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Make sure y'all go to @blueoctoberband 's open book tour that's starting TONIGHT ! It's a beautiful show full of heart and emotion. I wish I was there. #SecondChances
#peoplecanchange #OpenBook #loveyourlife #staysticky #BlueOctoberBand #BlueOctober

I am a firm believer that music finds you exactly when you need it to the most. This is a very difficult time in my life, and tonight was what my soul desperately needed.

Thank you so much to Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October for coming to UNT to speak about your recovery and to play for us. He is a very down-to-earth guy, very honest about his struggles, very entertaining, and puts on a hell of a great show. But what amazed me the most was after the show, when all the fans were lining up for pictures and autographs, he introduced himself to each and every person, asked their name, and had genuine conversations. I am so thankful for the opportunity to hear his story, watch him play, meet him, and hug him.

#UNT #Recovery #BlueOctober

I can't believe how amazing this is. I just received a gift in the mail from a friend of mine and inside of this package was not only the new album from my all time favorite band @idahomusic @jeffmartin_film but inside the package was an actual hand written letter from Mr. Jeff Martin himself. I've always said that @idahomusic was my favorite band In the world but just to prove it here is my top five favorite bands of all time.
1. Idaho
2. Peter Gabriel
3. The Smiths
4. The Cure
5. Red house painters
If you aren't following @idahomusic you really should be. This band opened my eyes to another side of what music could make you feel. Whenever I doubt my writing I simply turn on Save , To be the one , Gods green earth , forever , sky scrape , or simply any Idaho album and rediscover art inside of music. Thank you @jeffmartin_film for and Kiev for sending me this package 📦. I will be framing this letter and hanging it inside of @updownstudios . Now the only goal left is to get @idahomusic on the road with @blueoctoberband . #peoplecanchange #secondchances #soberlife #peoplewhoinspireme
#blueoctober/Idaho tour 2018.

Check out this shout out from @BlueOctoberBand! You can catch them here with @NothernNational on Friday, June 9th! Tickets available at the link in our bio. 💙

Our boy @jazz_ant getting his hair cut by none other than Mr. Justin Furstenfeld right before we took the stage for our final show on tour with @blueoctoberband in Kansas City, MO. #blueoctober #justinfurstenfeld #northernnational

Is this real life?! I'm still on a high from last night's event 😩 I got to meet (and hug 😭) Justin Furstenfeld from Blue October and it was amazing!! He talked about his road to recovery and he told it beautifully ❤ my emo 16 year old Sarah is so happy 😭😭 thank you so much Justin for sharing your story with us! You're such a beautiful person and one of my inspirations on why I want to do what I'm striving for as a future counselor ❤❤ #UNTRC17 #openbooktour #blueoctober #peoplecanchange


I used to worry each week as a dance teacher 💃because unless I teach I don't get paid. There are many weeks where there are no lessons. Some places even only pay monthly. I have struggled in the past to pay for sports 🏒and school clothes. This August and early September was a little easier. Today, was payday 💰in the coaching business and every Thursday is. Yay!!! A weekly pay 💰, every week, all year! I got paid last week when I didn't sign on anyone and this week I was paid $200 extra just for being a good leader to my team. It's so amazing to me that I decided to get fit and was totally against coaching and then after a month finding this program really works and getting great 👍 results..... I decided to try coaching and have been paid every week since I decided to do that. The paychecks just keep growing too! 👏🏻My coach makes 2500$ a week. It's the first time in my life I see a future of no financial worries. Money does create a sense of freedom to do what you want in your life and a lot of people don't like to talk about it. Especially the middle class. 😂 lol. I am so grateful that I have this now and my goals and business drive are through the roof. I love that I can sign my kids up for activities and not stress over the fee because of this. Wylde wanted to play hockey when he was little for years and I could only do it when tax season came. Now he does activities year round. I love this business and I love ❤️ the passion I have for it. My health is amazing now due to it and my physical body has changed! I used this picture because it's a symbol of no looking back. I will be moving forward and working hard for my dreams in this business and helping others at the same time! Truly a blessing🙏. A gift to me and my children. Funny how the universe 💫works. I fell into this here on social media. I work on my phone 📱 when I feel like it and I love it so it doesn't even feel like work. No time clock!!!! I would love to help you break free of living an average life and move onto living a great life. Average body ➡️ Great body. Average career➡️great career. Average mindset and goals➡️great mindset and goals! Message me 📲

So this is me and Justin Furstenfeld being unbearably cute backstage and then Justin Furstenfeld telling me how beautiful I am and the Justen Furstenfeld doing what he does best and honestly if he's ever looking for wife number 3 he knows where to find me. #BlueOctober #recoveryispossible #UNTRC17 #5thAnnualRecoveryConference #untcrp #collegiaterecovery #HePlayedCallingYouAndICried

Magic number brought to you by Mr. Clutch himself! #1MoreToGo #WeRunTheWest #WSbound #ITDFB #RavineFiends #Dodgers #BlueOctober

Just realized today is my Friday because I will be seeing my best friend Justin tomorrow night!!! Can't wait! #blueoctober #musicislife #openbooktour #peoplecanchange #staysticky 💙💙💙 @blueoctoberband @fortheloveofblueoctober

phewww! glad that 4 game skid is over now time to get focused & bacc on tracc, with another victory or dbacks loss will grant us our 5th straight NL West crown! we'll definitely be ready to take care of business in October. 👦🏻💙⚾️🙏🏼 #DodgersWin #letsgododgers #lalovesoctober #blueoctober #weownthewest #dodgerbaseball #boysinblue #thinkblue #bleedblue #allblue #dodgers #magicnumber #1 #mlbpostseason #mlb #mlbmemorybank #sonshine #loml #littledodgerfan #baseballfamily #dodgerfam #dodgersbaby #welovela

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