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So this is 54. Nurturing my body as a temple has been a powerful ritual in my life. I have birthed four children out of this body and this body has carried me in great health throughout my life this far. This body has done so many amazing things for me most of them without my participation which allows me to care for my children, sing, teach yoga and express myself creatively in so many ways -so today I honor her and I nurture her with all of her parts, all of her organs and all of her imperfect unique attributes. Give thanks to the body as temple and celebrate your unique form ! 🙏 New episode is live on #divinethroughline ! On DT #50 I explore #bodyastemple + a new original song by @tylerpiatt of @analeimmaband "Moonlight Sparks" #divinethroughline podcast is now at 200,000 downloads !!! thank you so much for listening ! What a beautiful birthday gift !💥🙏🌺💜Produced by @hari.mathis #lovethebodyyouhave

Loving my scrambled eggs with Newman's Own Peach Salsa. Amazing company where all profits go to charity #organic #savory #protectwhatisprecious #love #bodyastemple

Can't believe this is my first time making some simple belly dance video instructional videos after years of requests. My upcoming 3 week trip to Peru inspired me to created 3 videos to replace me while I'm gone and keep my students moving. Originally I was only going to share this with current students but I'm open to sharing the private like with whom ever is interested and send me there email address. I'll send out an email with unlisted links in the next couple of days before I journey.
#bodyastemple #onlinebellydance #instructional #videos

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⭐️PRIESTESS⭐️ We complete this "Faces of the Alchemista" archetype series with the synthesizing, multidimensional frequency of the alchemical 'Priestess' 🌹🔱🌹as I embark tomorrow up to #vashonisland for our #omniquemethod 'Fierce Grace' #womansretreat !!! This weekend through the Equinox we sit, breathe, and dance in our #alchemistasisterhood circle, evoking the pantheon of #archetype and inquiring into our unique process of balancing and integration. Here we grow!! ✨🌸🌙🦋Photo: Opening into the receptive vessel that is archetypal Priestess, "Soluna Sacred Dance Salon", Grass Valley 2017 ⭐️#templearts #templedance #priestesspath #goddessrising #bodyastemple #indianfusion

A little snippet from my self practice this afternoon. I appreciate the Rocket Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga systems as a self led practice. They are great to have in your back pocket when you can't make it to a studio. It's interesting to watch this sped up 12x (actually 15min) to see the differences in each side, where the breath is moving in my body. Our bodies really are miracles. #rocketyogi #rocketyoga #selfpractice #bodyastemple

MEDITATION (#JasperMeditation)
Most meditation is, by nature, sedentary. Asana practice brings balance to it. The harder we work our muscles, the easier it is then to sit still comfortably for long periods of time. The more we flow and dance, the easier it is to calm the chatter in our mind.
As day follows night, movement allows tranquility to follow naturally.
PHOTO: Years ago when I was doing exhibits of my Body as Temple nudes, I received a call from David, then owner of Yoga of Sausalito in Northern California. He wanted me come hang a show in his studio.
Instead of bringing photos of Southern California yogis, we decided to photograph the large roster of teachers at Yoga of Sausalito.
David and Stacy closed the studio for a day and I set up my lights. In the morning all the male teachers came and helped each other create beautiful asanas. In the afternoon all the female teachers came and did the same.
On opening night it was fun to see how electrified all the students were to see large framed nudes of all their teachers hanging on the walls. It created quite a buzz and prompted a huge increase in traffic to the studio for weeks afterwards. At David’s request I left the exhibit up for much longer than originally planned.

