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Throwback to a touching and inspiring trip to South Africa in 2013. @bobbibear_official is making a huge difference to many childrens lives. Thanks for all your good work! #tbt #jackiebransfield #kidsinneed #bobbibear @gerykeszler

hello sunshine. #bobbibear #patenonkelteddies

Use Zapper to scan this QR code and donate to support operation #bobbibear. #ZapperSA


My heart breaks as this 8 year old little girl recalls her rape experience. Her pain is raw and her fear is very real.
She is in a safe place now. The team at @bobbibear_official will counsel and care for this child, providing her with the support and love this child needs to get through.
Child rape is evil. We must put an end to it so that little girls and boys like this aren't robbed of their virginities, childhoods and innocence.


It's a school day today, but hungry and wearing damp cold clothing from the rain, this little boy stands against a wall as he overseas his little sister and baby brother.
He doesn't know where his biological father is and his mother is busy looking after the other five children.
The boy is loving and protective of his siblings, but there's a sadness in his eyes which is upsetting to see in a boy of his age.
The poverty that exists in South Africa is extreme and debilitating.

Can you imagine if this was your kitchen? Breakfast, lunch and dinners not only for you, but your husband and your SIX children?
They were meant to be there temporarily but the landlady took pity on them - the family have now been here for 11 years. Construction work has commenced next to the squat and has been delayed by the human faeces and flies covering the area. The family must relocate but have no money or means to do so.
In a country that offers free contraception I was alarmed to learn the mother had chosen to keep bringing babies into this environment, particularly given she struggles to feed and clothe them. Most children here have never attended school.
Whose responsibility is it to take care of this family?

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