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Another update! I’ve been working out on and off doing mostly curve, abs, and booty workouts. I’m really happy with myself. Not gonna lie I’ve been slacking a bit because I’ve been sick so hopefully tomorrow I can find time to go on a walk with Scarlett or hit the treadmill. Haven’t checked my weight because it’s just a number. Mentally I’m okay I start medication tomorrow so hopefully that helps. And great news! My CPS case gets closed tomorrow! Things are looking up! I hope everyone is living a good life and make 2018 your year! If you ever need anyone to talk to please hit me up! I’m so understanding and I don’t judge because everyone has their own hell they go through and people need a friend. I’m always here! I love y’all so much! 💓💓

I am feeling so cute tonight. #lovingmycurvs #bodiposi #loveyourbody

BABES!! BIG NEWS!! As of today we are so excited to announce that every time you buy a suit from us, a percentage will be donated to @thebodypositive - an amazing organization dedicated to helping people value self-love in whatever way they can ... Helllllll yes, the world needs more love😍💕

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Summer lovin' 🌞🌊😎💦💦#beach

This is hard for me right now. I felt so confident, then I didn't. I feel great, then I don't. My body image is in rapid ups and downs.
I'm seeing a lot of odd traits in my body shape and its beginning to dawn on me that this is because of how much damage I've done to myself.
My body shape is not going to be normal or perfect. And I'm beginning to realize that is OKAY.
My abdomen bloats majorly sometimes. Sometimes it doesn't. Thinking back to what @_brookeleblanc has dealt with, this is likely do to my formerly atrophied digestive track from restriction and laxative abuse.
My body is healing. And that is okay.

Edit: got self conscious and deleted this for a few minutes but I got the courage to bring it back

Let's talk bad days & body issues 😬

I know it's taboo and everyone likes to pretend that everyday is peaches and cream (myself included!) but we need to be honest with ourselves and others! Bad days happen, bad workouts happen... and that's ok! 🤗 --------------------------------------------
Today was one of those days for me. I came back to the gym after almost a week off and it was leg day and I just finished my period SO I felt super weak, had minimum energy, and my muscles felt so tight... on top of that, I felt really self conscious about my body which forced me to constantly readjust my clothes and focus on how chubby my tummy looked instead of focus on my movement and my muscle growth! --------------------------------------------Although I wasn't able to change my mindset while working out, I lowered my weights, pushed through and finished my workout. The small victories matter too 👀💪🏼 how do you cope with body issues while working out?! I'd love to hear more strategies for self love ❤️ #workout #workoutplan #workoutmotivation #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitgirl #curvygirl #selfie #gymselfie #legday #booty #fabletics #girlswholift #confidence #bodiposi #selfconcious #bodypositivity #feedback #roughday #willpower #getitgirl

CHANGE THE LANGUAGE: A Thigh gap: the air between ones thighs if their hips are placed a particular distance apart NOT The total of my worth if only I had a 3 inch separation.
Real women have curves: The sum of someone shaming someone mid 2000s when a bum probably came into fashion circa J Lo days NOT something to rely on because REAL women look however they effin want.
Muffin top: The skin that sometimes overlaps your knickers NOT the devil incarnated if it shows up or lives there permenatly. Pull ya knickers up like pic 2 if ya want. Or don't. Whatever. Your a real woman. You can do what the eff you like.
You can... But... Honestly... if we stop saying certain things our thoughts might catch up.
Stop saying you "hate the gym" Stop saying "you'll never get the bod you want" Stop saying "you'll be happy when..." Stop saying "ugh diets" stop saying "I can't eat that" stop saying "I don't look as good as..." Stop saying anything that has a negative connotation, makes u feel bad, gives you low self esteem or sounds shaming. Altho, comparing us to a sweet chocolaty muffin doesn't sound too bad... mmmm muffins.
So today my #transformationtuesday
Is to transform what we say. Sayin
I ❤eating healthy cos it makes me feel good, I will see the results, whatever they may be, in time but I won't attach myself to them. I do not rely on the air between my thighs to determine my worth & I'm a real woman who likes the challenge of the gym because it betters me mentality, gives me "me" time & enables me to feel strong. I can eat anything I want because food is not the devil, nor is this skin that sits over my knickers. In fact I might jus go high waisted in future jus to wind up the trolls who sit under their bridge waiting till transformation Tuesday to say "she only pulled up her knickers" 😃ya got us!
But ya know, we changing our language up over hurrrrr so we take those comments, and use them to empower us to be more real, more confident, more however we wanna be, doing whatever we wanna do.
Changing that "i hate this" 2 I LOVE that about myself" and running with it. Daily.
Transform your thoughts, emotions, language, & your body will follow 😚happy Tuesday...

