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I think you'll like this #BobbyCast with @adamhambrick ... check the video

so fun getting to tell my story on the latest #bobbycast ❤ thanks @mrbobbybones for having me! #linkinbio

Having two babies? Having a #1 song? Being nominated for a Grammy? NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. Nothing has legitimized me in the eyes of my family quite like being featured on @mrbobbybones #BOBBYCAST tonight (link in bio). Can't wait to make u a meal in Kansas. 🎧

There's a new #BobbyCast up where @mikedeestro talks about his story and running his first marathon last weekend, and I talk about the longest show I've ever played in my life....for 24 hours straight. What happened right here....👆🏼#BTW24 @mrbobbybones 🎙🎙🎙 Listen here: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/139-Bobby-Cast-27722337/episode/56-mike-d-and-his-28132275/

Have you heard the new #bobbycast ?! You should check it out. @iheartradio @mrbobbybones we had tutu much fun💃🏼

#ICYMI iHeartRadio.com/BobbyCast

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Just breakin' off a little cold hard truth with @mrbobbybones #Bobbycast

We went back to the very beginning... #BobbyCast@mrbobbybones • link in bio

Talked about everything from sad songs to weird OCD obsessions with @mrbobbybones #bobbycast #podcast #iheartradio

Way back stories w/ @mrbobbybones on #BobbyCast


Love hearing @jessileigha tell her story with @bobbybonesshow on the #BobbyCast #SongwriterCelebration

Since I missed #femalefriday yesterday - I'm throwing it to this chick on Saturday because really, #femalefriday can be everyday anyway! I don't know what took me so long to get this EP but I love it. @kelleighbannen is definitely going places. #landlocked gets me dancing but all of her songs are download-worthy! Her voice just makes me happy...you need these songs in your life.
#femalefriday @lindsayell #grlpwr #songwriters @mrbobbybones #bobbycast #nashville #music #nashvillemeg #cheapsunglasses #welcometotheparty #landlocked #onceupona #allgoodthings

Zach Crowell is featured on the latest episode of @mrbobbybones #BobbyCast! 🎧 Learn BTS secrets to "Body Like A Back Road" & stories about songs recorded by @carrieunderwood @dustinlynchmusic & more! @itunes link in bio 👆🏼

Listening to the #bobbycast with Zach Crowell. Incredible to hear the thought process that goes into some of the @samhuntmusic @dustinlynchmusic and @carrieunderwood songs that he has been involved in. Started the podcast an hour and a half ago, but only 37 minutes through it because I've had to go re-listen to the songs that I thought I had heard before. Huge thanks to @mrbobbybones for bringing these stories to the fans! #songwriter #producer #goodmusic #countrymusic #nashville #talent

No meetings today, so it's a "working on the business" day. Helping me out is @caitlynsmith and her EP "Starfire." This is one of my favorite purchases in the last year. It's poignant, genre-less, and backed by a gal who can SANNNGGGG! Don't even get me started on the writing. It's hard to pick a fav, but I think it's "Tacoma" because I heard a live, accusative version and actually cried. However, knowing that she's a singer/songwriter, "This Town is Killing Me" tells an amazing story of behind the scenes of Nashville and what it takes - literally. If you need more reasons to think she's legit, Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton, Cassadee Pope, Kenny Rogers and Meghan Trainor have all cut her songs. Be sure to also check out her insightful interview on @mrbobbybones podcast, #bobbycast. It's one of my favorites. Finally, go to minute 3:15 on "Tacoma" and if that note and emotion doesn't convince you to buy this EP then it's hopeless.

@mrbobbybones I'm loving listening to the #BobbyCast 3 episodes a day after your show! #BehindTheMusicScenesNerd

Congrats to @mrbobbybones for being voted into the Radio Hall of Fame!!! Beating out Ryan Seacrest for the win. Your hard work and dedication to your craft inspires all of your fans, including myself! #mrbobby #arkansan #radiohalloffame

Thanks to @mrbobbybones and the #bobbycast, I can't stop listening to @jessilalexander

Here's a little "Bring on the rain" ACOUSTIC for ya 😊🎸Whatcha think? TAG A FRIEND!

Learn how @littlebigtown came to be. #BobbyCast (link in bio)

We went back to the very beginning... #BobbyCast@mrbobbybones • link in bio

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