👀 💋 because eyes are beauty & yall hoes bodies are just meat for these niggas 😂 💯
My eyes are the first thing people notice. Cuz they're fucking beautiful haha!
#notcockyjustconfident #BlueeEyedQueen #BlueEyesAreBetter

You're a drive real slow, down a no lane road
To a house on a hill where the wild things grow
You're wake up in pajamas, not a trace of makeup on ya
You're a help her fix it, having breakfast with my momma
You're a take back home, home, home girl
Home, home, home girl 😍
#chrislane #takebackhomegirl #blueeyesarebetter #haventpostedinawhile

Look I'm a #pig lol oink oink #prettypiggie 🐷🐽 #blueeyesarebetter

🎶Meet you at the corner pub save me a seat
Won't be anybody there lucky as me
A blue-collared blue-eyed worth it
Yeah, whatever we're doin' it's workin'
Like Jack and Diane just singin' our ditty,
Life goes on, it ain't always pretty, but YOU are🎶
#BlueEyesAreBetter #AintAlwaysPretty #LoganMize

Just another rainy morning in Washington #rainydrive #blueeyesarebetter

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