I hardly ever work on inversions..they're just not that big of a deal to me but here's a #tbt to a few weeks ago when my body said "let's". #headstand #unconventionalyogi #inversion #yogi #practicemakesthemaster #bodyastemple #yogapractise #vinyasa #namaste


I hardly ever work on inversions..they're just not that big of a deal to me but here's a #tbt to a few weeks ago when my body said "let's". #headstand #unconventionalyogi #inversion #yogi #practicemakesthemaster #bodyastemple #yogapractise #vinyasa #namaste

⭐️PRIESTESS⭐️ We complete this "Faces of the Alchemista" archetype series with the synthesizing, multidimensional frequency of the alchemical 'Priestess' 🌹🔱🌹as I embark tomorrow up to #vashonisland for our #omniquemethod 'Fierce Grace' #womansretreat !!! This weekend through the Equinox we sit, breathe, and dance in our #alchemistasisterhood circle, evoking the pantheon of #archetype and inquiring into our unique process of balancing and integration. Here we grow!! ✨🌸🌙🦋Photo: Opening into the receptive vessel that is archetypal Priestess, "Soluna Sacred Dance Salon", Grass Valley 2017 ⭐️#templearts #templedance #priestesspath #goddessrising #bodyastemple #indianfusion

WORD GAMES (#jasperwordgames):
I have always been fascinated by words; their meanings and histories. Shantia (the name of the beautiful model in my photo above) comes from the Latin root “Sant”, meaning sacred. (Adopted in Hebrew as Shant). That is where we get words like saint, sanctify and sacred. Interestingly, this root comes from a proto language that underlies many European languages too, and more surprisingly, Sanskrit.
In India, holy men are called “Sant”. That is exactly the word in Catalan (Spain) for saint. Also where the “Santa” in Santa Claus comes from. In Iran, Shantia is the name used for Imam Ali, the first saint/imam of Shias; and is a common name for both boys and girls.
Words sometimes show us how related we all are to each other, across the world.
PHOTO: After my long hiatus I was going through my old shoots and noticed images I had not picked the first time around. This is one such image from my shoot with the beautiful Shantia. She has since become an excellent photographer herself.

⭐️ORACLE⭐️ Its nearly time, sisters, can you believe it?!? Our circle is cast, and in 2 days we retreat to Vashon Island for our 'Fierce Grace' #ritualembodiment #womansretreat !!! In honor of this countdown, we complete the final two images of our series from the OM archetype pantheon... Photo: Expanding into the visionary , empty vessel state that is archetypal Oracle, "Faces of the Alchemista" transmission, Grass Valley 2017 ✨🔮🌙#omniquemethod #alchemistasisterhood #yogini #dakini #oracle #visionaryart #bodyastemple #templedance

XVII. Where should I focus more on the present?

Temperance is a perfect card for present focus in that both it means bring balance and moderation (equinox anybody?) and also because it's the card of #tranquility. Finding calm waters, abstinence from over-indulging, and tapping in to deeper knowledge all come through in Temperance.
The star came up with this reading as well, which can be a combination signaling artistic creativity as long as there's the effort.

#truth #healingjourney #healer #tarotreadersofinstagram #creativity #serenity #focus #mindfulness #meditation #occult #spiritual #lightworker #bodyastemple #bodypositive #sexpositive #lightandlove #practicekindness #goddesstradition #equinox #waningcrescent #witchesofinstagram #witch #tarot #thestar #temperance #waningmoon #wheeloftheyear #presence

⭐️GUARDIAN⭐️ 'Fierce Grace' Retreat SCHOLARSHIP CONTEST countdown!! 2 days to go... See a few posts back for more info on how to join us in Ritual Embodiment temple dance sister circle for Fall Equinox! ✨🌹🔱🌹✨Photo: Practicing the clear lines and boundaries of archetypal Guardian, "Faces of the Alchemista" transmission, Seattle 2017 ✨🌙✨#omniquemethod #ritualembodiment #alchemistasisterhood #bodyastemple #guardian #spiritualwarrior #martialarts #templedance #holdtheline #shaktirising

POETRY (#JasperPoetry)
I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.
I love you simply, without problems or pride:
I love you in this way because I do not know any other way
of loving but this, in which there is no I or you,
so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand,
so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.
–– Pablo Neruda
PHOTO: Kitti flowing to her inner music as she gyrates on the lyra hanging in my studio.

