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When I was that smaller body, and active in restricting and purging in my eating disorder, I was generally accepted. Not to mention, I could find cute clothes in my size with ease, get seen by a doctor and have them actually take me seriously when addressing physical illnesses, and was no longer bullied for being fat (I was fat as a child and lost a great deal of weight at 14/15 years old). While I was struggling greatly with mental illness in that first image, I want to make the point that I was loved and accepted by many, and if I wasn’t, I was respected at the very least.
In that first photo, from 2011, I had a big heart. I was writing poetry and stories at the time. I had dreams about being an author one day. I so wanted to share my stories with the world. I had this passion in me - a spark of light and hope - that wanted to help others.
Now, fast forward to this year when the second photo was taken. I still have a big heart. I write poetry and stories. I still dream about being an author one day. And I still have that same passion in my heart to help and inspire others.
While I have grown up, while I am not longer 16 years old, while I have embraced recovery, while I have gained weight, while I am working on bettering my physical and mental health now, I am still that girl.
What I despise about society is that fat people are made out to be monsters - that because we take up more space, we deserve less. We are called ‘lazy’, ‘unimportant’, ‘ugly’. We are told we don’t deserve respect until we lose weight.
I think that’s unfair. And if you don’t get angry when you think about how that young girl in the first photo will grow up to be hated for simply existing, something is very wrong here.

Being fat is not bad. And while fat people are not asking for you to love them, or even like them, we ask for respect. Respect can mean supporting us. And respect can mean saying nothing if you have nothing nice to say at all.
I am not lost. I am not a monster. I deserve the same respect as a thin person does. I am not a skinny person trapped in a fat body. I am on my own journey, as are you. I am still Lexie. And I am so much more than what you see.

looking back at one of the first hospital admissions of my recovery in 2014, to today. ⠀
I believe the most inspirational thing to know,

Is the simple fact that growth is possible🌻💜 #transformationtuesday #neverdoubtyourinnatebeauty #theinchesmattermost #fightforgrowth

Happy Tuesday lil moon beams!!! 💫
With this next season that’s coming up the times can be fun, nostalgic, heartwarming but can also be uncomfortable, tiring and sad for some.
Here’s some tips in case you find yourself in struggling moments! Remember you are not alone and this community has your back in case you need anything! 🙌💕
1. Globally, over 300 million people suffer from depression (see! Let that sink in! 300 MILLION of us here. You’re not alone ❤️)
2. Signs of depression include: irritability, anger management issues, loss of interest in favourite activities, debilitating fatigue, sleeping too little or too much, thoughts of impending doom and the list goes on!
3. Depression doesn’t have 1 main cause! Causes range from hormones, genetics, brain chemistry, abuse, depression can be a symptom of ANOTHER disorder, alcohol / drug abuse and the list goes on!
4. The follow are some BASIC actions that you can do to personally help yourself out if you find yourself in depressive times: making sure to drink water, get sunlight (especially in darker areas!), taking medication that you’ve been prescribed, communicating about your thoughts and feelings so you don’t get trapped inside your head, taking showers and brushing your teeth (general hygiene boosts self esteem ❤️), exercise burns cortisol and raises endorphins but of course if that stresses you out then maybe just make a playlist for yourself and take a walk somewhere pretty, if you’re getting too little sleep try to investigate what you believe will work best to combat that, if you’re getting too much sleep also investigate as to how to combat that!
5. Here is NAMI’s hotline, please please please never be afraid to use and consider yourself strong for reaching out for help! 1-800-950-NAMI 💪💥
Last but not least!!!!!!
You are not alone!!!!!
These times can suck but they do not last forever and we will keep trying to make sure to let you know that you’re dope, your strong and your valuable no matter where you’re at in your journey.
Love you!!!!!!!
#mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #endthestigma #TALKABOUTIT #wegotthis

