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probably going to go eat da grass now 🌱

I’m a messy drinker, I leave puddles everywhere, puddles from my bowl to the couch, to my crate, to the patio, it drives Mom crazy. Mom changes my water bowl 3 times a day, because there is always food floating around.✨🐶 On Saturday mornings I look at Mom clean. Since I moved in Mom cleans more, vacuums more, more laundry, dusts more and does more dishes. It’s better if I stay out of her way while she dusts, and washes, she mumbles a lot.😊 After cleaning, she looks at the glass shelves and there is a new layer of dust. She just shakes her head.😞 So we got a plant, Mom thinks the leaves will absorb some dust and make our air clean. Mom has never had any luck with plants, too much sun, too much water, not enough water, not enough sun. She says I'm the only living thing in our apartment that has lasted more than 6 months. 😮

So Mom bought a teeny tiny plant that I'm not allowed to touch. I took 1 picture before she put it on the top shelf. She already water it too much because water dripped from the top. Maybe I'll be the only living thing in this house beside Mommy.😂 It was a grey weekend so when the sun came out, we for walks. On Saturday we walked 125,000 steps, and on Sunday 116,000 steps, that’s Mommy steps, I always walk more. 🚶

When Mom visited New Orleans she met a nice old lady, Jesse, who needed help walking home. Jesse asked Mom to mail her a postcard from Toronto and a picture of me, so we took my picture beside the Toronto sign, Mom said it's the perfect picture to make into a postcard and send to Jesse. 🔤

On Sunday, we walked to Berczy Park to see a new fountain. The closer we got, I could see dogs spitting water in the fountain, and cats being annoying. We walked around, I loved jumping on and off the edge, I sniffed every dog. Then I saw me! I saw a dog that looked like me. I tried to kiss her but water splashed all over me.💦 A lady said I was cute but weird and strange. Mom said, 'she is not, Phoenix is beautiful, they even made her into a statue!'❤ We took a ton of pictures, sit here, look at the camera, paws up, smile ugh, Mom is so embarassing. Everyone started taking pictures. Guess I'm not so weird looking! 😝

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Certamente a foto mais linda que você pode bater em Toronto neste verão. Amanhã eu conto tudo no blog: onde esta escultura linda fica, como chegar de TTC e até quando ela estará exposta. #viajenaviagem #cntower #torontolife #blogto #torontolove #gabynocanada #exploreocanada

Time moves slowly, but passes quick. Photograph by @chankhamp

This guy @owenwalk loves patio season @elreymezcalbar. I am blessed to know such a hard working, talented individual. And even more blessed that we have a patio that is open till 2am every night! #elreymezcalbar #OVBinc #kensingtonmarket #patioseason

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FOUR DAYS TILL EDEN! Do you have your tickets yet? Link in the bio☝️☝️.We are working hard to bring to you guys a one of a kind experience. Tell your friends. FOMO is real. We wanna see you all there! ::
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(📷by @foodsfromafrica)

Had so much fun at @southstbrgrbar thanks to @jojoinstameets 😊🍔🍟
At this South Street Burger Bar on King St., you can customize your burger with over 30 toppings such as cheese curds, ginger glazed pineapple, sautéed mushrooms, maple infused onions and much much more! 😱 Also in a month's time, you can have these 100% pure beef patties (antibiotic + hormone free) with @acebakery buns! 🙌🏼

always forget how much I love this coffee shop.. hope you guys enjoy your day ☕️

After months of wanting to go, sayang and I finally went to @mahasbrunch to Kickstart my birthday! We tried the cardamom latte, the Max sandwich and a chicken and pita plate.
The bread was delicious and I even liked the pickled red onions - which is quite the feat for someone who hates onion! 😂

What should we try next time?

🚨Pizza Alert🚨 smashed potato, prosciutto cotto, fior di latte, rosemary, hot oil, cracked black pepper. #thisweekonly #pizzaspecial

W i n e W e d n e s d a y today and every Wednesday, we sell wine bottles at half price. Red or white? Click the link in our bio for more info.

Beef brisket with udon from @woodstoneeatery 🍜

Poutine Pizza with cheese and pepperoni stuffed crust.
Exclusively available at Mitaza Fusion Pizzeria
We are located at 269 Morningside Ave. In Scarborough (just north of Kingston rd) #googleit
Call 416-901-0909 to order ahead.
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Lunch Time ✅ 🍴🍵🥗 now a power 😴!

This word is used constantly to describe people and their actions. The smallest and slightest difference in another human being prompts us to put up our walls and turn our noses up against it.

How many conversations have you been in or overheard: he's so weird, she's so weird, they're SO weird. Using such a strong word to describe another human.. How discouraging is that for someone to be themselves?
Embrace change, differences and unique qualities. Keeping your eyes open, your mind open and being aware will only benefit you.

Dare to be different. Dare to revolt.

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