⭐️PRIMAL⭐️ For our countdown to our 'Fierce Grace' Fall Equinox woman's retreat... A moment of Primal rapture... 🐍🦁✨From the "Faces of the Alchemista" Omnique Method archetypal transmission at SoLuna Sacred Dance Salon in Grass Valley 🌹🔱🌹#omniquemethod #ritualembodiment #alchemistasisterhood #archetype #primal #embodiment #templedance #templefusion #templetribal #bodyastemple #wildwomen

POETRY (#JasperPoetry)
O Lady! we receive but what we give,
And in our life alone does Nature live:
Ours is her wedding garment, ours her shroud!
And would we aught behold, of higher worth,
Than that inanimate cold world allowed
To the poor loveless ever-anxious crowd,
Ah! from the soul itself must issue forth
A light, a glory, a fair luminous cloud
Enveloping the Earth—
And from the soul itself must there be sent
A sweet and potent voice, of its own birth,
Of all sweet sounds the life and element!
–– from Coleridge's "Dejection: An Ode," April 1802.
Machines and industrialization started replacing craftsman workers in the 1700s. Artists responded by launching the Romantic Movement, praising Nature over the man made world. After a decade of looking to Nature for inspiration, here Coleridge acknowledges it is our human spirit, our soul, that is the true source of all that lifts us up.
PHOTO: Nothing inspires a photographer like me more than finding a model who’s soul is so brimming with feeling it “issues forth a light, a glory, a fair luminous cloud” of expressive movement. Karina and I did several shoots when she was a student at Northridge. Now she is a yoga teacher in lovely, bucolic Truckee in northern California.

COVER: Latest issue of Common Ground is out. On the cover is a photo I took of the radiantly beautiful Kirsten Luiz, a model from Chicago.
Common Ground is a fun magazine from the San Francisco Bay Area, published by my friend, Rob Sidon. Every September is Yoga Issue, and every September he runs one of my Body as Temple yoga nudes on his cover.
PHOTO: Kirsten tagged along with her friend, Danielle Maddox, when she came to do a shoot with me last year. Seeing that she was quite skilled at yoga I asked her if she would like to shoot for my Body as Temple series. I like to show as much diversity in my art as possible and Kirsten was a welcome addition to the series.

⭐️SCHOLARSHIP CONTEST!!!⭐️In honor of the final few spaces for our upcoming Fall Equinox #omniquemethod #ritualembodiment woman's retreat on Vashon Island, we are offering up 3 partial scholarships to join in the magic! 🌸🌹🔱🌹🌸 3 days and nights on an epic magical estate on this luscious Pacific NE island, organic meals, sisterhood circle, temple dance, priestess practices, yoga, ceremony, archetypal embodiment and more...✨ Our current tuition is $888 all inclusive, and of these 3 11th hour scholarship winners, 2 will be awarded $300 off, and one passionately aligned sister will be granted a half scholarship!!!(With personalized payment plans available where requested) 🕊✨TO APPLY: ♦️TAG 3 resonant sisters in the comments of this post below ♦️SHARE this post (by using a repost app, screenshot, etc) with the hashtag #omniquemethod ♦️In your aforementioned shared post, share a bit about the archetypal balancing you would like to evoke within our journey. Of the 7 primary archetypes (Primal, Creatrix/Muse, Guardian/Warrior, Lover/Mother, Queen, Oracle, and Priestess), which archetype do you feel you most often embody by default in life, and which archetype do you feel estranged from or out of balance within? What is your prayer for this experience of ritual embodiment? ✨💫✨Contest is open from now until Friday Sep 15th! Find more info on our retreat in the link in my bio. ⚜️In these dynamic and challenging times, may we come together, deepen our tools and our trust, and truly anchor in our alchemical capacity to evolve. Good luck, dear sisters, can't wait to sit and sweat with you in the Temple! 🔥🦋💦#scholarship #contest #womansretreat #vashonisland #fallequinox #alchemistasisterhood #wildwomen #goddessrising #ritual #devi #embodiment #shakti #sisterretreat #sacredcircle #yogafusion #templedance #bodyastemple #bodytemple

