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are you happier now than you were a year ago?🥀
"The love you deserve will not send you mixed signals.
Love will not ignite false hopes, instead love will plant truthful hope and will commit to it. Love will be clear and it won’t leave you wondering in confusion.
The love you deserve will not be hurtful at all.
Love will not leave you with scars or trauma. Love will not call you names.Love will not leave you crying yourself to sleep, feeling sorry about yourself. Love will not walk away from you.
The love you deserve will not be brimming with uncertainties. Love knows who it wants and why. Love will be sure, sure of you.
The love you deserve will not make you feel bad about yourself. 
Love will not belittle you. Love will not judge you or your past. Instead love will accept you, despite of your cracks. Love will recognize your issues and will listen to your anxieties and every single thing that goes on in your head – all your sentiments, worries and fears – and love will be eager to hear every single one of them. Love will never make you question if you’ll ever be good enough. 
The love you deserve will prioritize you. Love will not be selfish.
The love you deserve will respect you one hundred percent.
All your ideas, beliefs, attributes, plans and aspirations. Love will always see the best in you. Love will welcome you with open arms. Love will not discourage you, your dreams or wishful thinkings. Love will support you all out in whatever you yearn to do, love will motivate you and will perpetually whisper in your ear that you can be the person you’ve always longed to be.
The love you deserve will be striking in its simplicity and it will find you. It will."

have you ever liked someone that didn’t like you back?

Who is your all time favorite Power⚡Ranger? Mine is Jason! @austin_st_john

Clip via @90scommercials

What’s your dream career?

how was your day?🥀

losing you hurts and i’m not going to pretend it doesn’t. losing you feels like losing a limb. losing you feels like choosing drowning over a life raft because i know eventually, i have to learn how to swim. losing you feels like watching all five fingers grow numb instead of wearing a coat. i could choose you. i could come running back into your arms and you would hug me back, but you can’t make this better.
you want to be friends. i want to, too. but being friends with you comes with too much pain. too many i love yous i have to swallow. too many memories that keep resurfacing and resurfacing and resurfacing. too many thoughts of god, you like me, but not enough to want me. too many feelings of never being good enough. all i ever wanted was to be good enough, but not for just anyone. for you. your approval meant everything to me.
god, you were all sunshine and then you were rain. you were a thunderstorm heart and hurricane lungs, but to say i loved every second of it wouldn’t even come close to admitting how much i loved it. the chaos. the i love you so badly my heart is bleeding out of my chest. the i will wait up all night just for you to tell me how beautiful i am. the i will wait up all night just for you to tell me i’m gonna be okay when i’m feeling so low, i cannot breathe. the staying up until 4 a.m. missing your skin. crying because you’re not with me. crying because my chest feels empty without you. (imagine how i feel now.) continued in comments 👇👇the poems. the poems. the poems. the way being with you felt like poetry. raw sex, raw feelings, raw bruised and bloody lips stained red. vulnerability.
to be wanted by you was amazing, even through the pain. i became addicted to it because it made the good days that much better. your lips on my neck. your hands on my heart. your voice. laughing. talking. telling me you love me. over and over again until i believed it. telling me about our stone house and our three kids and how you were trying your hardest to better your future, all for me. your cheekbones smother my thoughts. the way you’d drive your friends around for free. the way you’d stay up all night. (continued in comments

what colour is your hair? || black

4 more months and a year until i can be myself and be happy. can't wait


I'm gonna be real. I don't feel happy. I don't feel okay. I don't know what to do

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i think me too.

somehow, i’m always the one who’s wrong? even if i’m the one who’s continuously getting hurt and fucked over, i’m the one who’s not right? i don’t understand why?¿

i got blocked by the person i cared the most.

#MCM - saw these last night of my big Power Ranger Crush! He’s just so cute it gives me tears! Love you David Yost, can’t wait to meet you really soon! 😘💙 #powerrangers #billycranston #blueranger #davidyostlove #mancrushmonday @officialdavidyost

“Kimberly...Kimberly. Hello earth to Kimberly. What are you looking at?”
“What? Nothing. Hey who is that?”
“Who? Oh you mean him? No idea. Come on Kim we are gonna be late.”
“Go ahead. I’ll see you later, Trini.”

The bell rang giving the signal for everyone to get to class and the students in the hallway began rushing about. She stood there longer unmoved watching him as he walked closer her direction. That is when the noise around her seemed to fade away as he neared. Walking past her, she smiled at him and said hello and giving an awkward wave. For a brief second their eyes locked and he simply smiled and turned his head entering the office. Biting her lip Kimberly leaned against her locker then finally snapped back to reality as she slammed her locker closed and walked to science class.

#KimberlyHart #PinkRanger #Pinktastic #Pterodactyl #TommyOliver #Tomberly #GreenRanger #MorphinTime #MightMorphinPowerRangers #WhiteRanger #Blueranger #Redranger #Yellowranger #Blackranger

Happy Morphin Monday! I'm all dressed to start my first day at my new job. Yes, I have to dress business casual Monday-Friday, but I don't mind. I don't mind being dapper. All that matters is that I'm ready to work and make some money. I hope that everyone has a great week and may the power protect you.🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷
#blueranger #bluerangerpower #mightymorphinpowerrangers #foreverblue #feelingdapper #morphinmonday #gaynerd

Here is some awesome fan art of the White Mighty Morphin Power Ranger with his Ninja Powers. These powers were introduced during the beginning of season three. Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank) was the only White Ranger to hold these powers.
Which Mighty Morphin White Ranger moment with the Ninja Powers was your favorite? Comment Below!
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