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Sometimes Max and his antics captivates them! Heheehehe

Belle my Furball, enjoying her Sunday catnap!

Just now had to ask Yusof to help me strip a pineapple to cook gulai udang nenas. The cats were curious about the pineapple head! Hehehhe ;)

My my my... They sure know how to enjoy life. The Cat Life! ;)

The look of love...

A dose of Bob a day keeps the pain at bay! ;)

Watch me while I sleep?

Bob wants to go holiday too! All wrapped up and ready to GO.

Side show Bob.
So handsome!

Someone's watching over me... ;)

Good morning... Belle is in her yoga pose in the bright sunlight! ;)

My handsome Bob! 

Pleaseeeeeee...... *innocent face*

Bob wants to play on this sauntering sleazy Sunday....

Good Sunday morning... I am hungry. 

Bob staring at his neighbour lounging on the window ledge....

Brush me woman-who-claims-to-be-my-mummy....

I told you the shoebox is too small for you... Now, 1/3 of you is out! 

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