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__ Some parts of my feelings still untouched my Soul,, Sovereignty is the most important barriers which divisions to achieving a quality lifestyle,,I am still waiting for unsatisfy each time Satisfactions act Guaranteed and each time Unsatisfied comes in a few new Mystery _____
Nepal is not end only in the streets of Thamel which was and since long a most favorite tourist destination for all,,, Depth of Nepalese is in Rural areas where you can feel the authenticity of Napalese... Well,, I usually consume all kind food's but while on out I consider in some manner a pure vegetarian..what I do most prefer in my working hours and empty time's,,, GUNDRUG is all time my favorite dish made of dry Vegetables,,, I am sharing a little bit of evening to you all my dear friends,, Have Wonderful evening to all____________________________________________________
Post processings time __ 9:45 pm Thursday night,, Tomorrow will Friday,,, these two days Like 1 day for me.
Copyrighted _ 2016/Bhaktapur,, Kathmandu, #Nepal .( Nepal Earthquake series )
____________________________________________________ ( Personal note _ Not related to anyone from anywhere who brings any Negativity in my work ,,, Strictly,,,, NOT related Political /Personal/Religious /locations/ date / time issues or demands ) Thanks to all my dear friends for your Great Supports_______________________________

KOTOR • This week's #throwbackthursday is to 7 years ago in Montenegro. It's such a beautiful country, and Kotor was an amazing city. The old town's city walls disappearing up into the mountains above is an image that has stayed with us.
I hope you like the shot! It was taken on an old Canon point and shoot and edited in @lightroom

It's been a long day today. It's results day and I've been up since before 5 living off sugar and coffee. I don't feel good. It's an early start again tomorrow, but thankfully not so early. It was worth it though! Congratulations to everyone today on their exam results! And good luck in whatever you do next!

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