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And let 'em eat my ass like a cupcake 😇

Breakfast was Just Right with full-fat milk and a slice of white bread with margarine🥣🥛🍞
Lunch was a tuna sandwich with margarine, 6 crackers and cheese 🥪🧀
Dinner was pasta with carrots and peas, and kofta 🍝🥕🍖
Supper was two Tim Tams 🍫🍪
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hope everyone is feeling fabulous❤️
- b xx

As a women you feel pressure,
To succeed,
To believe,
And in the same breath to follow.
Hide behind this,
Rely on another.
So much time spent.
Nothing gained.
The only thing lost,
Is ourselves.
What is needed,
Is a voice.
Your voice!
Xo Meagan

. .
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Morning lovelies!
Does anyone else sometimes feel certain they’re from another planet?
I’ve been waiting my whole life to feel like I finally belong and have my place in the world and at the age of 34 I still feel as lost as when I was 14.
I convince myself that one of these days my fellow aliens will hear my thoughts through telepathy from whatever galaxy they’re cruising about in and come down in their disc-shaped UFO and fetch me.
Hopefully they’ll be fit like Peter Quill...
But do you know what?
Who truly feels like they belong on this planet?
I think everyone at some stage in their life have felt like they don’t fit in and have completely lost their way.
And that’s all just a part of life.
If you never experience a bump in the road along the way then you haven’t truly lived.
We need to fall because it teaches us to pick ourselves back up again.
This is our life, whether or not we come from a different planet.
This is our planet now and we have to make the most of it.
The Demons in our own minds are the ones that make us feel trapped and afraid.
They’re so clever that they make us believe that we are the ones thinking it.
But by recognising that we are being manipulated, we can turn the tables and, if not kill our Demons, harness them and take back control.
Don’t just wish for a better life.
That better life is out there waiting for you to grasp it.
I’d pick the rollercoaster over the roundabout any day.💪🏻💫💖 #anorexiarecovery#recoverywarrior#prorecovery#beyourownhero#nourishnotpunish#realrecovery#beatinganorexia#bulimiarecovery#bodydysmorphia#depression#mentalhealth#eatingdisorder#eatingdisorderrecovery#edwarrior#believeinyourself#eatingdisorderawareness#edrecovery#recoveryisworthit#nevergiveup#mentalhealthawareness#selfacceptance#bodyimage#positivity#innerdemons#anxiety#selfcare#mentallillness#edfamily#gainingweightiscool#edcommunity

When you know what you like and you like what you know!.
It’s fair to say that my relationship with healthy eating has significantly changed over the years. I went from having no clue what it meant to eat healthily, to seriously disliking anything I perceived as healthy, turning my nose up frequently at absolutely anything that involved kale, lettuce, or too many vegetables! Fast forward to me becoming obsessed with only eating what I perceived to be healthy food and basically I became a food snob! Who knew that there is a condition for that, named orthorexia!
I never really had that, but I would definitely panic at the thought of deviating from my extremely healthy diet whereas these days it’s my opinion that the most healthy way of eating consists of balance, self-love, and listening deeply to your own body wisdom. Learning to identify the difference between a genuine body need and a habit or craving is not easy though, it takes time, and lots of patience.
This superfood seed ball was delicious! I bought it from @glossopwholefoods Yesterday, and luckily I was wise enough to buy 3 so I have 2 for my road trip to Liverpool today. I intend to try and recreate this little beauty, which is mostly nut butter, nuts, seeds, berries, dried fruit etc, as it was absolutely delicious! What are you all up to?
Happy Saturday everyone - much love xox #nomshanti

Snapchat. It’s fun and frivolous but it is also the worst. Personally, I’ve always feared and evaded the camera (opposing view) and here I am...posting. #bodydysmorphia #selfconscious #getoverit

-I honestly think I am one of the ugliest people on this earth and I am not sure if that is ever going to change. Admitting that makes me feel dramatic and conceited all at once.-

#mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #depression #depressed #mydepressionsketches #anxiety #ednos #ed #eatingdisorder #bodydysmorphia #bdd #sketch #sketchbook #suicide #suicideawareness

