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Nico or Percy ?????

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Good morning!💀

silly percy 😂😂 swipe 👉 for one of our fave quotes from #thebloodofolympus 📖

Who's done the read riordan godly parent quiz? I did it and I'm a hunter of artemis
( www.readriordan.com )
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yeah yeah yeah fuck shit up fuck shit up

sweater weather.

Another series from #RickRiordan is over! #MagnusChaseAndTheGodsOfAsgard . . . I remember when the #SwordOfSummer came out, it was such an amazing series after thinking nothing would surpass #TheHeroesOfOlympus (the last book has me a bit bitter still). I loved the character of #MagnusChase and I adored the rest of the characters (especially Hearth and Blitz) That book took me on an emotional rollercoaster because it featured a death that was so heartbreaking (something that had never happened on the first book from a series of Rick). Then I remember #TheHammerOfThor. It took me such a long time to get into it and I was so afraid I would be disappointed. When it was over, it so happened that it became my favorite book of the series and my second favorite book of Rick (The House of Hades still takes that spot). I loved the character of #AlexFierro and I was so in love with the representation that Rick kept on adding to his series (I mean, there is a reason it was the winner of the ALA's Stonewall Award for GLBT children's literature). Now #TheShipOfTheDead is really good. Sadly, I think that Rick has been lacking something these past two series of his. The Blood of Olympus was a fantastic book but it wasn't #TheLastOlympian nor #TheSerpentsShadow. This is the case for this last book of MC. It is missing that excitement of the previous two books I mentioned. That is not to say that I didn't love this book. It was fun and entertaining and touching. I am so happy that, technically, Alex and Magnus ended up together because I really like them together (the scene of their kiss was reminiscent of the first kiss of Percy and Annabeth and I was gushing all over it). The thing is, I wish that Blitz and Hearth ended up together as well because I love those two characters, but oh well. Now, I think my favorite character might be Magnus. I love what he stands for and I absolutely adored the flyting scene because that scene represents everything I love of Magnus. Being a son of Frey is something that I relate to, and well, I would say if this universe was real, I would want to be a son of Frey. (1/2)

Percabeth theme - I literally fell in love with them as a couple in the first book - House of Hades is sweetest book because they survive together in Tartarus - my heart❤️😭
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I know I keep saying I'll post pics of Clint but I think I'm subconsciously holding off bc I kinda hate them... the wig is just really Not Good but I'll probably post some tomorrow. For now, have some new Percy, I finally got a new wig and styled it up (pretty happy for an $8 ebay wig), and it's a huge improvement!! Also please excuse the increase in blood/bruises, I'm sort of running on a Halloween theme and also I just enjoy it 😅 also, 500th Instagram post! Woo!! #percyjackson #percyjacksoncosplay #pjo #heroesofolympus #hoo #bloodofolympus #cabin3 #sonofposeidon #cosplay #cosplayer #percabeth #seaweedbrain #poseidon #camphalfblood #demigod

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