Bodybuilding lover ...
My favourite way to do 👌
Slow and controlled. Pause at the top. Pause at the bottom.
Often people lose technique because they’re rushing the movement and not getting a full range of motion.
If you really want your back to grow and get stronger, then it’s important to get the most out of each rep and ensure you’re actively engaging your lats. 💪🏼
What’s your favourite back exercise?💁‍♀️
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I enter a Bulk challenge and made it to the final 8. I’m getting my butt kick in the voting though. If you can go to @jeremy_buendia Go through his stories and vote for ya boy...Number 4. Swipe left to see photo of my transformation. Always #fitgoalswole

In a journey of self improvement it is easy to get lost in your goals. Sometimes it is important to stop and appreciate how far you came along 💪🏼 .
Or not... I'm 27, It's not like I have this life thing figured out 👶🏻
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