I will persevere. I am strong. I can get through this. These episodes won’t last forever. Soon I’ll get my reminder about how far I’ve come. I’m okay. Bloating is okay. It’s okay to eat. .
I’m trying so hard to remind myself that I’ll be okay. Doing my physical therapy really helps me out in the sense that I feel physically stronger and my head feels lighter and less foggy. .
Idk I’m feeling very lonely and depressed so I’m trying to think neutral thoughts that are fact based so I can get on with my day.
I hope you all are feeling okay and having a good day🌼 recovery is worth it

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Is it worth it? What’s in your bag: College Edition. A peek inside a backpack is a peek inside a mind. One’s interests, necessities, and goals are revealed by a few simple objects. What does yours say about you? Check out @emily.anne.taylor & her backpack stash. #BeYou

"If you think YOU'RE fat, I must be obese!" Thats probably the most invalidating statement one can make to someone with an eating disorder. Body dysmorphic disorder actually CHANGES OUR PERCEPTION OF OUR OWN BODIES, not anyone else's. Ive heard it, I've seen it said, dozens of times. Over and over.
That is the least supportive thing you can possibly say.

I physically do not see my body accurately. I don't believe anyone larger than me is "fat", or unattractive, or "obese". To make someone else's body image struggle into an insult is, frankly, self centered.
I struggle daily with a changing perception of my body. Sometimes I am confident and happy. Others, I feel like a round blob of jello. That's the reality of it. And that's not about anyone else.
Carry on.

J’aime juste soulever || i just like to lift. Sported my #aleisure tee for leg day 💪🏽 I’m obsessed. Now off to the first day of class all sweaty because i gotta let em know what to expect all semester 💦💦💦 (use code “maryashey15” for 15% off your order)

PRINCIPLE 7: Cope with your Emotions without Using Food: .
Emotional eating is a gift. It’s a brilliant way your body cues you that it needs your love 💗 and your attention.
When you find your eating is feeling off, ask yourself 1️⃣ Am I eating out of biological hunger? If the answer is no, this is likely emotional eating that is no longer serving you. You can then ask 2️⃣ What do I need?
This can be uncomfortable because it means sitting with uncomfortable feelings and facing emotions that are easier to avoid. If you Ignore it? The emotional eating will only get louder and louder until you begin to listen to it.
Two ways to face your emotional eating is to 1️⃣seek nurturance/comfort and 2️⃣ cope with your feelings. This might look like 🌈phoning a friend, ✨journaling your thoughts, 🌷sitting and thinking, 🎀taking a walk, 🌸soaking in a bath,⭐️yoga class, 💜allowing yourself to cry or 💎screaming into a pillow.
Do what you need to do to connect with the feelings rather than try to control or disengage from them can help unravel your emotional eating.
Check back in for the next post on my mini series to counter all the January diet chatter as I going through the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating.
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Also there is also nothing I like more than spotting a penis mid pose 🍆
No long caption needed. If anyone needs an insight into #instagram #fitnesspro posing. Here it is... the 🐺is out the 👜
I used to always wonder what went on behind the scenes or how people really got to where they got. I used to watch E true Hollywood story religiously just to see what people's lives were like. Yes I'm comparing this to that🤔How you really get to your final pose... Ok it's nothing like #Etruehollywoodstory But whatevs who's judging. Not me. .
Ok the caption is longer than I anticipated. I must go and do productive things... like move this mirror back to where it belongs!
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