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*insert clever wordplay about #conception #beingconceived #labour #pregnantwithpotential* ...Wip casting my friend Lulu's very full belly 💖💖💖

Little Ava checking out her new framed hand casts as a gift for mummy this mothers day #nottinghambodycast #mothersdaygifts #babyhands

Fun fact: when I was little I tripped while bowling and fell forward biting down on my tongue when my chin fell on th bowling ball. My tongue was hanging almost cut in half. I have a scar in the middle of my tongue when it healed back together #baddietrash

Bite me @lucius.malcolm

Body casting process by @wayne.madison.39, for leather corsets. I would have never dreamed someone would want to make a mannequin of my body..This artist (& amazing creative person) does #leatherwork & #fashiondesign, and a variety of unique creations/inventions. Best thing about modeling is how it has opened up connections with an inspiring & creative #artistic community! 💜🎨

Practise with waterbased oils ✌

A prop from my film which is touring in the transitional states exhibition, casting was tricky! Thanks to Mollusc music for fabulous sound and my friends who knew about casting. #bodycast #artandscience #medicalart #artfilm #peltzgallery #projectspaceplus

ALL THE COLOURS! I love my vibrant workshop! #artiststudio #nottinghambodycast #uksculptor

When the master becomes the model! Loved having my face cast for the first time by the talented @charlottefoulkesdesign ... now I know what my "victims" have to go through! #facecasting #lifecasting #artistsofinstagram

This couples hand cast looks like an artifact found from the depths of the ocean! LOVE IT! #nottinghambodycast #lifecast #handcast

My mouth says a lot stupid shit at times

@twinknextdoor @joshgeary wearing my STONECUTTERS latex bodysuit + laser cut stone coat 🔥snap by @stormmoore @oddsockssociety makeup by @eevie_la_volpe full feature up on @accidentaldischarge

Throwback to when I played a guy named Gary who “pitched a tent” in front of a priest only to run into traffic out of shame...If you dare, search “The Ironic Death of My Uncle Gary” on @vimeo 🙈🙉🙊😂🤦🏻‍♂️ #8yearsago #tbt #throwback #throwbackthrusday

Working late tonight tidying up some of the edges of this pregnancy bump cast and mapping out the partial frame placement and attachments. It's going to be a truly beautiful piece!

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