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I do not support this challenge in any way
Kindly be informed that this account contains content that might be disturbing to you.

NOTE: All images are just makeup and no one was harmed during the process

Il Blue Whale è un gioco ideato da uno studente in Psicologia. Un gioco crudele e idiota, consiste nel seguire 50 prove che vanno dal tagliarsi i polsi, ma senza andare troppo in profondità, all’incidersi il disegno di una balena sul braccio, passando per la visione notturna di film horror, fino all’ultima definitiva richiesta: gettarsi da un piano alto. Morire prendendo il controllo definitivo della propria vita. La vita è bella, godetevela finchè potete. Tutto si risolve. Non c'è bisogno di buttarsi da un palazzo o tagliarsi per risolvere i proprio problemi. LA VITA NON È UN GIOCO
#stopbluewhale #bluewhale #bluewhalechallenge #bluewhalegame

I know I uploaded this on my story but had to put it here because the stupidity is real. No offence is meant by this video if you're considering suicide please reach out for help. You all deserve to live happy lives. Personally I think this blue whale challenge is the most disgusting and fucked up thing on the internet. Please please don't play this game! Anyone who wants to play it must be vulnerable and in need of serious help. This video isn't meant to offend anyone I just want to put my point across in a light hearted manner. Much love to all my followers and I'm always here if any of you need to talk. ✨🌹 // ❌🐳❌ #suicideprevention #bluewhalegame #bluewhale #bluewhalechallenge

This #bluewhalechallenge is getting beyond crazy. Making you watch horror movies alone to harming yourself to committing suicide. I don't know why people do this thinking it's for fun. On the last day of the 50 day challenge you commit suicide. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!! THERE'S NO TURNIG BACK ONCE YOU GET IT!! If you know some that's doing this please STOP THEM FROM KILLING THEMSELFS!! AND IF YOU ARE DOING IT FEEL FREE TO DM ME AND TALK TO ME. I DONT WANT ANYONE GETTING HURT EXPECALLY A LOVED ONE. HELP PUT A STOP TO THIS CRAZY, HORRIBLE, MIND CONVINCING CHALLENGE!! #bluewhalegame #stop #bluewhale


Russian Girl Jumps into Turbulent River to Complete 'Blue Whale' Suicide Challenge. Watch the troubling video at www.7ummitmagazine.com #bluewhale #bluewhalechallenge
#russia #bluewhalegame
#challenge #7ummitmagazine #7ummit #sevensummit

Life is so precious, we must not let bad people destroy it. It is necessary to release children, teenagers and vulnerable people from the challenge "Blue Whale Challenge". #f57 #bluewhalechallenge #lovelife #preciouslife #enjoy #dontsuicide

#TRC the TRC challenge it's a "challenge" for stop the #bluewhalechallenge it's beautiful!

¿Cómo saber si su hijo está teniendo pensamientos suicidas? El #Psiquiatra @demianrodante lo explica. Mira el video completo en nuestra Bio 🎥➡️ @vidaduratv #suicidio #adolescentes #bluewhalechallenge #13reasonswhy #calma #app #recomendado #imperdible #cbn #esperanza

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