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Bite into the crunch to experience the softness inside with our Dark Choco Churro Waffles. Rich dark chocolate in waffles that are like churros! Perfect for brunch, snacks or even for dessert. Have a cup of coffee with it as well! #Bluesmith #BetterThanYourFavorites

Friday but not your cheat day? How about our Bleu Cheese Wedge Salad, paired with your caffeine boost? Healthy but satisfying lily good!
📸 by: @elayereburiano
#Bluesmith #BetterThanYourFavorites

Today, we celebrate Father's Day! Cheers to our dads, the heroes of our lives! All fathers get a free cup of coffee in all our locations. Ask your barista how it goes! #Bluesmith #BetterThanYourFavorites

It's Thursday! Let's pour...! Well, we make everything a reason to pour. #Bluesmith #BetterThanYourFavorites

Everyone grew up with the classic burger steak. But we do ours with wagyu beef, homemade milk gravy, caramelized onions and rice topped with a sunny-side egg! Familiar, comforting but elevated. #bluesmith #betterthanyourfavorites

Meal for two, or for one very hungry person! #Bluesmith #BetterThanYourFavorites

Coming very soon, our French Toast with grilled peaches, toasted cashews and whipped cream. Cheers to more breakfast and brunch items! #Bluesmith #BetterThanYourFavorites

At the moment, Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen pulling shots using a La Marzocco Strada AV espresso machine at the WOFEX 2017. We're here until 1:30 pm. Swing by for free coffee! #Bluesmith #TrueArtisanCafé #LaMarzocco #WOFEX2017


Our artisan mixes were carefully crafted to use a combination of locally-sourced and imported spirits. Unwind with us. #Bluesmith #BetterThanYourFavorites

What better way to kickstart the long weekend than with our Tenderloin Beef Salpicao? #Bluesmith #BetterThanYourFavorites

Pesto 😍 #bluesmith

Bleu Cheese Wedge Salad: Lettuce wedges, bleu cheese dressing, fresh grapes, candied walnuts and bacon bits. Gotta eat your veggies! 🥗 #Bluesmith #BetterThanYourFavorites

Our best-selling Salted Egg House-Cut Potato Chips. Good enough reason to swing by! #Bluesmith #BetterThanYourFavorites

Everyone's childhood favorite is the classic burger steak. We make ours extra special by using Wagyu Beef, our homemade milk gravy, caramelized onions and a sunny egg on rice. Familiar, comforting, delicious. 👌🏻 #Bluesmith #BetterThanYourFavorites

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