Sometimes when you eat, you feed more than your body, you feed your soul.

I remember this plate because it was a date lunch with my husband,
I ordered special food because of my health needs, and when it came to my table, it was a masterpiece.
But eating out with food sensitivities can be daunting- unless you know how to keep yourself safe- in any city.

Teaching my clients how to eat out safely, even with food sensitivities and special health needs, is just one thing I do as a part of supporting their healing journey.. because getting to eat out again, getting to travel again, getting your life back.. is what it means to Take Your Body Back.

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So true! Take care of your health ✔

Are pig, cattle and poultry farmers misusing antibiotics, allowing too much of the drug to get into our food?
Antibiotics help cause animals to grow fatter faster. For years ranchers used antibiotics not just for treating diseases but also for promoting growth so that animals would be ready for the slaughter sooner. Grass -fed steers require 27 months to get to market without antibiotics, more than twice as long as it takes cows pumped full of antibiotics.
In 2017, the FDA enacted rules banning the use of human antibiotics purely for growth promotion in animals. The F.D.A. enacted the restrictions out of growing concern about the breeding of drug-resistant bacteria from antibiotic overuse. Those resistant bacterial strains can be transferred to humans by contact with animals or raw meat and possibly through the consumption of undercooked meat.

The C.D.C. also estimates that more than 400,000 people in the USA become ill with infections caused by antibiotic-resistant food-borne bacteria every year, with about 1 in 5 resistant infections caused by germs from food and animals.
Of all all the “medically important” antibiotics sold in the United States — that is, those used to treat human disease — about 70 % goes into the feed and water of animals, indicating that overuse on the farm is still rampant.

I was hoping that getting a little sleep last night would take the edge off of this headache...
But to no avail...
Sleep eluded me...
and my headache has intensified... Commuting on the train this morning with a car full of loud teenaged boys is truly not making matters better.
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I go through periods where taking these get very old and I just want to stop. I’ve been fortunate that at this point in my life I’m taking fewer than some other women with #Pcos but it doesn’t always make it easier thinking about it. I’m so very close to getting rid of at least 2 of these bad boys. I’ll know in a few months. Until then we just continue with proper food and exercise and hope for the best...

#wellnesswednesday this week consisted of #foodprep ! Lunches and dinners done, I’ll just need to add a glass of wine and some fresh fruit for dessert 😊 from the left, Kale Greek salad, peanut stir-fry, roasted veggies with balsamic glaze, garlicky kale and chickpea salad with tahini dressing and for lunches, Buddha bowls.... #nomnomnom #yum #whatvegetarianseat #bodyhealthyself #foodporn #wednesdayvibes #selfcare #dayoffdoneright #eatyourveggies #vegetarian #selfcareisthenewhealthcare

💕I love this hunger control slim ! It’s not available yet but I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek ! 👀! So I’ve been taking it for 5 days ! I’ve had to remind myself to eat ! Not only am I getting all the good stuff in pink slim that makes my body happy , my gut microbes happy , my mood even , it tastes good ! Non gmo and vegan ! DM me and let me help you to get your hands on this ! Feed your microbiome and watch your body love you back !

Challenges bring about change so go ahead, get it done!!!!! 😉💪🏾

Mmmmm... 2 different kinds of walnuts... Rosemary Cayenne and a Mexican Sweet and Spicy.... YUM
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So many things could have happened here post-surgery. I could have thrown in the towel. I could be upset because I got derailed yet again. I could lay in bed eating junk. I know better, though. Food is on point (as much as it can be). I still haven’t been able to eat as many calories a day as I should be but I know that will come with time. What I know is lean protein, high fiber, fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds... they are all super important foods to eat post surgery. It help the incision to heal and the body to recover so I’m still over here making smart choices. I’m super proud of myself for holding it all together and being able to look on the bright side of this unexpected road block.
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With the growing focus on the human microbiome there has been a profound shift in our understanding of the role of the gut in health & disease. The numerous neurocrine & endocrine signalling mechanisms between the gut & the brain has been demonstrated as a key influence of the central nervous system. The gut & the brain are now recognised as being highly integrated & communicate in a bidirectional fashion largely through the autonomic nervous system (ANS) & the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. This complex cross-talk not only ensures the proper maintenance of gastrointestinal homeostasis & digestion, but is likely to have multiple effects on affect, motivation & higher cognitive functions, including intuitive decision making.
It appears that this system is far too sophisticated to have evolved simply to exclusively ensure normal digestive function. The fact that about 90 per cent of the signals passing along the vagus nerve come from the gut to the brain & not the other way around suggest that a large part of our emotions & psychological states are influenced by the ENS.
Maintaining an optimal ecosystem for these gut microbes is essential . Triplex is a combination of 3 products designed to help populate your gut with beneficial bacteria while keeping non beneficial bacteria & fungi in a small population range . You will feel more energy , clean, clear energy. Cravings for carbs & processed foods will be diminished and your body will instinctively reach for those foods it wants and desires... plant based goodness to feed that beautiful gut ecosystem you are populating with Triplex .

