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When she says, "jump!" I say, "how high?" 😉

A mulher contemporânea exerce diversas funções ao longo do dia, então precisa de um look que a possibilite de comprir todas essas funções.
Mas quem disse que não é possivel conciliar correria do dia a dia com estilo e conforto? ⭐Meu look escolhido foi uma camisa estampada que trouxe ponto de cor ao look. ⭐ Pantacurt de tecido leve e fluído que trás modernidade a produção.
⭐E para completar o slingback(inspiração Chanel) traz o conforto com esse salto bloquinho, permitindo que você consiga cumprir todas duas tarefas.

Gostaram?? Camisa e calça: @audiovisualfashion
Sapato: @amarofashion
Bolsa: @carmimbrasil

On a day things are getting blocked out (don't get me started), what's something you wish you could block out? How about negativity! I'm guilty of it too! But I try to keep most of my negative comments humorous/Seinfeld-like (hopefully)! So many daily things happen, I'm constantly saying, "This is a @seinfeldtv episode!" #solareclipse2017

Got a-latté to do today!

In this danish 'summer' weather, the only thing I could do today, was writing a post on my blog - and so I did 🤗 go check it out🙋🏼 link in bio! #beginnerblogger #bloglove #mylifestyle #danishblog

Here's a little fun fact about me: I am OBSESSED with the Devil Wears Prada, I can watch it over and over again and never get sick of it! There are so many career lessons to be learned from that movie and I mean Meryl Streep is in it, so need I say more?
I also love watching TV shows that give me career inspiration, so today on the blog I'm sharing my favorite TV shows that give me some major career motivation 🙌🏼 Click the link in my bio to read the full list ➡️ @thesophisticatedgal
What's your favorite TV show or movie that has inspired you in your career?


Here I am at #Roker #Beach in the beautiful #sunshine. This #bikini is from River Island. I love the bright colours which look great with a tan!!

Struggling to come up with your own palette? We've shared some tried and true color combinations that are hard to get wrong on the blog!

#ObeliskHome #interiordesign #interiordesignblog #paint #homesoffacebook #palette #color #bloglove #blogpost #homedecorating #diydecor #renovation

Also restocking today!! At 3pm the @kkwbeauty @kimkardashian Contour And Highlight Kits are back! I got the dark kit and was really happy with it! #kkwbeauty #kkw #kkwcontour #restock

Habt ihr Tipps für starke Nägel? 😥💓 Meine sind einfach viel zu kurz um Nailart zu machen weil die viel zu weich sind 😑🙈💞 Wäre euch wirklich dankbar 😊🙌 Habt noch einen schönen Dienstag Abend 💭💕


This morning we did a bunch of errands as a family and only had 2 meltdowns 😂 we went to Lowes, stopped at the pet store just to look at animals, and then Wal-Mart and the girls picked some new barbies of course. 😍😍

Got a-latté to do today!

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