Never judge someone’s health by their appearance - this goes for both physical and mental!
This post is inspired by @selfloveliv who created a similar image which I felt depicted a very important message in spreading awareness for #invisibleillness ☝🏻❤️
Sometimes I hide my true feelings behind my smile 🙂 I plaster a grin on and say “I’m fine” to conceal the real pain and turmoil I’m experiencing on the inside. It’s been something I’ve done for as long as I can remember, but have only consciously becoming aware of my actions in the past year or so. At the time I didn’t know why I did it but know, having learnt how to understand my feelings, I have come to realise it’s a coping mechanism I use in order to protect myself from showing vulnerable emotions. It also prevents drawing attention to myself or creating a deal about something that I’d rather not talk about, which seems to be a common behaviour when it comes to dealing with depression and other mental illnesses. In fact people who are experiencing mental health issues can often go unnoticed for periods of time as the symptoms we often associate with depression aren’t visible. Not all emotions have a “look” that make them clearly distinguishable. Nor do physical disabilities. This goes to show that we should never make assumptions about people’s wellbeing simply by appearance. It’s important to reach out if we suspect someone is experiencing difficulties, but also if we suspect everything is fine. Despite how difficult it can be for us to vocalise our struggles, it is necessary in order to receive the help we need. So by others making the effort to ask how we are can make all the difference! Always be mindful of the people around you ❤️

Y’all, watch till the end for Matthews commentary 😂🤰🏼pregnantandjacked.com coming soon... just kidding. #ilovehim
BACK MOVES to add to your next back day:
💪🏼Single-arm last pulldown
💪🏼Seated rope face pulls (actually for rear delts)
💪🏼Seated neutral grip cable row (keep elbows close to your sides to engage lats better)
What’s your favorite back exercise? Comment below!
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#TeamSELFregram from @khrystyana ❤️ "It took me a while to start liking my rolls because the industry opinion shaped my own negative opinion of my body. Until the day I said 'Screw it! Dear Tummy, You are here whether people like you or not! We're in this together and we’re gonna make it work! Who said a belly isn’t cool and sexy? Nope, not us, not any more!!!' And somehow in one day this hate turned into love and I genuinely like my rolls now. Now when I shoot with a photographer I always make sure to ask them, 'Don't photoshop my ‘pride and joy' please.'” Check out @khrystyana's profile to read the full caption. 📷: @duyschmoo via @khrystyana | 💄: @kelliemakeup | #TeamSELF

Checking out your abs before Thanksgiving Dinner like 🙄😩 .
Right now the interweb is flooded with all of these ‘tips and tricks’ for making the most of the holiday this week. Workouts to kick your ass in the days before and after. Diets to starve your way into the holiday. That this annual holiday is something to train for, to earn, to frantically alter your whole week around.
I call bullshit.
Look – all of us know not to be irresponsible on Thursday. We know that if we overdo it, the scale is going to show it over the coming days. Too many calories is too many calories.
What fear mongering shit like this teaches people is two things I HATE about this industry:
1) That food is a reward that must be earned. Either by punishing workouts, or caloric sacrifices in the days before or after.
2) That your metabolic rate and abilities can be ‘tricked’ and altered in just a few days’ time. [Short version: it can’t. Your metabolic rate is already quite set from WEEKS of recent habits. Nothing you do in the days just before will massively alter the number of calories your body is adapted to utilizing].
Crap like this has fitness ruling people’s lives rather than enhancing it. It’s the black and white, right or wrong basis on which so much misinformation and failed weightloss attempts are borne of.
We are not a country of obese individuals because of one Thanksgiving off the rails. We’re a country who eats like it’s Thanksgiving more often than not ALL year round.
So yes, pay attention to your workouts and diet this week if you like. There’s not even anything wrong with it if it’s what you TRULY WANT TO DO. But for the love of god, don’t let your coach, trainer, some fitspo, or even me convince you that you’re not deserving of enjoying an annual holiday with your family.
Eat, drink, be merry, and punch anyone in the face who tells you otherwise.
#IAm1stPhorm #DuesPaid #HighCarbDay #Coach #Trainer #CheatMeal

Sending positive thoughts to everyone out there struggling with body image today. Some days it can be tough, I had a hard day yesterday. Just remember that people are here to support you and you are not alone! ROCK YOUR MONDAY! ✨#bodylove #bodypositive #bodypositivity #bodyimage #mentalhealth #happiness


Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination.
William Longgood
. .
I'm dreaming about inspiring others to live a healthy life they love.
So, I'm daily dedicated to learning more, become better and share all that made my life better.
What are you dedicated to?
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Does Thanksgiving eating bring up feelings of anxiety and/or guilt?
I get it - that used to be me - but it doesn’t have to be that way!
5 tips to eat with ease up on the blog - link in profile ☝🏻☝🏻

