For many of you females out there you want to grow your glutes, however you cannot seem to find the exercise to make them switch on and work? - For me personally the smith machine split squat is one of the best exercises for glute activation, aswell as it is the front of your quads. I have tried hamstring curls, back extension and many more.. but this seems to be the one exercise that I can feel straight in my glutes 🍑! -
To perform this exercise you can use a barbell, dumbbells or for me I like to use the smith machine. Position your legs so that one of them is slightly foward in-front of the bar and the other placed onto the bench that you are using. Begin to slowly lower yourself down engaging your core and keeping your head up till your knee is around parallel with the bench and drive through your heel nice and controlled as you work your way back up. Make sure that your knee is inline with your toe as you perform this, if your foot is slightly behind and your knee is in-front of your toes, you can be adding extra stress on the knee joint. Which is what we do not want 🙅🏻‍♀️ -
When I train legs I put myself out of my comfort zone and I train HARD. I get nervous, I push until sometimes I can’t go anymore. But this is what I have noticed gets results 💪🏻 # - Building my glutes has always been a big challenge for me, so make sure you do what works for YOU. As this might not work for everybody, but I guarantee if you give it a try you will get MAD doms🔥
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Throwback to when I was absolutely shredded 🤪💪🏻 - Don’t get me wrong the feeling is amazing and you might look amazing but people don’t see how we feel on the inside.. how are mind is working, how hungry we are etc. You have to get into your head that this is ‘STAGE READY’ and not a way to be looking 24/7. It has been very very hard to get out of prep physically and mentally, as I was so lean it was so exciting and was the best shape I had ever been in! However by talking to the right people and having a great coach I can definitely say I am really enjoying my off season diet and enjoying lifting heavy ass weights and making that log book increase ☝️

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