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I'm not in the mood to do anything... I just wanna go home and lay in bed

Check out my new Vlog of when I went to Los Angeles and got to hang out with some awesome Power Rangers actors: Brennan Mejia, Yoshi Sudarso, Alison MacInnis, Rhett Fisher, and Steve Cardenas! I also got to hang with fellow Ranger YouTubers: MMPRtoys, We The Geeks of East L.A., and Black Nerd Comedy! Full video link in my Bio. 👍

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Lord Zedd has had enough of the Red⚡Ranger!

Toy 📸 by @rayfick

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what makes you happy?🥀

i. I’m the kind of girl who lives in the shadows. The girl that nobody ever cares to notice because I'my nothing.
ii. I’m the kind of girl who just wants to fit in. I don’t want to be unique if that means being an outcast.
iii. I’m the kind of girl who only feels emptiness. I put on a smile so nobody can see my scars and how much sadness lies within me.
iv. I’m the kind of girl who spends all their time alone. The world is a freighting place and I’m afraid that there’s nobody to hold my hand. Over the years, I’ve learned to befriend this loneliness of mine.
v. I’m the kind of girl isn’t sure of who they are. I have an idea of who I’d like to be but I can tell that’s not who I am. I want to stay true to my heart but that version of myself is the one that everybody hates.
vi. I’m the kind of girl who feels imprisioned everywhere I go. There’s no safe haven for me and there never will be.
vii. I’m the kind of girl who has millions of walls built around me. After so many years of betrayals, I’ve learned to never trust again.
viii. I’m the kind of girl who desperately craves love but is too tired of waiting. Does love even exist in a world like this?
ix. I’m the kind of girl who continues to dream but fails to achieve. I can’t seem to find the effort to get back up.
x. I’m the kind of girl who is stuck in the past. I constantly wonder what I did so wrong to make them all leave. It’s hard to live in the moment when you’re trapped in the past.
xx. I'm the kind of girl who is trying to fall in love again but not get hurt
-Jean ”

🌹hello, favorite movie? 🌹


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Blue Ranger Triceratops Dino Zord
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Heres one of my blue ranger artworks. :) Cant wait for comic con this weekend. Finally get to meet @officialdavidyost #powerrangers #comics #90s #blueranger #mmpr #forcssux #davidyost #cosplay #geek #gaygeek #nerd #art #photography #prop #props #mightymorphin #pr

I waste my life by taking naps all day... but I also have nothing better to do so :/

- hello

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