✧ Golden Glow ✧

Greetings friends! Kind thanks for the warm welcome back on my last post. Exactly a year ago I embarked on one of the most incredible journeys of my life fulfilling a dream to drive from Phoenix, Arizona up the west coast to British Columbia, Canada- my longest and farthest solo drive to date. I journeyed for 67 days and ultimately drove 7,700 miles / 12,400 kilometers! There were only a few places I returned to more than once during that period including Mount Rainer and Olympic National Park - both in gorgeous Washington state. This image from La Push beach on the Olympic peninsula was captured during my second visit returning a month after the first. I couldn’t stay away as it is a truly a magical and peaceful place! On that late August evening with hardly anyone else in sight I watched as the sun set below the horizon with its golden glow shimmering on the sand and water… I hope you enjoy this sweet moment and wishing you all a fantastic week ahead!

So lucky to open the door to check upon the sky around sunset time, then witnessed this golden sunset stripes 🤩

Sonnenuntergang am Dornig in der Nähe von Ebensfeld. Der Himmel wurde immer roter. Ein herrliches Naturspektakel.
Sunset at Dornig near Ebensfeld. The sky has always been red. A magnificent natural spectacle
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West port at sunset...'93 degrees here in Washington, 3rd day in a row....the beaches never felt better. -
Surfer heading home after the last breath of light.

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