Some of my favorites you can almost always find in my bag🤗The key for me is always having some protein to grab even if I don’t have access to a real meal or a place to heat up a meal. (More on creative ways to warm up food later😉) Also, always having some #fermented foods for good #guthealth is super important! #flightattendant #flightattendantlife #savvystews #hippeas #berries #probar #cliffbar #amyskitchen #traderjoes #vegan #packyourlunch #doterra #saurkraut #koyo #gingerchews #califa #farmhouseculture #arjuna #superseeds #savvystewtraveltips #bluewaterbento #sonomabrinery *Follow my other IG page @organicsavvystew for more on vegan recipes and staying fit while traveling!

My #bluewaterbento box is a great, sustainable way to store leftovers and snacks. If I've cooked too much, I store the remaining food in here and reheat it the next day in a different bowl, wash out my Bento Box and then reuse it. It's nifty to store cut up fruit & vegetables such as cucumbers, celery, strawberries and more! I take mine to the market as well for pastries and cookies, or along to friends houses if we're cooking together. The box is a reusable stainless steel box, it is leak-proof, ocean friendly, plastic free and also has a silicone lid. ✨

Slowly but surely we are switching over to safer. Every month we are saving to make one small switch.
My latest FAV switch is a lunch box and food storage solution. High quality Stainless steel (you have to be careful with stainless as it’s a mixed steel that can have bad metals mixed in!) with silicone lids by Blue Water.
Excellent seal. Dishwasher safe. Durable. Plastic free!
We also have the Blue Water Bento box. It’s a smaller lunch box so we’re also using silcone Stasher Bags for school lunches.
Kids are highly sensitive to hormone disruptors that are commonly found in plastics. Reducing their exposure is a gift towards their short term and life long health!
Check out all my fav safer products in my quick link in profile or at www.simplesaferliving.com
#simplesaferliving #switchtosafer #silicone #bluewaterbento #stasherbags

#justthesea #sealovers🌊 #reduceplasticwaste #marsinplastico #seaplasticfree #plasticfree #reusables #oceancamp #ecolunchboxes #zerowaste #zerowastelifestyle #zerowastehome
Este pequeño contenedor hermético Seal cup #Bluewaterbento de #ECOlunchbox está realizado con un diseño hecho por el mar y para el mar💙💚 usar los contenedores y fiambreras 100% #sinplastico de ECOlunchbox es práctico, sano y bonito🌈🎏 ---------------
A punto de recibir un montón de diferentes modelos de #sealoversfriends ECOlunchbox para levar anclas como distribuidores de @ecolunchbox en exclusiva para España y Portugal 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🏄🏻🏄🏻🏄🏻 Tanto si quieres tener #ecolunchbox en tu establecimiento como si quieres comprar como particular puedes ponerte en contacto con nosotros en info@ justhesea.com pronto podréis hacerlo en nuestra web... #changingthepointofview🙃😉
Muchas gracias @ecolunchbox por confiar en nosotros!

Zero waste picnic. Quinoa salad with toms, cucumber and spinach and toasted seeds in my #bluewaterbento lunch box. I bought these three lunch containers a few weeks ago. They fit inside each other and are measured for easy meal plans. Most importantly...they DON'T LEAK!!! 😊 found this beautiful hand carved wooden fork for €2.50 in a local market here. Happy out!

#busylittlefoodie #zerowaste #plasticfree #noplasticpicnic

Never leave home without a snack! #plasticfree #lesswaste #lunchskins #bluewaterbento

How we do zero waste snacks at the park on our walk. #bluewaterbento #kleankanteen #zero-waste

Today’s safer product test drive is the Blue Water Bento Box. I’m on a quest to find the best LEAK-PROOF lunch containers without plastics or other toxic ingredients.
Update: We LOVE the Blue Water Bento Box. It’s smaller than I’d hoped for but the silicone lid is amazing. Love having a nice tight seal without the concern of plastics!
Check out my shopping guide link in profile.

Surf's Up! Sale is On! Tidal Wave of Deals!⠀
We've remixed two of our best sellers + for a limited time, we have savings up to 50% off! Sign up now to get notified next week! LINK IN BIO>> #BlueWaterBento #Crowdfunding #Presale #PlasticFree

Muchas gracias @bagize_reusable_bags todo muy bello 💟

As a mom, it is difficult to find the balance between what my kid likes to eat and what is actually good for her. Finding a bread we both could agree on was a challenge. I finally found sour dough bread that is baked fresh at my local health food store. Sour dough is usually made with no sweeteners or oils and contains mostly whole grain flour, water and live cultures. Another bonus is that it typically stays fresher longer and doesn’t require preservatives. What more could a mom ask for 😊
For this lunch here, I made mini shish kabob sandwiches using sourdough bread, cheese, and cucumber slices. Wooden tooth picks are holding the sandwich together.

For #tastytuesday I’ve got you covered. Here is a quick, easy healthy lunch idea for your kiddos. Take an organic tortilla (mine are from Costco) and fold it in half. Inside add shredded or thinly sliced cheddar cheese and thinly sliced apple. Toss it in a frying pan sprayed with a bit of coconut oil and lightly brown on both sides. Slice into triangles and serve with some veggies. Yum!
What healthy lunch do your kiddos enjoy?

Tomorrow’s lunch :) yellow peppers, pears cheese string , grapes and a kindergarten charcuterie , who says it’s just for grown ups ?😉😁#lunchbox #schoollunchideas #kidslunchideas #bento #bluewaterbento #ecolunchbox #lunchbots #charcuterie #healthylunchideas #lunch #schoollunch

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