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"most of all i think i miss the ease of the past. big worries like studying for exams or how to make it to the weekend with enough cash left to be able to meet my friends for drinks, have been replaced by sheer terror at anything that has the potential to catastrophically alter the course of life for my sons. and everything falls under that umbrella, friends, johannes' dislike of art, strangers, magnus' explosive personality, their failure to eat the required amount of greens or losing a precious hour of sleep. this is motherhood. love and worry, love and worry." some thoughts on mum-hood on BBK today (link in the bio) #bluebirdkisseshome #rufusandmurdog #blogged

Better late than never my finished gallery wall post is up on the blog. @canoncanada #canonpixmapro100 #bluebirdkisseshome

Inspecting all the kitchen drawers and eagerly pulling anything within his reach into the floor. Nothing is safe and the word "no" just makes him shake his little head and giggle uncontrollably. #babymagnus #bluebirdkisseshome

It's been one of those days that just kept on going and going and going some more. I'm counting down to bed time so I can quietly make strawberry jam and get some time to blog. #brothers #minggisandjohannesandmagnus #camouflagedcat #bluebirdkisseshome

It's quiet here. And Magnus is all kinds of curious lately. He will scoot and roll and twist himself to whatever destination he desires.

I was chatting with a friend yesterday about how much things on Instagram have changed. How we've gone from posting "in-the moment" (or almost in the moment") shots to these curated posed style feeds. I don't know if it's good or bad, but it's definitely different isn't it? Has anyone been on here as long as I have? 🙋🏻 2010 over here!! This was the feed that sparked the discussion 👉🏻 #minggisandjohannes 😂😂😂 my very first versus my very last! #monday #bluebirdkisseshome #kitchen 🌿 also Johannes has an eye and ear infection so I'm going to work from home to be able to drive him to school and give him his meds at lunch. So I kind of get to hang in the kitchen all day! Hooray for that

Me time. 🤓 I'm also thinking to make slow cooker pulled pork tomorrow. Any tips? Recipes? Let me know. It's supposed to be a snowy one, so what better than a juicy tasty sandwich with fresh baked crusty bread? #bluebirdkisseshome

Magnus • always on the go these days. So curious and determined. I have yet to babyproof anything but his bedroom but it also forces me to stay close and play along with him. #bluebirdkisseshome #itsthelittlethings

Afternoon light • exploring our home • skipped naps • air conditioning. Our home as become an exploration site. A place where everything must be touched, smelled and of course, tasted. With new mobility comes great responsibility as well and terrible naps. Who could nap with so many exciting things to do!? #babymagnus #rufusandmurdog #bluebirdkisseshome


In major need of healthy dinner options tonight. Preferably using pineapple and BBQ. Thank you! I'm completely out of ideas. WELP! 🍍 #dinner #bluebirdkisseshome #pineapple

My sweet Henrik, you win the record for youngest baby in our household to get hit with a terrible childhood virus. But after an epic 14hour sleep, your fever is gone, your smile is back and I feel like I can breathe again 🍃there also a new BLOG post about our napping routines and kids who wake up cranky...my kids that is. The link is in my profile. #happy#bluebirdkisseshome #baby

I spent all of today with a sleeping Henrik on my chest, but I I did make a few fun summer weekend getaway plans so all is not lost. Turns out all you need to do that is your phone lol 😂 I don't know if I'm ready to commit to an out of country airplane trip just yet, if I'm perfectly honest I am a bit introverted and prefer to be close to the safety of my home and my routine rather than the unknown. But a couple of nights away here and there, all within driving distance, I think we can manage. Ontario is pretty beautiful this time of year too so road tripping it is. Countdown to the kids' summer break is on! #bluebirdkisseshome

So I'm still over here rocking out to a brutal fever that just won't go away. But during my Advil high this morning I managed to finish my blog post recap of the weekend. Complete with our favourite bug catcher kit that keeps Johannes and Magnus busy for hours and hours on end. Now I think I'll try to go lie down until I'm feeling normalish again to at least no longer have a headache and chills. #blogged #bluebirdkisseshome #brothers

