎 check out my new blog and discover when did we became SO conscious about size.. Website link in bio..✅ #loveyourbody #sexyisanattitude #healthyeating

The Netflix show "Insatiable" has been causing quite a stir for apparently being a huge setback for body positivity, so I thought I'd better watch it. I only got 4 episodes in and decided to stop, but not for the reasons I expected...
Link in bio!
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Video time! (After some technical hiccups!) Body image tips with practical advice and book/podcast/documentary recommendations too!
Particularly love @bodyposipanda - follow her if you're not already and buy her book! ❤️ .
I've been filming on my phone and using an editing app but it's been a bit glitchy. Any #vloggers or #youtubers have any recommendations of budget cameras and editing software (free, for PC). I'm skint so it has to be cheap! 😂
Link to #vlog in bio! 📽️
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I appreciate her openness and talking about her C-section and embracing her FUPA. Shoutout to all of the C-section mamas. Why are we not embracing and loving our bodies after giving birth? I definitely had to pause for a minute.

Happy Monday! Had an indulgent weekend? Just a reminder you’re still fabulous and you don’t need to change today. #dietitianamy #youdoyou #positivevibes #bopo #bodyimageseries #ditchthediet

A R E T H I N P E O P L E H A P P I E R ?
In a word, no. Many people believe that if they were thinner they would be happier. Research demonstrates that women who meet the body / beauty ideal are just as likely to be unhappy about their looks as women who do not.
Assuming that somebody who has the perceived ‘ideal body’ has the perfect body/life (as may be perceived on social media) does not mean they they also don’t have body hang ups and insecurities as @victorianiamh posted about recently.
Research suggests than when people go through life-changing and body-altering surgery they are no less happy than they were otherwise, due to a new appreciation for their body and what it can do.
Why not consider what is good about your body and what it can do outside of what it looks like?
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Ladies...#bodyimageseries @body_image_series submit your stories

This week's video in my body image and self-esteem series is about the obesity crisis (link in bio)
Obesity is undoubtedly a problem in our society, but the current way to tackle it seems to be by making fat people feel ashamed of their bodies. This obviously isn't working - we need another way. A kinder way. How about asking obese people how we can help? There are many reasons why people are overweight -none of them are your business btw, but in order to help we have to LISTEN, be KIND and stop the discrimination towards fat people.
No wonder obese people find it hard to work out if they're ridiculed at gyms and fitness classes!
I was bullied as about my weight a lot as a kid and it sure as hell didn't make me want to treat my body nicely. I hated my body, I didn't care about treating it well. And for many years later I didn't want to go out running or go to the gym for fear of being teased again.
The obesity epidemic is usually something talked about by people who are not fat, talking about obese people like they're rats. In the same way some people talk about immigrants like cockroaches. Society must stop dehumanising people.
In order to help the obesity crisis, we must help and respect fat people. We must realise all the factors which may result in someone being overweight are not always within their control.
We have to STOP judging and discriminating against people!
FAT SHAMING is a form of discrimination - it's not a "joke" - it's not "banter"
We must have empathy and compassion ❤️
And some people need to learn just to butt out - somebody else's body is not your problem! 😆

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Most people know how to eat well and live well for good health, we see it everywhere. 5 fruit and veg a-day, 10,000 steps per day, eat the rainbow, get 8 hours of sleep a night and so on and I believe in these too. 🧐But why don’t we do all of these things?
Ultimately we all have demands such as jobs, social life, families and finances that make up our day to day life 🙃and the above recommendations are just that, RECOMMENDATIONS or a target to work towards. 🚴🏻‍♂️ For most people its not laziness, lack of knowledge or lack of ability that is preventing you from looking like a fitness model, its genetics and having a life #sorrynotsorry 😬
Have all of the diets you've tried so far worked, if not why not? Its likely because a diet and exercise plan cannot see YOU and predict YOUR struggles and know how your life works, YOU can. 🙋🏼‍♀️ Finding a way of living well and feeling good about yourself through working on your body-image may not give you the perfect score 💯 for hitting all of the diet and exercise recommendations but will give you a way of living that overall is some or most of the way there and consistent. 💪🏼Consistency beats an 'all or nothing' approach every time 💥
More to come in this series of posts about #bodyimage #dietitianamy #bodyimageseries #bopo

We know that media such as TV, social media and magazines are full to the brim with images of the ‘thin ideal’ body. 🙅🏼‍♀️ Have you thought about what you choose to consume?
The choices you make as to what you see on a daily basis from social media, TV and magazines has an impact on what we think is the norm 👀 it works just like advertising.
Have a look at the accounts you follow, are they all of women who all look a certain way? 👯‍♀️ Do you follow others that have a similar body type to you? Are you following lots of accounts where fitness is their day job? ⭐️Social media is not a snapshot of the everyday norm, most people aren't walking down the street in a bikini and stopping to pose in just the right light and at just the right angle 😬😂 This also isn’t what we would see in our own mirror because we're unique, but we are consuming these images on a daily basis on our own devices and are filling our brains with images of the ‘thin ideal’. ⭐️Consciously or subconsciously we can be easily led to feel like we should look like those that were born with great genetics or workout as part of their day job. Thats not to say we couldn't workout and feel good about our bodies too but we're not all destined to have super long legs or an 8 pack lets face it. 💁‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️ Try searching for inspirational accounts of women who choose to accept themselves with how they look regardless of size or shape 💃🏻 or find others that have a similar body type to you and rid your account of those that make you feel less than perfect the way you are. ⭐️ More on body image to come #dietitianamy #bodyimageseries #bopo 📷Gemma Correll

This was definitely not a waste of time*
*It was.
On another note, please check out my new video: 'When loving your body just feels like too much' ♥️
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Wise words on a grubby toilet wall. In other news, I'm cringing over my new video. This one was so hard to put 'out there' - I wasn't sure I could put a video out whilst feeling so vulnerable but then I realised that's why I had to do it. Sometimes loving yourself or believing in yourself just feels too much. Sometimes I feel useless, unworthy, like a fake, like I don't belong. My inner critic is strong and I know many other people who feel the same. My inner critic has always told me I couldn't get anywhere in life because I'm fat and unattractive. I'm gradually learning not to listen to the inner critic. I'm still on my body positive journey. I'd love you to join me 💖

New video -
Body image and self-esteem: Being a hypocrite 👇👇👇

Link to channel in bio.

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Coming at ya with lots of hearts and a slightly crazed look in my eyes.
I've got a new video out today! It's part of my #bodyimageandselfesteem series and is about the diet industry. Fad diets don't work - they're designed to fail so we feel crap about ourselves and keep buying more stuff that doesn't work!
Link in bio! 💖💖👙👙😄☮️ .
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Look at my mid-video silly face! My first video in my body image and self-esteem series is up on YouTube now! 👉 https://youtu.be/UjuN_nrqfCw

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God our Father made us all in HIS OWN image and calls us EACH ONE of us beautiful. Embrace and own your unique beauty! 💕#BodyImageSeries #BeautifulInHisWay

If you are a female surfer who will be in Middleton this weekend at the Southern Surf Festival there will be some photo sessions happening for the Her Wisdom Series. Any skill level of female surfers welcome for land and in water shots. If you are interested in being involved comment here or dm me for more info.

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