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Way back stories w/ @mrbobbybones on #BobbyCast

We went back to the very beginning... #BobbyCast@mrbobbybones • link in bio

Check out the new #BobbyCast with Dierks Bentley . Watch this video ...

There's a new #BobbyCast up where @mikedeestro talks about his story and running his first marathon last weekend, and I talk about the longest show I've ever played in my life....for 24 hours straight. What happened right here....👆🏼#BTW24 @mrbobbybones 🎙🎙🎙 Listen here: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/139-Bobby-Cast-27722337/episode/56-mike-d-and-his-28132275/

Here's a little "Bring on the rain" ACOUSTIC for ya 😊🎸Whatcha think? TAG A FRIEND!

Have you heard the new #bobbycast ?! You should check it out. @iheartradio @mrbobbybones we had tutu much fun💃🏼

so fun getting to tell my story on the latest #bobbycast ❤ thanks @mrbobbybones for having me! #linkinbio

Having two babies? Having a #1 song? Being nominated for a Grammy? NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. Nothing has legitimized me in the eyes of my family quite like being featured on @mrbobbybones #BOBBYCAST tonight (link in bio). Can't wait to make u a meal in Kansas. 🎧

Talked about everything from sad songs to weird OCD obsessions with @mrbobbybones #bobbycast #podcast #iheartradio


Thanks to @mrbobbybones and the #bobbycast, I can't stop listening to @jessilalexander

Here's a little "Bring on the rain" ACOUSTIC for ya 😊🎸Whatcha think? TAG A FRIEND!

Way back stories w/ @mrbobbybones on #BobbyCast

Learn how @littlebigtown came to be. #BobbyCast (link in bio)

We went back to the very beginning... #BobbyCast@mrbobbybones • link in bio

An emotional day after @mrbobbybones surprised @radioamy and went to Haiti this weekend. Now he's talking about it in depth during his #BobbyCast tonight! 💓💓

2,800 miles, too many iced coffees, more mcdoubles eaten than I'd like to admit, 9 Bobby Bones podcasts, 10 mosquito bites, 3 nights in a tent and 60 country songs sung later.. and we're home from the Keys. 😴 What a fun trip!! I may not have "made it big" yet but by singing for my supper (literally) I have already made it in my mind. So thankful to get to do what I love! 💛
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Sometimes, ignorant situations happen to genuinely good people.. So, instead of becoming angry or volatile, let's have a PRODUCTIVE response!! Go buy @lindsayell "Waiting On You" single or EP to not only support her, but showing support to all Singer/Songwriters of the industry and how they SHOULD be treated!! She is BEYOND a wonderful representation of women in country music and WOMEN period!!!!! Then, help spread some #pimpinjoy but heading over to @theshopforward and making a purchase. Not only will it show support for @mrbobbybones but it will spread a POSITIVE message (that clearly we need more of) from an ignorant situation and the funds all go to GREAT causes!!! Btw, @bobbybonesshow and the #bobbycast are something you should definitely check out and support... it's a family and will bring joy to your day!!

With Jessi Alexander ... new #BobbyCast . IHeartRadio and ITunes

A new #BobbyCast with Jessi Alexander! She wrote "I drive your truck" "drink on it" "the climb" and she's awesome ...

Sometimes people can make us down or we think we have to please everyone but one thought that has been in my head the last couple of days is this. They are not worth the worry. There is really only one persons opinion that matters and that's our Heavenly Fathers. Had to work out alone today because whitney sprained her ankle in volleyball spiking it in someone's face probably 💪🏻. That's my girl. So she is on a slight break. It's not the same working out by yourself. Had to really dig deep to find some motivation. #workout #sprainedankle #bobbycast

#kelseaballerini has a new single that JUST (as of 4 minutes ago) became available for download. It's good guys. If you want some behind the scenes stuff on the new album go listen to her on the #Bobbycast 🎧

Gonna get caught up on #bobbycast @mrbobbybones

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