Setiap orang punya cara yang berbeda untuk menghilangkan rasa sakit hatinya, begitupun dengan saya #siswasmada #keteppass #bls2017 #lerengmerapi

Siete due bulli🙄❤️ #BLS2017

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TONIGHT: Biodiversity Lecture Series 2017 - A Bee's Eye View of a Healthy Food System. From the perspective of native pollinators, @ucberkeley's Claire Kremen will describe how our current food systems are not only unhealthy for the planet, but also for pollinators and people.

Doors are at 6:30 and the lecture starts at 7:00 in the Ross Beaty Lecture Hall in Earth Sciences.
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續牌成功 ^.^ #nurse #bls2017 #acls2017

Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara mengadakan kegiatan Basic Life Support (BLS) di Kampus Fakultas Kedokteran UMSU Jl. Gedung Arca No. 53 Medan (30/9/2017)

Basic Life Support merupakan kegiatan pelatihan sebagai upaya pembekalan awal tindakan bantuan hidup dasar, sehingga mahasiswa baru FK UMSU memiliki keterampilan dasar dalam penanganan kasus gawatdarurat. Kegiatan ini merupakan kegiatan rutin yang diselenggarakan Fakultas Kedokteran UMSU untuk mahasiswa baru FK UMSU setiap tahun ajaran baru. Dengan harapan mahasiswa FK UMSU mempunyai kompetensi yang bisa diandalkan dalam bidang kegawat daruratan.

Acara Basic Life Support dibuka oleh Dekan Fakultas Kedokteran UMSU dr. Ade Taufiq, Sp.OG, diwakili Wakil Dekan III dr. Delyuzar, M.Ked.PA, Sp.PA(K). Turut hadir Staf Ahli bidang Kemahasiswaan FK UMSU dr. Wahyu Karim dan Ketua Divisi Kemahasiswaan dr. Eka Airlangga, M.Ked.(Ped), Sp.A.


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After learning flamenco keep trying the new things is not that good now but I will keep going ,put all my love together(the last move I'm so surprise😝🔥) #bls2017 #battleinshanghai2017

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Always look forward and never looking back 🔍🔜 #BLS2017

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There are many people unhappy but it does not take the initiative to change their situation because they are conditioned by security, by conformity, traditionalism, all of which seem to ensure peace of mind, but in reality for the adventurous spirit of a man there is nothing more devastating than a secure future.
The real core of the vital spirit of a person is his passion for adventure. The joy of living comes from the encounter with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy of having a constantly changing horizon of being every day in a new and different sun.
We must not only find the courage to rivoltarci against the usual lifestyle and throw in a life unconventional. 🌍🗺 #BLS2017

True travelers are not rich but curious people. I am not looking for comfort, but novelty, surprises. 🌇💛 #BLS2017

Life belongs to the living, and who lives must be prepared for changes #night 🌙💫 #BLS2017

To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world. 🌲🍃🌷🌺🌸 #BLS2017

London❣🇬🇧🍧 #BLS2017

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