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Please Read👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽🔹I @kingdom_barbers personally think this is the problem with a lot of barbers.... A lot of barbers think that they can create relationships because of social media. The thing is they forget that some times you have to create this relationships in person. You have to go to barber battles, trade shows, seminars, etc. A lot of people ask me " how you got down with @xotics ? The answer is simple, I went out there and I played the game ! I shook the right hands, I gave away free merchandise, they were finally able to put a face to the brand. ITS ALL ABOUT WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR TIME ? ARE YOU PLAYING THE GAME AND NOT JUST LIKING PICS ON SOCIAL MEDIA? GET WITH THE PROGRAM AND MAKE IT HAPPEN! 🔹BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT AT KINGDOMBARBERS.COM #kingdombarbers #teamkingdombarbers #mrkingdombarbers #Barber #BarberShop #OrangeCity #OrangeCityBarber #OrangeCityBarberShop #OrangeCityFl #MCOBarberShop #BlueSpringsBarber #BlueSpringsBarberShop #BlueSprings #barbershopconnect #barbersinctv #hanzonation #barbers_soul #teamfyc #fadegame2raw #fitbarbers #westernbarberconference #xotics #team_xotics #pacinos #nbahaircuts #nbastyles #wahl #wahlpro #andis

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🔹Looking for a barber or stylist to be part of #teamkingdombarbers 🔹

♦️ @dlmasterbarber in the house with @kingdom_barbers to record some diaries ♦️

♦️kingdom diaries is coming ♦️ PS .... excuse the language 🤦🏾‍♂️


Thoughts of @dlmasterbarber on unlicensed barbers.

Where do you see the barber industry in the next 10 years? PART 2 by @dlmasterbarber

Where is the barbering industry headed in the next 10 years? PART 1 by @dlmasterbarber

♦️What do guys think ?..... #foodforthought by @thefunsizebarber ♦️

♦️The Arditi ..... “THE DARING ONES “♦️📸 by @definesolo

♦️Hard work beats talent, when talent don't want to work ♦️

♦️Its all about the looks♦️

♦️They thought that greatness was about the bright lights and expensive life ♦️

Barber battles... by @damadbarber

♦️My first Clippers? ♦️. @wahlpro follow @originalkingdomdiaries

It's all money good money ? By @damadbarber

♦️100% Organic ♦️

♦️Mentor and apprentice... focused on helping those that are hungry for knowledge in the industry.♦️

♦️Be the brand ♦️

♦️You can't call your self GREAT if you don't make those around you greater.♦️

Color Enhancements by @damadbarber

Who is your favorite barber ? @damadbarber

♦️We strive for GREATNESS ♦️

Introducing @damadbarber

♦️Mount Rushmore for barbers... my top 4 barbers that should be there.♦️. @xotics @dlmasterbarber @staceykutzlive @jay_majors

♦️Big up to to the new member of #teamkingdombarbers @beardedbarber1988 ♦️

How important is to manage your money? By @kingdom_barbers

♦️High Standards♦️

♦️ Masterminds at work @dlmasterbarber @stevetrujillo @kingdom_barbers ♦️

♦️Free back to school haircuts... oh man ! This is a good one. By @damadbarber ♦️

Private PROFILES??? As a barber .... what ??? @thefunsizebarber

♦️So many people waiting on something external to make them great, when in reality you just have to go out there and get it. ♦️

♦️High standards♦️

♦️UNITED WE STAND♦️I've never seen my home #puertorico the way it is. I thank God that my mom is ok. I still don't know anything from my dad but I know in my heart he's ok. We are warriors, we never give up, we fight we everything we have with in us WE WILL RISE ONCE AGAIN AND UNITED WE WILL STAND♦️

♦️GO FOLLOW THE @originalkingdomdiaries ♦️

You follow me to then unfollow me ? Diary by @thefunsizebarber

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