Using laser Doppler flowmetry, you can measure blood flow in the tiny vessels in our skin.The reason we turn pink when we get into a hot bath is that the blood vessels in our skin are opening up, causing a big increase in blood flow with the warming. With a high-salt diet with the same warming, there’s significantly less blood flow. The arteries just don’t seem to open up as well on a high-salt diet, unless you inject vitamin C into the skin. That seems to reverse the salt-induced suppression of blood vessel function. So if an antioxidant reverses the salt effect, then the way salt may be damaging our artery function is through oxidative stress, the formation of free radicals in our blood stream. But, how?
There’s an enzyme in our body that can detoxify a million free radicals per second, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But, compared to a low-salt diet, if we consume a normal-salt diet, we suppress the activity of this detoxifying powerhouse of an enzyme. That may help explain why our artery function is much lower on salt. With our antioxidant enzymes crippled by the salt, all the excess free radicals may be crippling our arteries. Mop up those extra free radicals by infusing vitamin C into the bloodstream, however, and artery function returns to normal. In contrast, on a low-salt diet, if you drip vitamin C into people’s veins, nothing happens because our antioxidant enzymes are already taking care of business and haven’t been shackled by the sodium of a normal-salt diet.
Whereas potassium, concentrated in fruits and vegetables, softens the cells that line our arteries and increases the release of nitric oxide that allows our arteries to relax, sodium in our blood stiffens the artery lining within minutes and reduces nitric oxide release. The more salt, the less nitric oxide is produced. Consume one salty meal, and not only does our blood pressure go up, but our arteries literally stiffen.

As you might be able to guess, part of the reason for the strong connection between your mind and your stomach has to do with the gut-brain-axis and your microbiome, or the collection of bacteria living in your GI tract. The crosstalk between the gut and the brain goes both ways, and when the brain is under increased stress, the gut responds with distress. When you're stressed, this communication can have both short- and long-term effects. Over time, stress can cause levels of gut bacteria to become unbalanced, which leads to changes in neurotransmitter function, and perpetuates increased stress and anxiety in the brain.
And while the gut-brain-axis is definitely part of the equation, it's not just about the bacteria in your gut, says Andrea Shin, M.D., a gastroenterologist at Indiana University Health. Stress can also cause inflammation and even change the way your stomach churns food and digests various nutrients, she explains.
Because stress can cause your stomach to tense up, many people also experience symptoms commonly seen in IBS. "When we are stressed out or anxious our sympathetic nervous system gets activated, which causes our gut to be more tense and irritable," says Beurkens. "This can cause the muscles in the gut to spasm, which leads to cramping, diarrhea, and/or constipation depending on where the muscle contractions occur and for how long."
"Increased stress levels also can alter the levels of acid in our stomach, which can cause or worsen heartburn (acid reflux) and impair our ability to digest food properly," adds Beurkens.
In other words, there's not just one way that stress affects your digestive system. And for some people, there may be a combination of factors causing.

Feeling the burn today with @autumncalabrese ! Yes I could probably get lower in those squats but oye, my thighs were screaming and begging for me to stop...but I kept pushing play 😉😢 When I started taking my workouts more seriously last year, I was all focused on the numbers, the ones on the scale. These days I’m more focused on the other numbers, the ones on my glucometer. I’m obsessed with doing everything I can to reverse this dreadful disease y’all, and it’s been paying off beautifully! #80dayobsession

Gum disease is known to be caused by microbes that thrive in the absence of oxygen. These species are susceptible to hydrogen peroxide.

Studies show that Lactobacillus strains salivaris and gasseri strongly inhibit harmful bacteria. Lactobacillus reuteri also inhibits pathogens and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus casei both release lactic acid. Research shows that routine intake of lactic acid in foods may also have a beneficial effect on gum disease.

Two of the most problematic C. diff strains have a unique ability to utilize a sugar called trehalose.
Trehalose occurs naturally in mushrooms, yeasts and shellfish, among other things. It has historically been expensive to use, but in the late 1990s a new manufacturing process made the sugar cheap. That was good news for companies that manufactured prepackaged foods, because trehalose works great for stabilizing processed foods, keeping them moist on the shelf and improving texture. Since about 2001, we’ve added loads of it to everything from cookies to ground beef.
What Dr. Britton and his colleagues contend is that, in doing so, we’ve inadvertently cultivated the most toxic C. diff strains, driving what has become a scourge of hospitals.
As evidence, he points to the timing of recent C. diff epidemics. The virulent strains existed before 2000, but they didn’t cause as many outbreaks. Only after large quantities of trehalose entered the food supply did they become this deadly.

Simmering bone broth for the next 18 hours to heal my shoulder bone after arthroscopic shoulder surgery last night #womanhealthyself #bodyhealthyself #bonebroth #crockpot #bodystrong #strongbones #shouldersurgerysucks #shouldersurgery #warrior #strong #soup #bonesoup #bones

💥Today I had my #nursingschoolorientation !💥

This was my actual reaction when they handed me the bill for my 1st semester... 🤦🏻‍♂️🙄😅. It will alllll be worth it in the end haha.

Any of you that are in nursing school, or have been through it, please feel free to DM me any tips and tricks you have that helped you, etc. ✅

Thank you all for the continued support! I’m sorry I’ve been MIA from posting and updates on #fitness, #recipes, #motivation, etc. it’s been a crazy week. However, I will be back on track! •
Have an awesome Friday guys!

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