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Painting some roses in honor of the release of Blood Rose Rebellion by @rosalyn.eves, I partnered with @randomhousekids to bring you this photo! I love watercolor paints so I thought it would be fun to practice my rose technique 🌹 *
"Some rebels are born, not made."
Let me know your thoughts on Blood Rose Rebellion below!
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So, @rosalyn.eves seriously has the most beautiful author signature I have ever seen.
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I'm really excited to start Blood Rose Rebellion by Rosalyn Eves once I'm done with Lifeblood, though I'm really taking my time with it because I'm terrified of what will happen...

My book is in Target! 😮 I'm still kind of in shock- - I had no idea until a couple days ago, and I still haven't seen it in person. Thanks @sarablarson for the picture! #writersofinstagram #authorlife #bloodroserebellion

“Has no one told you, child, not to wander in unfamiliar woods? Have you not read your fairy tales?” Happy release day to Blood Rose Rebellion by Rosalyn Eve! This is the first in a new YA fantasy trilogy. Blood Rose Rebellion starts in 19th century London, where sixteen-year-old Anna is a member of the ruling class who control all magic through an ancient master spell called the Binding. But she is unable to perform even the simplest magic. All she can do is break spells—by accident. Her family sends her to Hungary where she meets a mysterious boy (or two), comes face-to-face with “The Rebellion” that wants to use her to free magic for all, and confronts the extent of her own powers. What Anna wants more than anything is to belong in her own world. But she may instead be the key to tearing the world apart. I've partnered with @randomhousekids. #bookstagram #bloodroserebellion

Happy Book Birthday Week to Blood Rose Rebellion, the first in a new fantasy trilogy that starts in 19th century London from @rosalyn.eves! I love the cover! #gorgeous #BloodRoseRebellion #ad #bookstagram

Happy book birthday to Blood Rose Rebellion by Rosalyn Eves! This is the first book in a new fantasy trilogy set in 19th century Europe--there's magic and romance and war and it sounds like just the kind of thing I'll love! Thanks to @randomhousekids for partnering with me on this post and sending me all these fun props! #BloodRoseRebellion #bookstagram #bookbirthday

Blind date at @thebookmarkpr!!! Mine was Blood Rose Rebellion. Hear its good. Looking forward to it~
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Happy Sunday, everyone! I am currently dividing my time bt working on the 1st draft of the 3rd book in the #starcrossedseries, reading @rosalyn.eves #BloodRoseRebellion, & decorating for Halloween (bc it's never too early to break out the pumpkins, witches, & skeletons lol.) But I thought I'd take a min to share all the stuff I cleaned out this week for days 18-24 of the Minimalist challenge by @theminimalists. It's starting to get harder to get rid of the right number of things, so there's a lot of little ones this time, like all my daughter's hair bows lol. But I still managed to find enough for every day. Is anyone else participating in this challenge? If so, are you having as much fun as I am? :) #author #authorlife #authorsofinstagram #writinglife #writersofinstagram #book #books #newbook #ya #FathomsBelow #FathomsAbove #fantasy #darkfantasy #fairytail #retelling #cinderella #greekmythology #tragiclovestories #amwriting #amediting #MinsGame #cleaning #newmonthnewgoals #qotd #sundayfunday

🍁New video LIVE!! 🍁
🍂I've been FALLing back in love with books and I'm so ready to get back into reading, writing, and filming!!
🍂As you all know, I've been on a year long hiatus. I tried posting a million times during this break but I could only get as far as filming. I never have the motivation or time to sit down and continue to edit, BUT I do now. 🍂I filmed this at the beginning of summer, but only finished editing two days ago, so I know it's not really a "September' Book Haul, but you all know what I mean :) 🍂I just want to thank you guys for sticking with me! I can't believe that my subscribers kept growing even when I was gone, so I'm truly gratful for you all.

My English teacher told us all yesterday that we might go to Chicago's Shakespeare theater at the end of October. He sounded like he didn't want us to go because he kept saying things like "it's so much work to plan a field trip it's not worth it" and then told us the price (around $30) like it would stop us. Ha, no. We're reading King Lear in class right now but the Taming of the Shew would be playing when we go. ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•
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Pictures of the Spanish edition of #BloodRoseRebellion in the wild. I hope this never gets old. ❤🌹 @Regrann from @notaftereverything - Hoy llegó por correo esta hermosura 😍📚
#RebelionDeSangreYRosas de #RosalynEves

Hoy llegó por correo esta hermosura 😍📚
#RebelionDeSangreYRosas de #RosalynEves, novedad de la editorial #numeral.
La portada me parece preciosa, ¿a ustedes no?
Y la trama promete una aventura mágica en la Inglaterra de mediados del siglo XIX. Me re llama la atencion y creo que ya me pongo a leerlo.
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I have had an absolute #ManicMonday, you guys, so forgive me if it sounds like I'm whining in this post (bc I am). This morning I locked BOTH sets of keys AND my phone in my car, thus setting a new record for the biggest-ditz-of-the-year award. I tried for 1.5 hrs to pick the lock unsuccessfully! Thankfully, I was missed at work & they called my dad, who showed up to save the day. All it took was one call to Onstar & my car was unlocked. I have never been so happy to get behind the wheel before! Still, my daughter was 2 hrs late to school, & I was 2.5 hrs late to work, which, of course, meant I was behind all day & had to stay late to get everything done. Now it's time for some personal TLC while I curl up on the couch with a much-needed mug of decaf coffee (with extra cinnamon tonight), my comfiest blanket, & this beauty: #BloodRoseRebellion by @rosalyn.eves. Only a couple chs in, but already I can't put it down! What's yalls #currentread? Hope you had a better day than I did! ♡♡ #author #authorlife #authorsofinstagram #writinglife #writersofinstagram #qotd #bookstagram #ya #fantasy #magic #book #currentlyreading #amreading #cozy #latenight #metime #coffee #coffelover #coffegram #itsdecafsoicansleep #fallvibes🍃🍂 photo credit to compute.info

It's #goodreads #hideabookday in honor of their 10th anniversary! So for any local people, I've "hidden" signed copies of #BloodRoseRebellion and ARCs of #LostCrowConspiracy. One *might* be in the SUU writing center; the other might be between theaters on the #utahshakespearefestival campus. ❤🌹 #ibelieveinbookfairies.

My first foreign editions! Latin American Spanish. They're beautiful. (And surreal. My words transmuted through the medium of someone else's skill at translating). #numeral #BloodRoseRebellion #rebeliondesangreyrosas

#Repost @thedogearedpage ・・・
Second post of the day!! How is your Saturday going my friends? Mine has been busy and exhausting, but the end is near!!! I work tomorrow, but at last at last, I get a break Monday! SO EXCITED!!!!
Blood Rose Rebellion has been on my TBR for a long time now! I am super excited to read this one--doubly so because @rosalyn.eves is a local author and such an amazing and kind person!! I've heard amazing things about this book and I cannot wait to get to it!
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Just finished reading this book. It's so good!! Definitely a good historical fantasy. #bloodroserebellion #yafiction #youngadultfiction #youngadultbooks

Been gone forever but I'm back!!!! 🎉🎉🎉 In Tanzania with very spotty WiFi so don't expect too much 😂😂 I brought five books, finished two, and have three months left, send help, or more importantly... More books! ---
"Some rebels are made, not born."

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