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👌 Smooth
By Artist: @jamiemahood.
Located: Guadalupe St Austin, TX.
Hit her up for booking info
#bnginksociety #bgis

There are some fish that cannot be caught. It's not that they are faster or stronger than other fish, they're just touched by something extra. @bishoprotary @nocturnaltattooink @inkeeze @tacsciences #3rlonly #bigfish #lifeaquatic


Day 20 - Overcome #26challenge @bigmeas

드디어 길고도 짧은 2년의 호주생활이 끝나고 한국으로 다시 돌아갑니다. 좋은기회가 생겨 저의 홈타운 부산에서 메이져잉크(@majorink_kr )소속으로 활동하게되었습니다. 공식적으로 예약가능한 날짜는 2018년 2월 12일부터 예약가능하오니 예약을 원하시는분은 프로필 참조하시고 이메일.카카오톡.페이스북 DM(DM과 페이스북은 다소 답장이 느릴수있습니다.)으로 연락주시면 답변해드리겠습니다. 편안하게 많이 연락주시면 아주감사합니다!😁
Hellow everyone. My books open for in korean.(12th. Feb~) Dm or 1993.lamad@gmail.com me any idea's or questions that you have! Thanks for looking🙏🏻

❌Realistic Wolf 🐺 para o @gabrielcosta_98 atacante do @americamineiro.oficial , sub 20.
Obrigado pela confiança brother!

Single rose. Thanks for the support!
Appointments email: dimiktattoo@gmail.com
@timelessculture @timelessculture @timelessculture
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The more it goes, the more I fall in Iove with the tattooing itself. I’m so grateful for being able to do what I enjoy the most on a daily basis and that’s what I wish to everyone out there. Find something you love to do and fall in love with the process of actually doing it, don’t chase numbers or overnight success ( there is no such thing). It’s the easiest way for being happy. Nothing fancy, nothing new, but I realize that many people out there forget this little fact😉 I just felt like sharing this thought with you guys😁 and YOU? What makes YOU happy?:) have a fantastic day 💪🏻#lovetheprocess

Artist: @emma.tattoo

:::La catrina🇲🇽Hope:::Agradeço por poder fazer arte. Tatuagem é a interação do artista com o cliente, onde idéias surgem para uma composição artística que vai durar muitos anos, sendo levada na pele, muito mais que estética. Valorize a tatuagem e seu artista, uma forma de se expressar muito séria. Arte por amor. Arte feita na @illicitartstattoo #semfiltro #tattoolife #letteringtattoo #freehandlettering #hope #mexicanstyle #mexicantattoo #mexicanculture #catrina #customlettering #letteringcartel #tattoo2me #tattoo2us #bngtattoo #blackngray #bnginksociety

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