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Let’s face it most of us who have been through child birth have them... The majority of the population of adult women are mothers...so why is a “Mum tum” SO alien to us?
Why is it seen as SUCH a bad thing to own?! Why do we shame people for putting on weight?

Because all we’re used to seeing in the press, on the TV, on our social media newsfeeds is the unrealistic “insta” life... Let’s cut the bull shit!

Let’s be real!

Let’s be who we are!

Let’s own what we’ve got!
And be our fabulous fucking selves ✌🏼❤️ Own it. Be body forward 🙌🏼💃 If you’re brave enough share your Mum tum selfies and tag me in it 👯‍♀️🎉

Oh my, I actually have a photo of me teaching! This never happens 😎

Yesterday, I taught 30+ UCL students for @projectactiveucl, the PA system was broken, no music, or mic and yet, it was beautiful, they were all breathing, moving and flowing together 💕

For any lovely UCL students that are reading this, starting from October, I will be teaching Mindful Flow every Wednesday at 9am 🧘

This morning was a complete ‘ah-huh’ moment where I was overwhelmed with amazement & a feeling of accomplishment 🙌🏻 Check out the full explanation on my stories but damn I’m feeling proud at all of the little (actually massive for me 💁🏼‍♀️) milestones that I’m achieving mentally!
🍓 This morning I went & bought an unplanned mid-week takeaway breakfast because I had no food in the fridge and experienced ZERO anxiety in doing so ✔️
🍓 Last Friday I DIDNT pack my own lunch & relied on (& ate) what was provided at a work function ✔️
🍓 Last weekend I went to two social occasions that I actually looked forward to & enjoyed rather than either not attending or going but feeing extremely anxious about food options & disruption to my routine ✔️
🍓 Last night I went to my sister-in-law’s for dinner & wasn’t at all anxious or stressed about what would be on the table ✔️
These may seem like small things to most people but for me, they are massive! That’s the reality of my Mental Illness- depression, anxiety & eating disorder & how it all affected me 24/7 for years. So to be able to actually live my life & engage stress/anxiety free feels life changing 🙌🏻
As my psychologist said to me last night....”you are a completely different person to when I first saw you 5 months ago.....the difference is like night & day”
I have been running on this high all day & still am!! If you are reading this & wonder how you could ever get to this point...just know that you can! Recovery is always possible no matter how long it takes & it is SO worth it 😆
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Någon mer som kommer sitta bänkad ikväll? ”Kroppshets” 21.00 i SVT 🖤 Denna kvinna 🙏🏻❤️

When in Japan... eat! I used to get so paranoid that I would gain weight while on holidays that I’d never actually enjoy myself! Times have changed and boy does it feel good. I got enjoy a delicious custard fish with my big bro ❤️🤷🏻‍♀️ #sheroseabove #strength

Living by the diet industry rules can be reassuring. You don’t think, you don’t really choose, you don’t doubt, you do what you are told to do. Which is giving you the illusion of being in control of your body and your hunger. Maybe you are, but what is the cost??!!! For your wellness, your peace of mind, your mental health, your social life?! Your body and your hunger are not to be controlled. They are to be acknowledged, understood and listened to. Living a life « by the rules », rules imposed on you by others, it’s not a life, in my opinion. You can go for it only if you buy the idea that the most horrible thing that can happen to you is being fat. Whaaaaat?! Really?! So diet culture propose a life of control in order to run away from a fake fear of being fat.... okay sure... I was in denial too. But I am done. I want to be free. Even if it includes fat! I want a peaceful life where I do not focus all my energy into quieting my body signs and controlling everything I eat. I want to have a healthy lifestyle including my mental health. I am very upset with diet culture industry because it is an industry, they are making money, they are not a non-profit organization working for your health, they are here to make money. And buying their theories and their products only make them rich and us miserable. What’s the point? What sickness is never happening to thin people but only to fat people? N O N E... so how about we go the other way around, with a free, adapted to yourself, balanced life where eating is not the most important thing... I vote yeah!!! It’s not that easy to go away from the secured « by the book » diet culture programing, freedom is not always the easy choice when you don’t trust yourself. So my choice was/is to built my confidence first, to develop a peaceful relationship with my body, to explore intuitive eating, to give myself permission to fail and try again, then I will trust myself more and my eating will be more balanced. What happen to my weight after that: it will be natural. Maybe it will change, low or up, maybe it will stay the same. But I will be free. Just some thoughts for you guys 😉. Happy Thursday! Take care 💜💛💚🧡💙❤️

Ça faisait longtemps que je n’avais pas écrit à coeur ouvert. Et qu’est-ce que ça m’a fait du bien. Un peu d’honnêteté, d’authenticité, et je me fais un câlin à l’âme.
Je te parle de mon puit, dans lequel je me retrouve parfois, sur le blog. Je me dis que déjà, ça me fait du bien de poser des mots sur mes maux, ça me soulage, ça sort quelque chose en moi. J’ai écrit ça d’une traite, sans vraiment réfléchir, juste en ressentant.
Mais je me dis que peut être, toi, derrière ton écran, tu partages peut être un peu de ça. De ces sensations, de ces émotions.
Enfin, je te laisse lire, si t’en as envie, le lien est sur mon profil.

I think some healthy eating programmes are great and really work for some people but for me I felt like I was becoming obsessive about my weight and upset with my body shape. I am a very body confident person so this was really out of character and it really started to bother my mental health. @kristamurias has captured all the feelings I went through recently that made me decide to stop dieting and get back to just enjoying cooking and enjoying myself and my beautiful curvy shape. ❤️
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Thursday Madness 👌😜💃
C'est Jeudi alors remballe ta culpabilité et fait toi plaisir ! 🤟
" Le plaisir est un luxe "
Kiss & Good Vibe mes chouchous ❤
Thé des déesses 🌸
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