2 months baby. I really miss you dude honestly nothing’s the same. I listen to your music and I still expect to go to a concert but I keep remembering they took you from us. I’m so grateful for your presence and the songs and the words you gave to us. No one will ever replace you and I enjoy everything from birth till death, that you accomplished. I also wanna thank you too mama Cleo. You did so good with jah. We all miss em dearly (REPOST)ALSO LATER OM I WILL POST ONE OF MY OWN EDITS THANKS YALL
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See the light in others, and treat them as if that is all you can see..

Did I just get made into the CUTEST version of myself? You better believe it😏 thank you @cillihi for this, you’re extremely talented and I can’t wait to make it my new YouTube profile picture! Everyone go follow her. She’s exceptionally talented 💕😌

We are stars wrapped in skin - the light you are seeking has always been within...

All queens fanp for them

Observational fact: we can be serious for a whole 0.5 seconds when we’re around each other 😹❤️

So I’m abt to cry cus I lost my Pinterest board with all my gory shiz in it.. #bloodsucca #bloodmania #blood #bleeding #dying #crying #sad #murder #gory #aesthetic

Today was rather a significant day for me. There was something that I have been putting off for a very long time because I was too scared to let go of it and the memories that it held with someone. I sat down and I was thinking about how I want to grow and evolve emotionally and how I want to be the better version of me. So I got up, went to my shelf and grabbed the letter I’d been holding onto. I got rid of it for good this time. And I can already feel the burden of it disappear. There’s no hate towards this person, just slight resentment which is perfectly normal I’d say. I’m just really proud of myself and felt like sharing it with you all. ❤️ if you have something that’s holding you back or anything negative whether it’s a physical object or not just get rid of it. It’s that simple. Push it out of your mind. You’ll feel amazing ❤️🌻 // 📸: @mayawoliver 💛

i'm numb

Let’s rewind to this day please, it was a really good day✨ ft. Maya and my beanie that wasn’t on properly because I thought it looked cute. 💛

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