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Truth be told, today was one of those days. Those days that life seems to want nothing more than to make even the simplest things difficult. Gym time was to be my escape... which proved to be wishful thinking.โฃ
I read a lot, whether it be Instagram, articles or just random Google knowledge. I like seeing the different things people do and how they work for them. I'm trying a different routine out and it was brutal. Today just amplified it's effect. Every set was a gut wrenching, make every fiber of my being want to tap out, pack it up to go home and eat ice cream while watching crappy late night TV.โฃ
It wasn't even the difficulty or changing things up. It was that every set... every rep... was an all out war between starting it "next time" and continuing my progress. But, somewhere in a superset towards the end of the fun I became proud of myself. Progress isn't solely physical and can't always be seen or easily measured. In the past I woulda just half assed it or just planned to do better starting any day that wasn't today. Feeling good for challenging myself and finding the motivation to persevere.โฃ
Would love to hear what motivates other people to keep pushing through!!

Extreme or not ? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
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