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Lightweight .. 270kg 💪😂 @jobforaplumber

Tell me one or more random fact’s about yourself! For every 20 random facts In comment below, I will give 1 random fact in return on my stories! 🤜🏼🤛🏼

Style and Aesthetics 💪

Goodmorning fam❤️ Little advice: Work on the silhouette if you want a great physique. Pay attention to the small details, symmetry, proportion and overall shape. Anybody can throw on slabs of muscle but thats not why I do this shit. To me it's an art and I'm gonna create my masterpiece. Shirt: @alphalete use the link in my bio🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Buenos días ♥️


With you things suck less. Some days are rough while others seem like they could t be more perfect. It’s been a little over a year since we started talking but you know me better than anyone else in this world.
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Sunday Check In ✔️ 4 Weeks into the bulk 👊🏼 ➡️Swipe Right 😜
I’m happy with how everything is moving at the moment, my weight is going up gradually 📈 Strength is going up and hitting PB’s on a regular basis, guess all the CoCo pops I’m eating is doing the trick💪🏼🤷🏼‍♂️
I often get told that I’m lucky that I can eat so much 😅 For those who follow my stories you’ll probably be thinking the same thing 🤔 But I just wanted to quickly address Why I do, and why I can eat so much....🤔⤵️
I’ve recently started working for Deliveroo 😅🚴🏽 Its a job where I have full control over my hours and it pays well, and It’s great exercise 🙌🏼 But this is exactly why recently I’ve bumped up my calories 😊 On days where I walk to and from Uni a couple of times, go to the gym and do a 5 hour deliveroo shift obviously my TDEE is going to be high 🙄 So whilst some days I’m eating 4,000 + Cals a day, I’m never actually in a greater surplus than 500 Cals 😊 (Most days I’ll aim for a surplus of 300-500) 💪🏼 REMEMBER, everyone’s daily activities vary, therefore you should never compare your daily calorie intake to anyone else’s 🤷🏼‍♂️😁
Okay I’ll shup now 😂 Hope everyone’s had a good Sunday! It was a rest day for me today so I’m ready to hit tomorrow’s leg session hard 😎 Thinking maybe an AMRAP set of 140kg squats 🤔👀


Lots of people who compete in bodybuilding competitions focus only on stepping on stage and getting ready fot their competition with that being the one and only thing on their mind. Thats ok but a lot of people forget that life doesnt end with a bodybuilding competition... when that day is over they enter a phase when they go off their diet, they dont have anything else to think about, they get lost and confused because they worked so hard 24/7 for that one day, one moment on stage now everything is over and the goal is achieved. They fall into the "post competition depression" when they feel that they cant pick up themselves, they cant get back to be disciplined and they just lose all the drive they've had before.
Been there and done that so listen to this carefuly and try to apply it... SET YOURSELF A NEW GOAL BEFORE YOU STEP ON STAGE. Plan your offseason and STICK TO IT!! yes it will be fucking hard. Its hard to stick to the diet when your show is over and you can finally enjoy yourself but stay strong and grind on! Keep your discipline! Enjoy yourself for a meal or two or even a day but stay on your diet and SLOWLY increase your food intake. No carbs are not bad, slowly add them in your diet and watch your metabolism crank up a bit... yes you will be hungry as fuck and you will still feel drained but keep your head on the progress in the gym and trust me after a few weeks you will dig yourself out of the deficit zone 😊😊
Good luck!!
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Body goals 😍😍😍 @lee_lhgfx l @aesthetic_squats

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