My heart hurts for the family of former Pine Grove Elementary School student, Amy Sorrels Caprio, who was killed yesterday by a repeat offender/4 time car thief who was on house arrest in the city. This piece of garbage ran her over as he and his thug boys were burglarizing a house in the county. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THERE ARE NO REAL CONSEQUENCES!!! AND IT STARTS EARLY!! I see it already at the elementary school level! God help us all if the headline read "Police Officer Shoots Down Unarmed Teen". Perry Hall would be burning right now!!! But we have to ACCEPT that this was her job??? When can police officers do their job and protect our communities and themselves without the fear of the repercussions or someone recording it on their phone and using it against the police officer??? I can only hope that JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED to this worthless piece of trash. #bluelivesmatter #policelivesmatter #coplife #thinblueline #supportthepolice #perryhall #bluefamily #backtheblue

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Taking advantage of a little time with my big man. Last two days of elementary school. He’s growing up tooooo fast!!! #MommasBoy #MyMan #LoveOfMyLife #JuniorHighOrBust #CarRiderLane #Selfies #PCSO #BlueFamily #MyBlueEyedBoy #Bubby #Happiness

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