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Tap bio link @victorias.secret.fashion_
Tap bio link @victorias.secret.fashion_

Now that I’m flying home soon, I started thinking that one of the only constant things in our lifes is change. We will never experience a single moment the same. But why do we hold on to what has been?
I’ve read about the concept of surrender to change, but what if change is something that lives through us, bringing with exactly what we need to become who we really are. It can’t live through us if we are holding ourselves too tightly, trying to predict and control our outcomes, which I catch myself doing way too many times.
But if we do so, there's no room for change, no room to breathe. How does a seed grow into the full potential of a tree? It sinks into the moment, no rush no worry, no anxiety. It just is.
Let your breath flow, sink in, embrace the beauty of change and let it all happen. The most powerful truths are found in the simplest of ways 🌱

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