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Morning lovelies!
I’m wishing I’d put the storage heaters on last night as it’s back to feeling like winter this morning! I’m feeling really positive though which is a great feeling.
I think it’s been a lot easier to deal with the weight gain because of something I realised yesterday.
I’ve stopped the constant body checking.
The pinching and squeezing and the seeking of reassurance by feeling every bone I can.
There is still the odd moment that I find myself doing it just out of habit, but I’m not quite sure when this became less of a ritual where I would do it hundreds of times throughout the day.
But it has.
I’m trying to focus on how I feel IN my body, not how I feel on the outside, and that way I’m beginning to build an identity separate from my eating disorder.
My weight and body shape doesn’t not define me.
Neither does yours.
I’m embracing the dinosaur power today and eating whatever gets in my way.💪🏻🦖💖 #anorexiarecovery#recoverywarrior#prorecovery#beyourownhero#realrecovery#beatinganorexia#bulimiarecovery#bodydysmorphia#depression#mentalhealth#eatingdisorder#eatingdisorderrecovery#edwarrior#believeinyourself#eatingdisorderawareness#edrecovery#recoveryisworthit#nevergiveup#mentalhealthawareness#selfacceptance#bodyimage#positivity#fuckana#mentallillness#edfamily#gainingweightiscool#edcommunity#recovery#anxiety#bodychecking

On the left you can see a lost and confused 16 year old me with HUGE body image issues and on the right you see a lost and confused 22 year old me who is more in tune with herself and want she wants, and much healthier. And I love both of these girls.
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thinking more and more about my body these days.. #acceptance #loveyourself

You do not need to be at war with yourself. @khrystyana is such an inspiration and captures this perfectly 💘

Repost @khrystyana 💖💪🏼🌈🎯
Being a BODY POSITIVE person is a STATE of your MIND NOT YOUR BODY. There is NO war between THIN and THICK and there never will be. There is only an internal battle we face each day with our choices and attitudes. Just because I was a few sizes smaller when facing more severe stages of self hate doesn’t MEAN I should battle anything to do with wanting to look a certain way. You can’t hate yourself for wanting to change! Even THAT part of you that wants something else can be embraced and actually celebrated. Self love and the journey to become body positive is SO individualized! For some it may be the other way around when they find more peace with themselves, and bottom line it’s what makes YOU feel good and more confident AT THE MOMENT!!!! Also, body positivity is about starting conversations, not only about the sizes and shapes, but about accepting and loving your face, your height, your scars, your knees (yup), your hair (any stage), your internal health conditions, as well as your mental and emotional health. With anything your body goes through there is a way to treat yourself with kindness. And hey, this kindness especially applies to your hardworking mind - it’s where you face your battles. Face them too with compassion, even on your craziest of days if life feels like hell. ALL of you at ANY moment of your WHOLE entire life is absolutely worthy of your own LOVE. Now shower yourself with all you've got from the bottom of your own gorgeous gut - hugs, khrystyana :D #bodyimage #bodypositive #selflove #bodylove #loveyourself #bopowarrior <<<< both before and after Deserve same loving >>>>>

The photo on the left was taken over 3 years ago. I was still in school, had dance class every afternoon for over 2 hours every night and was very sporty at school. I had no hips, was still going through puberty and didn’t have the best relationship with food.. Up until I started @keepitcleaner I was constantly putting pressure on myself to get back to the way my body was, cause I thought it would make me love myself more because in that photo, I thought I looked “my best” but since starting Keep It Cleaner I’ve realised, as long as I’m being active, eating clean and taking care of myself I am at my best. The photo on the right is me now. Im still growing so my body is changing all the time (but I’ve accepted that). I’m not doing nearly as much cardio as I used to but I’m working out in different ways and seeing great results with my body. I am the fittest and healthiest I’ve ever been. I may not be as skinny as the photo on the left but I love myself more now because I’m embracing my hips - they make me feel like a woman. I love my muscle definition - I feel strong! I’m on a much healthier fitness and lifestyle journey! Thank you to Keep It Cleaner for teaching me how to have a positive relationship with food and a positive relationship with myself. If your not on the Keep It Cleaner train, you need to hop on, such an inspiring, beautiful community filled with support and love from the fellow KIC girls! Here’s to self love! 🙌🏼💪🏼❤️
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Currently eating chocolate, lollies and pringles in a big comfy knit jumper... yeah goodbye summer bod 🙋🏼‍♀️

Where's my genie?
I need him right about now.
My fairy Godmother needs to
Fix my hair and skin
And she needs to make me thin
With dresses to make heads turn
And the Genie's gotta drop down now
To make me rich
Alongside work worth a lifetime in my hands.
My search for them led me to these washed walls
Only to discover
I'm the genie and the fairy
Who will set my life right
And get me all I want.
For my dreams are only my own
And my wants are just mine to hold
On to so tight
And never give up in a fight
Because this fight isn't merely to survive.
It's to live like it mattered.
Wadrobe: @stylebyand and @onlyindia
Hair and Make up: @lipirastogi
Photography: @theguywithacanon .
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@hairstylehq @allaboutthair

My favourite instructor at a workout class i often go to always says this at the end of her classes - “smile at strangers, spread good vibes, be nice to people” - which i think is so powerful. I think we often forget how everyone around us is also going through their own struggles, and a smile from someone passing them by or sitting across from them in the Tube could very well make their day.

Its very true that you could get a frown in return, but its also very true that you could brighten up a life and give someone that extra bit of energy to get through their day. That possibility is worth taking a chance on 🌼

Because we all need a BB (black bikini), especially when it feels and looks this good on 😍 Our sustainable Black Strap Hi Tri and Bikini Pant, shop it right now (link in bio) #hoolacollective #untouched

☝🏻FACT. I think we’ve tortured our minds and body’s long enough, and with statistics like these, can we afford to keep harming ourselves on a daily basis, meal by meal? I think it’s time for a #diet evolution to feed a #beauty revolution because we just can keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome. In #YourBeUtifulBody I explain how to become and #intuitiveeater and ditch the diets for good. You will feel relief, you will find a greater sense of peace and this will allow a level of lightness that you never thought possible, in body, mind and soul🌟AND, it has far less to do with food than you’ve been told! #BeU #selflove #selfcare #loveyourbody #lovefood #loveyourself #balance #peace #calm #youarebeautiful #bookstagram #quote #instaquote #photooftheday #wordsofwisdom #foodforthought #bodywisdom #bodypositive #bodyimage #dieting #weightloss #weightlossjourney #food #nutrition #bodyacceptance #bodyappreciation

One minute sunny sunshine, the next back to turtle necks and umbrellas. Oh Britain ☔️
Thank you so much for all your responses to my stories yesterday too. Going to get then all replied to over the weekend and start to share more stuff on there if it’s interesting / helpful. If there’s a particular topic you’re interested in please get in touch and I can dig up the evidence and literature around it! Anddd lots of you have been asking about my granola recipe so I will also get that up over the weekend too as I seem to be running out. 💕
Happy Friday ✌🏽
#friday #goodnessguru ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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