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This my Lil Sis💉❣️ in case y’all forgot #bloodsister

That’s My Dog 😍😜#bloodsister 👭🙊

if my sister say fuck you 🖕🏽 then it’s FUCK YOU 🖕🏽‼️ @naenumoney #bloodSister ❤️

Since my love thinks I never post her 🙄‼️I'm making this post all about her ❤️You put me through a lottttt of shit throughout my life but man I'm so mf glad to have you you just don't understand ...you're gorgeous and fine af 😍😍but you already knew that 😂you keep me laughing 24/7 if I'm mad you always cheer me up ,I pray to god nothing ever happens to you as long as I live but man yunno I gotchu through whatever 🔒💪🏽😘whenever I need you you always come no matter if it's 3 a.m. on a Sunday 😭but I just wanna let you know I appreciate everything you do for me and I love you ❤️😘✨my luh chocolate drop#bloodsister

Pizza>Boys, fries over lies! Love this photo of @heidithebutcher and I by @djimagery #bloodsister #bloodsister #bloodsister #butcherbabies #beavisandbutthead

Hmmmm aunty fatimah😍😍😍😍
I dont knw where to start from
She is my immediate elder sister
She is 40yrs
She has 3kids
Today is her bday
I can say it anywhere she cant live without me..
She loves me till eternity
I love her forever
I dont knw wat to write aunty fatimah
We were brought up with love in our heart...we don't hate people..i still dont knw what to write aunty fatimah.. hbd aunty fatimah @fattybombum i cant say i love U...let me just say u r my LIFE!!! #BLOODSISTER #TOYINTITANS #IMMEDIATEELDERSIS #FATIMAHAIMAKHUABRAHAMOGUNSANYA

Sisters by Birth • Friends by choice


My Other Half, My Sister, My Bestfriend I love you with all I got in me ♥️ since I could ever remember me you was always inseparable 💪🏽 we always slept in the same bed, took shower together lol 😂 I love you sis 💕 #BloodSister @lovely_ana12 @lovealways123013

Shout out to my sister Reina lashae #bloodsister

if my sister say fuck you 🖕🏽 then it’s FUCK YOU 🖕🏽‼️ @naenumoney #bloodSister ❤️

Rocío Guadalupe y Marina Rosario Cerbón Ynclán, hermanas. 👯‍♀️💕
#sisterlylove #sisters #xochimilco #bff #truelove #instadaily #picoftheday #lovemysis #cerbonys #taptap❤ #bloodsister

That’s My Dog 😍😜#bloodsister 👭🙊

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