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SCREAMING HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEST FRIEND SINCE 4th GRADE!!!! Even though we’re miles apart we still manage to talk everyday. Happy 19 I hope this year is better than any of the other ones! #blowyournose #besitie

Our sweet kitty came from the shelter with a cold and has a nose whistle. 😂😿 Possible name change to Darth Vader. (Don't worry, I'm in regular talks with his grandpa who is a vet.) #catsofinstagram #blowyournose #nosewhistle #poorkitty

New at the Shag Store: the Tiki Temple tissue box cover. Now you can blow your nose with tissues blessed by the Polynesian gods. @shagstore_ps @shagstorela #blowyournose #tikitemple #tissueboxcover #shag

Too often I find myself questioning God on how he puts people in ours lives and allows them to leave after they've left an impact. I will never question him for putting these kids in my life because of moments like this one. #gameday #blowyournose

Why do I always have to sit next to people on the train who sniff their snotty nose all the way home.. #annoying#getatissue#blowyournose#dontspreadyourgerms#stayhome#

Big sisters are the best...they teach you everything including how to blow your nose! #sisters #addiehudsonsydney #blowyournose #adventuresinthesydee


Can't Breath? Have a box of tissues cemented to your desk? You need RC.
RC helps with lung support and lung expansion.
Add 3-4 drops into some coconut oil and rub on chest. Always follow proper dilution charts for children.
Diffuse throughout the day to help assist easy breathing 💚
#rc #starterkit #Wednesdayvibes

Squeezing in what you can when you can. Coach hasn't loaded this weeks training yet. I'd guess I was on for 1.5 WU/CD I with 3*8.3x and say 2*8.18. That was loosely my plan but the day got in the way so I'm making do with 5M. 3 at pace. Too dark and I *am* on holiday #runner #holidays #dark #blowyournose

When you don't #blowyournose regularly... you get given lots of #tissuepaper with #warmwarnings #erkältung 😂 #runnynose

I anticipated this to happen. The girl's mother took out a handkerchief and put it to the her nose to blow. I got in close, one photo and out 👊🏻📷🙈 Irkutsk.
September 2017.

School OT to the rescue! 🤧 When a 5th grade student has a snotty nose all day and ends up with a messy, snotty face every time he blows his nose... OT handwriting is combined with some self-care training and lots of hand washing! Step 7️⃣ on the list was a VERY important point for this student! 😳

Shout out to my people trying to study and some idiot JUST WON'T BLOW LIKE GRAB A DAM TISSUE 🤢 got me so distracted 👀
#study #studentlife #studyissues #blowyournose #damn #considerationtho

Things from my Mum, Part 1.
It's that time of year again - it feels like every time I pick my little girl up from preschool, she's caught another cold. There are a lot of runny noses in this house at the moment.
Last year, I mentioned this to my Mum and the next time she came to visit, she brought us a great big pile of hankies. They are perfect - no more tissues going in the bin or down the loo. Even better than that, they're the hankies my Mum used for me, my sister and brothers when we were little. It really goes to show that things can so easily be made to last. These are over 40 years old and still going strong.
So it's not strictly a new thing that we're doing in our attempts to produce less waste, but I've realised that there's a lot of stuff my Mum has kept and handed down to me that has already been helping. So I thought I'd start a little series and show you lots of these little gems my Mum's been keeping in the loft all these years!
#zerowaste #zerowasteuk #goinggreen #ecofriendly #plasticfree #bristol #hanky #hankies #handkerchief #handkerchiefs #gotacold #blowyournose #thingsmymumsaved

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