And so the adventure begins. #bocobound ❤️💫🦋

I have no words for today. My voice student of four years,Catie,gave an exquisite senior recital. She sang with such vulnerability and passion. I was left speechless and moved to tears many times. I can't quite express how wonderful these past four years have been. It's not everyday you work with someone of Catie's talent. I've said it many times before, but I love what I do. #proudvoiceteacher #catieandkatie #BoCobound #goingtomisshersomuch

Shoutout to all the peeps who support me & came to celebrate!! (Plus those not pictured!) It’s overwhelming to think of the impact these people have had on my life!!! Thank you all, I am so grateful. 💙 #bocobound

remarkable enough to be famous; very well known
Tonight the curtain went down at your last dance recital. Another amazing show from KJ Dance. You all danced your hearts out, relaxed, having fun, enjoying the moment...as it should be. Truly legendary. #25years #thekjway #classof2018 #bocobound #proudmama #btwhspva

Can’t believe I missed SNL for this (jk I had a ball... get it)

Today we welcomed accepted students on our campus for a day of class visits, panels, performances and lots of BoCo love. I barely had time to tie my metaphorical shoelace but as I was waiting at a class to bring some musical theater students to another building, I turned around to this view of a clear beautiful Boston skyline out the window of the classroom and felt this overwhelming love. I love what I do, I love who I do it with and I love where I do it. My heart is full. #BoCoBound

I’m going to miss California 😢 JUST KIDDING! Send me to the year round winter side of the country! ❄️☃️☔️ #bocobound

Happy graduation party to our fantabulous intern! #risingstars #singactdance #intern #bocobound

I'm so proud of this quadruple threat (singer, dancer, actor, and smarty pants) sister of mine and can't wait to take on Boston with her! #bocobound #boco2021

so excited to spend the next 4 years with these wonderful people and ready for this incredible journey! 💙💚 #BoCoMT2021 #BoCoBound

Cannot wait to start this new journey and share the next four years of my life with these incredible people. Here's to transforming into the fiercest of jazz cats. #bocobound

I'm beyond excited to officially announce that I've committed to The Boston Conservatory as a Contemporary Theatre major! I can't wait to create beautiful art for the next four years💙💚 #bocobound

Can you tell I love my school!? #bocobound 💙💚

"The Girl with the Olive Skin and the Dog with the Golden Fleece" -a tale of intrigue and whimsy as told by their loyal roommate. Thanks for housing me, beauties #bocobound #afloofnameddanger


Book ✔ Coffee ✔ Blanket ✔ #thisishowiamtrak #cozy #bocobound #amtrak

This is my ‘I have one more week in this town' face. #bocobound

Guna miss my girlfran(s) #BOCObound

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