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You attract the energy that you give off. ✨ Spread good vibes, think positively & enjoy life 😜💋❣️ #BlurryPic #HelloM8inDaCorner👋🏼😂

Speak less do more #blurrypic

I get this happy when I eat fried chicken 🍗😋 & you ladies were great company too 😘 @ravjotmehek @anigan #blurrypic

Happy birthday to my mini me! Literally love you more than life!!! And I'm so proud of the beautiful little thing you've become 💕💕💕💕(if you know her you know this pic explains her life) #birthdaybabe #blurrypic #minime

filosofi dari pose kami adalah hidup menuntut kami untuk pusing, kadang diatas, tapi nggak menutup kemungkinan bakalan ada di bawah. tapi kami nggak peduli, selama kami sanggup menikmati pusing-pusing gurih tersebut, hidup kami damai-damai saja kok. #blurrypic

I wanna sleep so bad...but super insomniac....

¡Una más! Felicidades mi Dan ❤️🎓 #AboutLastNight #BlurryPic

Sorry for the #blurrypic but guys I think I made a friend!!! 😘 Alright internet stalkers Idk her name so someone gotta track her down for me 😂😂😂


Friends and family 😀🍻 #NightOut #BlurryPic #MakingMemories

About last night #iyanya Signature EP session #Blurrypic #Dontmindme lol

spinteresting pic, eh?

I've been Working on a Ton of Music Way More than Art Lately. I've been Inspired by the Process, a Process i've been wanting to focus on for a while now.. Been Wanting to Release a Ton of Self-Produced Albums and Do Green-Screen Music Videos For Each and Every Track... Tbh been Inspired by Viper & Sun Ra/ Prince to just be Super Prolific and Release 500 Albums this year.. This is Going to be Fun & Interesting.. I've been Releasing my music for Sale For Once & All Albums will be on itunes & Spotify, Etc.. But if you are into it and don't want to Pay just Rip it offline.. More Soon :) May Papa John Bless You
**P.S. Remember Life is About Better Pizza & Better ingredients - Papa Johns [Papa's in the House] #Sozzyland #BlurryPic #LongWindedOverSharingOverlyOverTheOverOver #iThoughtidShareMyThoughtsForOnce #CarefreePapiOutNow #ImNotJustAColorfulCharacterIHaveFelines
#NuuYawk !

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