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Warm up

Today we tried to fit a CX-9 (Sky-2.5 turbo) conrod and piston into our CX-5 2.5 (NA) engine. The big end looks close, the piston bore is close, but the problem is the severe drop in CR... #bmspec #circuitheart #oops #nerds

From @drtunedracing and @monster_turbo - Step 2: remove engine. Circuit Heart transplant under way!! For those who missed it, we are putting in the new Sky2.5-Speed3 trans combo that we've been building. #drtuned #bmspec #engineswap #allmotor #Skyactiv

Pretty sure I've found the aero setup I want to run!! #bmspec #s2000 #tc9700gaming

Airplane mode

Nominated for the #blackandwhitechallange by @bmspec . Yall with tags do the same.
#e36 #m3 #bmw #bmspec

Wild Wan spotted with a crisp wing
#bmspec #bigwang #e36m3


Warm up

Airplane mode

We have officially broken @patrick.wangan 's trunk from having too much downforce! I need to start designing wider feet now for all coupe/sedan wing applications. Hatchbacks should be safe for now, you guys always have stiffer metal back there. #oops #downforce #racecar #bmspec

Spending the day in the apple orchards of Apple Hill.

Rainy day.

Not really a small car.

Not bad 🤔

Change is a good thing. Stay tuned! With that being said my old set up is still for sale DM or email blkaut3@gmail.com for info. Will consider just selling the wing risers! Be sure to also follow @bmspec for updates and details about the new aero that's being release soon 👍🏿

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