See those there baskets...yea both of them? That's laundry that needs to be folded. But I find myself alone today with Henrik who is currently napping...and I'm pretty sure the laundry folding will have to wait. 😴 #bluebirdkisseshome #laundryfordays

"Mom I'm scared." // "of what Magnus?"// "I dunno." Giggle giggle. #wednesday #bluebirdkisseshome #magnussays"Mom I'm scared." // "of what Magnus?"// "I dunno." Giggle giggle. #wednesday #bluebirdkisseshome #magnussays
#design #decoration #decorationy #interior

How many boys can you stuff into one baby nursery?? Diaper changing brigade in full effect 💔#boys #brothers #baby #babyspam #bluebirdkisseshome

Repost from @bluebirdkisses using @RepostRegramApp - Mornings look a little bit like this. Inseparable. Johannes complained to me the other day that it's not fair that he's not Henrik's mommy because if he was then he could hold him all the time. 💔 ahhhh can't even. Better than a puppy I guess. #brothers #bluebirdkisseshome #babyspam

I hear the front door open and then running feet up the stairs to our bedroom. The first thing he does is rush to his baby brother to check in on him. My first and my last 💔 #brothers #besties #baby #bluebirdkisseshome

We're home and so glad to be in our space again. Thank you everyone for your comments and well wishes. I read every one of them while nursing round the clock, I just haven't had a chance to reply yet. 😘 gosh I can't even believe we are here and he's here with us. The brothers all met yesterday and it was pretty perfect, they come home this afternoon ready to start our lives as a family of five. Also you know your bestie loves you when she breaks into your house to bring fresh flowers and risks being arrested when the alarm goes off. Lol. Xoxo. #bluebirdkisseshome #newbaby #HenrikAleksander

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Quarto das crianças já é pequeno e para duas? Abuse do beliche. Não tem pé direito alto ou não quer que seja muito alto? Encoste a cama de baixo no chão. Assim a cama de cima não fica muito alta.
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So thankful for my mama coming to help me in the mornings this week. Trying to make bunk beds preggo is just not happening. #bluebirdkisseshome #kidsroom #bunkbeds #thankful

Little selfies rock my world lately. 🌿🍃🌱🌵 #bluebirdkisseshome #babysroom #nursery #baby #myhomesense

We finally replaced our old 106 year old door, which was beautiful but let in all the cold air. The kids are so excited and I feel like the door is open all the time, and have the urge to close it 😂🤦🏻‍♀️🏡 #bluebirdkisseshome #newdoor

Still in pajamas, still on the couch. Poor thing can barely breathe in and out, but it doesn't seem to have affected his appetite, he requested cookies and pie! 🙈😂🍪 #sickday #bluebirdkisseshome

Well there's a giant spider on the front of our house. GIANT. And the kids are super excited about it. I can't wait for the work/school day to end so we can dress up the boys and take them trick or treating. This year daddy is taking them and I'll be sitting on our porch handing out candy because this cold is kicking my butt and I'm not sure I can handle more than that. #bluebirdkisseshome #17weeks #adoptdontshop #thinkrescue oh and did you check out the blog!?

An afternoon filled with crappy 45min naps, angry teething toddlers and a stuffy nose. But at least they're both playing and reading quietly at the moment and I'm thinking to myself "maybe I'll keep them". 😉 #brothers #bluebirdkisseshome

Ok Magnus we are going to pretend like you didn't spend all of last night screaming for hugs and water and imaginary poop. We are going to roll up our sleeves, wipe the eye boogers away, slick back our greasy hair, make extra coffee to put over ice and get through today. Because those canines are major assholes and I'm kind of hoping they break through already and end the torture for us all. And yes I'm so darned tired that I'm referring to myself as "we" and talking in riddles. 💤 ☕️ #sendhelp #sotired #bluebirdkisseshome

"Maddie! Siiiing!!!" 😒 one is taking two hours to eat breakfast and the other is trying to make our dog talk. Life is back to the usual S show. Morning all 🙌🏻☀️#sendcoffee #morningslikethese #bluebirdkisseshome

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