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Happy Birthday to my Scottish mate the ever fabulous #bobbygillespie Still one of the great rockers! @primalscreamofficial #tbt

Jason Pierce and Bobby Gillespie, interviewed by NME, London 1996. It's well worth a read if you can be bothered. Although it sounds like J Spaceman was in a bit of a state...
#jasonpierce #bobbygillespie #spiritualized #primalscream

Presenting Act 1 of “The Performers”, a film series created in collaboration with @britishgq #BobbyGillespie of @primalscreamofficial journeys to Tangier. #GucciStories #sponsored See more through link in bio.

JAMC のライブにこんなスペシャルゲスト出てきたら100%昇天…👼
#bobbygillespie #JAMC #thejesusandmarychain

Dragon embroideries and grosgrain neck bows form part of the#GucciCruise17 collection as worn by#BobbyGillespie in bustling #Tangier. Watch the full film on our youtube or head to the link in our bio for more info. #GucciStories @Gucci #GQ

Recent Work // #BobbyGillespie of @primalscreamofficial for @gucci and @britishgq in a new 5 part series "Thee Performers"

@primalscreamofficial #bobbygillespie nearly made a mess of this photo when my battery was dead but just managed to capture my true friend @weareprojectzero #jadejaggerjewllery come see the real thing in paris on Thursday @studio57gallery

That Friday Feeling Playlist
👉🏼 https://open.spotify.com/user/kulbritania/playlist/2aV9hHwcaVgKtcR1SyfuxD?si=41uFo3qx #primalscream #bobbygillespie
PH @astudillofotografias para #kulbritania


Feel free to do this post as well if you feel like it! (Don’t need as much as 30) Just an idea I had and thought I’d give it a go. I’ll tag some people who might be interested.
Here’s 30 people I wish I could meet. In no particular order.
1. Brendan Gleeson - He just seems like such a nice guy and I think he’d be great to talk to about films.
2. J.K. Rowling - My love for Harry Potter stems from her so I think I owe her major thanks and would love to discuss the world of Harry Potter as well as find out what her favourite of the films are.
3. Nick Cave - Obviously this guy is massively interesting and inspirational and I feel like I’d love discussing music with him and finding out about him as a person from being in his company.
4. Graham Linehan - A comedy genius who I think would be great fun to speak to and get inspiration from for writing comedy.
5. Benoît Debie - I’ve seen 4 films he’s shot and I think discussing cinematography with this guy would be amazing because he has such a unique take on it and makes it work even though it feels so strange and dizzying sometimes.
6. Mads Mikkelsen - A massive inspiration and my second favourite actor, would be great to talk to about his career and development. Would love to know some of his favourite films as well.
7. Amy Winehouse - If she were alive I would have loved to get to know her. I don’t know a lot of her music yet but from watching the documentary Amy it makes her seem so down to earth and easy to speak to and I would have loved to be a friend to her.
8. Christopher Nolan - One of my favourite directors, it would be a major privilege to speak to him about film and how he makes his work while keeping the style I know and love.
9. Jon Spencer - A really great musician that I just want to know more about, there aren’t enough interviews with him and I would like to know who he is and why he chose this route of music and what inspires him.
10. Bryan Fuller - Just a genius really, and I’d love to know all about Hannibal and American Gods and what it was like getting them going. He seems so interesting and is very inspirational.

Oh yeah! What can a poor boy do? Go see @primalscreamofficial of course ❤🤘⚡✌🍸 #primalfuckinscream #primalscream #rocknfknroll #bobbygillespie #cantfuckinwait

Bobby Gillespie pre-show @ Cardiff University, April 7 1994 📸 @primalscreamofficial #bobbygillespie #primalscream

Oh Em fuckin Gee this just popped up on me playlist. One of the greatest singles ever released, play "how does it feel to belong " or " jesus " and turn the fucker up loud. Beautiful. #primalscream #bobbygillespie

Just what is it that you want to do? Well we wanna be free, we wanna be free to do what we wanna do and we wanna get loaded!Perfect album @primalscreamofficial #screamadelica #primalscream #bobbygillespie #alanmcgee #higherthanthesun #music #awesome #90s #rocknrolla #fridaytunes #weekendtunes🎶

Primal Scream 'Live In Japan' released in 2003. At the time a Japanese release only (I think). I bought it on import. Not cheap but had to be done. If you think XTRMNTR is a sonic assault on the senses then try this. Must qualify as one of the best live albums of all time. Sounds especially good on a Friday night after a week of working for the man. #primalscream #liveinjapan #bobbygillespie #andrewinnes #throb #martinduffy #mani #darrinmooney @primalscreamofficial

That Friday Feeling Playlist
👉🏼 https://open.spotify.com/user/kulbritania/playlist/2aV9hHwcaVgKtcR1SyfuxD?si=41uFo3qx #primalscream #bobbygillespie
PH @astudillofotografias para #kulbritania

@sceneinbetween found this just after you left #tbt #primalscream @primalscreamofficial #bobbygillespie #robertyoung somewhere in Birmingham in the #80s

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