POETRY (#JasperPoetry)
'Tis midnight, but small thoughts have I of sleep:
Full seldom may my friend such vigils keep!
Visit her, gentle Sleep! with wings of healing,
And may this storm be but a mountain-birth,
May all the stars hang bright above her dwelling,
Silent as though they watched the sleeping Earth!
With light heart may she rise,
Gay fancy, cheerful eyes,
Joy lift her spirit, joy attune her voice;
To her may all things live, from pole to pole,
Their life the eddying of her living soul!
O simple spirit, guided from above,
Dear Lady! friend devoutest of my choice,
Thus mayest thou ever, evermore rejoice.
–– passage from poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1802). He wrote this one night as he did opium and was dejected over his love for Sara Hutchinson, a woman who was not his wife. Coleridge, along with Wordsworth, was a founder of the Romantic Movement.
PHOTO: Tasha posted another photo from our session to her feed, so I thought I would share it here too. Love the look of serenity and repose on her face! Reminds me of a wise yogi friend who said, “Whenever I feel troubled, I pause and do a head stand. It empties my mind, and mends my heart.”

Color inspo from my hot day lunch pitstop :: vegetarian sushi 🍥 & watermelon 🍉lime 🍋mint 🌿infused water. 💦

POETRY (#JasperPoetry)
Through portico of my elegant house you stalk
With your wild furies, disturbing garlands of fruit
And the fabulous lutes and peacocks, rending the net
Of all decorum which holds the whirlwind back.
Now, rich order of walls is fallen; rooks croak
Above the appalling ruin; in bleak light
Of your stormy eye, magic takes flight
Like a daunted witch, quitting castle when real days break.
Fractured pillars frame prospects of rock;
While you stand heroic in coat and tie, I sit
Composed in Grecian tunic and psyche-knot,
Rooted to your black look, the play turned tragic:
Which such blight wrought on our bankrupt estate,
What ceremony of words can patch the havoc?
–– “Conversation Among The Ruins” poem by Sylvia Plath
Why do so many of our best poets leave us too soon? They are like flaming meteors lighting up our dark skies briefly with their incandescence. An acclaimed American poet, Plath took her own life when she was just 30 years old.
PHOTO: Another expressive, poetic image that Karina helped me create a few years back. At the time she was a student and a model. Now she is a much loved yoga teacher in Trukee, California.

Un balsamo succulento per lenire e nutrire corpi stanchi ma sempre pronti #innertemple #bodyastemple #Rituale #Extrait #Mendittorosa #limited #mostimited #perfumeryasart

POETRY (#JasperPoetry)
Sancta Maria! turn thine eyes
Upon the sinner's sacrifice
Of fervent prayer and humble love,
From thy holy throne above.
At morn, at noon, at twilight dim
Maria! thou hast heard my hymn.
In joy and wo, in good and ill
Mother of God! be with us still.
When my hours flew gently by,
And no storms were in the sky,
My soul, lest it should truant be —
Thy love did guide to thine and thee.
Now, when clouds of Fate o'ercast
All my Present, and my Past,
Let my Future radiant shine
With sweet hopes of thee and thine.
“A Hymn to Our Lady” by Edgar Allen Poe, 1833
Over the years, most people know me for my art nudes. I sometimes wonder if I had lived 500 years ago if I would have found myself painting frescoes in churches. Some of the most beautiful nudes from the past, be it paintings or sculpture, comes to us courtesy of the church.
PHOTO: I was shooting aerials with my dear friend Crystal. Something about this image evoked thoughts of Jesus and Mother Mary in my heart. That in turn reminded me of the sweet hymn Poe had written. Usually Poe was dark and macabre, but this hymn is a surprising ray of sunshine from him. Even though I drifted toward atheism as I grew older, as a lover of poetry I continue to find great joy in Kirtan (कीर्तन) and hymns.

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