Day one in Paris 💛 I feel so so lucky to be back in my favourite city for the next couple of days, and during Paris fashion week 🙌 yaaasss! Best birthday surprise ever!!!
Wearing one of my latest designs 💕
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This is me. Richly unfiltered and unedited. This post is probably my scariest one to date, because I'm finally exposing myself, me in the purest form. This is vulnerability, this rawness, these insecurities, all make up a huge part of me, and its sad how I've allowed myself to give meaning unto those who have projected negative options and assumptions about me. So I decorate my face with make up and things, try to wear beads in my hair so I can give you something interesting to look at. But now this is it, I have nothing more to give, nothing else to make me feel pretty inside

#TAKEMEBACKTUESDAY to sunny days in North Carolina ☀️
Perks of being your own boss: you can work from ANYWHERE!
It's taken me a while to get here, but I couldn't be happier/more proud of the progress @__shedoesthis has made ☺️
One thing I've always struggled with is invoicing/dealing with the back end of my business. But @myob makes life easier and moments like this possible.
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Appreciating the gem @resthouse_foods for the love and the support.

It feels refreshing to find someone that believes in your passion and is willing to support and see to its success.
Thank you for the constant love.
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“Back, Back-backin’ it up! I’m the queen of talkin’ shit, then I’m backin’ it up - @iamcardib
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Bom dia 💜. Depois do treino de ontem hoje é preciso recuperar energias e por isso a terça-feira está a começar com panquecas de cacau com banana e manteiga de amêndoa da @prozisportugal 😍
Claro que não podia faltar também a infusão da @liptonportugal para completar o PA de hoje 😋

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