-I just wish I was normal and my brain wasn’t so full of absolute bullshit! Just a constant roar of “you’re worthless you’re stupid why even try today?” If I could just commit to something, no matter what, I’d be OKAY-

#mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #depression #depressed #mydepressionsketches #anxiety #ednos #ed #eatingdisorder #bodydysmorphia #bdd #sketch #sketchbook #suicide #suicideawareness

This is not intended to be a douchey hoe thirst trap pic. Just hoping I can motivate a few friends who I know struggle like I have with #bodydysmorphia - I was the skinny kid who got picked on (boohoo cry me a river lol) and got nicknamed stick-sticklie and baby-gap... cause my clothes were so small it looked like I shopped at baby gap... lol I’ll admit as an adult that one is funny - it wasn’t till sophomore summer going into junior year that I found my way to the gym and found a place for self reflection and meditation. When I got back to school I was finally over 100 lbs and people began to notice. But by that time I’d already seen a lot of their true colors. Long story short the gym has been a constant that’s saved me on many different levels. Bad day... go to the gym. Good day... still go to the gym. For the longest time though leg day was dreadful and intimidating being seen by everyone at the squat racks. But you get over it and then you find out about box jumps and then you realize you’re not that kid with chicken legs anymore (now I got the 🍗 drumsticks) But get your butt to the gym even if your sad or even if you’re happy and keep it consistent cause then you’ll see the results without realizing they’re there and you’ve grown in so many different ways. #gymmotivation #legday #workinprogress

▲ I’ve gotten away from medication, I wana focus on being well enough to quit therapy and seeing my psychiatrist, good wellbeing is what we make of it, nobody can fix us really. We have everything we need already. It just sometimes takes a minute or two to stop and realise what we already have and how blessed we are -Receiving-Professional-Help-⚠️DO NOT REPORT JUST BLOCK⚠️ #mentalhealth #bpd #narcissistic #insomnia #mixedpersonalitydisorder #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #eupd #dissociativeidentitydisorder #detached #suicidal #insomnia #unstable #mixedpersonality #relapsed #depersonalisation #multiplepersonalitydisorder #depersonalization #bodydysmorphia #voicesinmyhead #moodswings #overthinking #anxiety #depressed #selfharrm #borderlinelife #uk

Swipe. Excuse the freshly painted nails. 🙄A few of these for tonight’s dessert. Saw these in Poundland and had to try them Incase I couldn’t find them again. Feels so compulsive to buy and eat chocolate nowadays. 😰These were rubbish aswell because the choc layer is too thin and the biscuit taste overpowers the flavour. TW: So I’m currently in a depressive state which seems to be getting worse over the past few weeks. I should be happy right now because 1) Im dating the love of my life and couldn’t ask for anyone better. 2) The other week, I was offered a property that I had my eye on and have been accepted for it. I can’t view the inside yet until it’s been cleared out and I’m super restless and anxious just waiting and then there’s the uncertainty Incase I don’t like it inside. I was so excited at the time but now I just feel anxious and tearful. Like all I did last weekend at my bfs was breakdown and I still feel that way since I’ve been at home the last few days. Me and my bf have noticed my ED creeping back in and atm I’d say it’s very loud and ED behaviours are pretty prominent again. Food is starting to really stress me out, make me angry and anxious. Just hearing someone eating is making me feel all of them things inside. My ED keeps getting mad at my bf for when we have to eat in public and the fact of spending money on food which my ED hates, and the times I have no choice to eat tea when he needs to as I’m trying to not hold out until I’m hungry like I used to and eat late which equals having an unhealthy routine with eating again. I feel worthless. I can’t even tell if body image is getting worse or bad because for short bursts I’ve been feeling confident in my body. I’m finding things so triggering aswell but still continuing to look at/read them, purposely because of the pleasure I’m feeling by seeing unrealistic goals. The feeling reminds me of how I was last year when I went into relapse and I just dk how to feel with all this. I feel I don’t want to lose weight and that I look better and feel better now but I also feel I do wanna lose, I look better back then and felt better then. Continued 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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