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I'm sure this client wanted this blue and the client got this blue, unlike some other rival

So good to be back... So much traveling made me forget how much I love it here... Each time I come home I fall in love all over again... What a beautiful city! #Budapest ftw. #ferrari #488spider #hungary #blucorsa

Novidade em SP, hoje recebemos a visita dessa exclusiva Ferrari 488 Spider na cor Blu Corsa!
#ferrari #soveiculos #488 #blucorsa

2017年從Blu Corsa 488GTB開始🏇
#Ferrari #488GTB #BluCorsa #2017

Love the colour of this 488 spider in exeter #supercarsofthesouthwest #BluCorsa #488spider


Ceramic Pro brothers 🇮🇹

I am so glad that despite all the madness that I have been going through lately I could just forget about all of that and simply enjoy myself yesterday, I felt like a princess ✨ #blueismysecondfavouritecolour #blucorsa #bluazzurro #blumirabeau

An exquisite drop-top driving experience. #BlackbirdFerrari #488Spider #BluCorsa

As a tribute to Ferrari's 70th anniversary 🐎 (and to get free passes to Singapore's event), I will write about a different Ferrari that I have experienced everyday.
As much as I love certain Ferraris, I cannot say which one is my favourite because that's like saying which is my favourite child. Each model has their own unique strength and weakness, and you feel different depending on what mood you want to drive it in. 💪🏻
----------------------------------------------------For example, if I want to go to the track and beat lap times, I'd take the 458 Speciale, as it is nimple and very sticky. 🏁 If I want to cruise with the roof open and have a good audio system, I'd take the 488 Spider. 🚙🎧 The bass that the exhaust produces literally goes through you as you shifts through the gears, up or down. ☀️🌴 If I want to drive in the snow or go to the supermarket, I'd take the FF for it's trunk space and AWD. Mind you that it's also a RWD if you turn everything off 😉❄️🍎 If I want to burn rubber, I'd take the F12 🚗💨
Why did I choose the 488 Spider first? 🚙🕷 I chose this to start because this was the car that I drove last, back in July. This was the car that I cruised with my friends with the roof open good songs blasting through the upgrade audio system 🎧. Some people may compare to this to the 458 Spider and say that it's not as good. I couldn't agree or disagree because they're both wonderful machines. As for the 458, you hear more engine as you pick up speed as the redline is higher than the 488. But as for the 488, you'd have to shift early as the redline was lowered, and the new turbo gives it so much pressure that it redlines before you realize it. This car is FAST, too fast! Last winter, it was equipped with Pirelli SottoZero winter tires, for winter driving. The accleration was the same, but the hard braking distance was doubled if not tripled. It wasn't a bad winter car, you just have to put it in "wet" mode if you're a pussy, but for some reason it was always in "race" 🌚🏁

The best blues and reds from Ferrari 😍🐳

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