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How many likes could this get? ❤❤❤ #bobbiebxtch

Ciao ragazze!Sono tornata e come vi avevo detto ho fatto dei cambiamenti...adesso pubblicheremo su più persone sia italiane sia Americane ecc.Cambierò pure la mia firma da magcult💕 a phangirlando🙈
Adoro troppo questo video😍 (crediti a @vs.muser )
@bobbiebxtch #bobbiebxtch #jujuonthatbeat

Don't judge a book by its cover❤️ @bobbiebxtch @itsgunzhino #bobbiebxtch #musically

That bugs me,when the most fakest person just post a how much they hate fake ppl quote. @bobbiebxtch ------------
#fake #fakepeople #bobbie #bobbiebxtch #quote

As long as you 💧⭐️ @bobbiebxtch #bobbiebxtch #musically #muser

Shes literally so beautiful 😍🌍❤.
@bobbiebxtch #bobbiebxtch tag her ❤❤


Her hair flip is just to gorgeous @bobbiebxtch @itsgunzhino #bobbiebxtch #musically #hairflip
Follow me at @bobbiesbxtch_ #bobbie

YAY this is the moment we have all been waiting for. It's my edit! Appreciate this please and if your going to repost give credit! Tag @bobbiebxtch if you want

@bobbiebxtch @itsgunzhino #bobbiebxtch #musically
Hope you like it Bobbie!❤️ Follow me at @bobbiesbxtch_ #bobbie

Who is ready for the edit? @bobbiebxtch @itsgunzhino #bobbiebxtch #musically
Follow me at @bobbiesbxtch_ #bobbie

I just love it when her hair is curly @bobbiebxtch @itsgunzhino #bobbiebxtch #musically
Follow me at @bobbiesbxtch_ #bobbie

A massive thankyou to @tipsyicons for making this for me! I love it! Thankyou so much again! You should definitely go and follow @tipsyicons they make amazing icons for you to have as you profile picture and more!💕 @bobbiebxtch @itsgunzhino #bobbiebxtch #icon @bobbiebxtch I hope you like it😊

homework is so boring ugh @bobbiebxtch @itsgunzhino #bobbiebxtch #musically

Ok so imma talk about this girl right here. She is amazing, kind and sooo god damn gorgeous. I love her so much and I will always be a true supporter of her. She puts a smile on my face whenever I see a picture or musically of her and I hope I get to meet her one day. She is one of the most stunning girls I have ever seen. Her heart is full of gold and kindness. I love you Bobbie if your reading this I will never give up on you! Keep on going strong cos I will be there for you all the time❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @bobbiebxtch @itsgunzhino #bobbiebxtch

Baby i got ya ♡
Muser; @bobbiebxtch
App; @musical.ly
Tags; #bobbiebxtch #musically #f4f #lfl

Don't judge a book by its cover❤️ @bobbiebxtch @itsgunzhino #bobbiebxtch #musically

So sorry I haven't been active my Instagram went all funny. Anyways I will be posting a lot of bobbies recents. I like this musically alot💕💕 @bobbiebxtch @itsgunzhino #bobbiebxtch #musically

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