When i met @cryswallbaby_bamf BACK in 2012 she asked me how much weight you lost i said 160 ! What?! Yes 160 pounds that is what my X weighed. You will loose weight only when you let go of all the negative in your life and start loving YOU! All of you on the 45 day challenge @mixfitzstudio keep going DONT GIVE UP! IM IN TRANSFORMATION MODE TOO! BE YOUR OWN #WCW

Be the voice for those who do not have one.... #beYOUfuego. #survivor  #selflove  #selfworth #love #stopdomesticviolence #hero #houston #SLAY #breastcancer @beyoufuego_ #slicksickchic

#fuckcancer survivor #iamlulu #WARRIOR  #fitness #dance  #MIXFITZ #bamf  #health #chemo #radiation #masectomy #physicaltherapy  #beforecancer  #totalfuckingconfusion #bodyimage #breastreconstruction @lulu_fuego - #regrann

“Keep the bits you like, cut out all the rest.” I saw an interesting article about selfie photography and advertising that talked about cropping and how to essentially “cut out the unsightly parts”.
I wanted to explore how utterly ridiculous of a concept that is.
Of course, I ended up liking the artistic shot because, well, everything else was out of sight.
But exploring what is left of the picture shows a lot about my insecurities and how little of an actual functioning human being would be left if I were to hack “the parts of me I hate” away.

It’s been interesting.

#selfie #instaselfie #bodyimage #positivebodyimage #artisticselfie #selfiegram #protrait_shots #artisticexperiment #insecurites

Today for #solsgotgratitude challenge I am entirely grateful for this body.
MY WHOLE LIFE I’ve fought my body. Wishing it to be something different, look different etc. Always comparing myself to others and never feeling like I belonged in this body.
When I became pregnant is when I learned to love this body. I mean it’s literally growing a human! I feel good, I feel strong and oddly enough I feel confident.
I wish that all women in the world have the opportunity should they choose to, to experience the current love I have for my own body. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #thankful #grateful #pregnant #prenatalyoga #pregnantbelly #pregnantlife #pregnancy #pregnancyproblems #fitgirl #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitpregnancy #fitnessgirl #body #bodyimage #bodypositive #yoga #yogalove #yogatime #yogateacher #yogainspiration #yogainstructor

Working on something completely different. #ashfordschool #artistresidency #painting #bodyimage #distorted #wip

I have to be honest and tell you guys that I’ve been super stressed out for Thanksgiving dinner. 🦃🍗 I’ve shared how I’ve shifted my mindset around food and dieting, but this time of year is a huge trigger for me because it’s easy to lose control.

I started going back and forth in my head - should I allow myself to eat whatever I want? Should I eat Keto or low-carb? Will I feel guilty? Will I beat myself up? With I feel physically terrible after?
I legit cannot stop getting my mind to stop worrying it. These thoughts have been swirling around my head for days and I found myself starting to obsess again.
You know that saying that’s like, one meal won’t make you skinny just like one meal won’t make you fat? It’s true, but I find myself spiraling after eating certain things.

And then my personal development stepped in and gave me what I needed to hear - “one meal cannot control who you are. You have the power to overcome no matter what you had for dessert [or dinner] last night.” Whatever I decide as far as my meal goes tomorrow night, I know I have power over it. I’m aware of my addictions. I’m aware of my obsessions. And sometimes just bringing awareness to these things can make all the difference.
I refuse to miss out on family memories because I’m obsessing about whether or not I should eat that cranberry sausage stuffing (🤤) or that extra slice of pie.
If I do go overboard, I know it’s not the end of my healthy lifestyle. It’s just one meal. Getting back on track is easier when we don’t let that one meal control us. Make sure you remember that tomorrow as you are enjoying your dinner!

Saw this the other day in Kiev - in the shop window of a UKrainian clothes store - impressed with body image representation compared to most high street stores- despite the strange dressing and face #realwomen #bodyimage #ukraine #curvy

👉 A partir da prática diária podemos melhorar a insatisfação corporal, para aceitação do corpo e de quantas coisas boas ele nos proporciona... Comece aos poucos, com exercícios simples, como não se comparar aos outros, se julgar menos e, ser mais gentil com você e seu corpo. 😉😊
#comportamentoAlimentar #BodyPositive #BodyImage #imagemCorporal #compaixão #ameSeuCorpo #loveyourself #ameseucorpocomoeleé #Nutriçaogentil #positividadecorporal

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