Current Kbeauty empties! 😆
A•True. - Vanilla black tea day relief body cream (I loved this so much I bought 3 and now I have none 😢) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
A•True - sweet song black tea one step cleansing water
MAELOVE - the glow maker antioxidant serum
Blithe - soothing and healing patting water pack
Wed:nesday - ultimate renew pomegranate snail cream
Neogen dermalogy - bio-peel gauze peeling wine
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I just can't physically do this anymore

Time to bring out this lovely one again...@blithecosmetic Pressed Serum in Crystal Iceplant. (Blithe is really not that big of a brand over here in Korea, btw.) I used this way back toward the middle to end of last summer and it was a nice product to use for hydration and coolness. Just pulled it out again a few weeks ago to use once more. The smell is just gorgeous to me and the texture is light and absorbs nicely. It's a hybrid product, being a serum-and-moisturizer-in-one and contains 63% Iceplant extract which is what provides the coolness.
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Another empties review!

Jo Malone body cream - this stuff is $$$ but sooo good. Jo Malone fragrances are amazing but don't last too long. But, if you layer them by using the body cream first and then the perfume, the fragrance lasts way longer. I won't repurchase because it's too expensive.

Blithe splash mask - I had the brightening one and this stuff works! The acids in this mask do make your skin tingle but it really helps makes my skin feel smooth. I will repurchase but might try a different version of it.

Unwash cleansing conditioner - this was a good one but I still prefer the grow gorgeous one and the HIF one. This has a very mild fragrance so if you have sensitive scalp, you might prefer this. I won't repurchase.

Lush Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo - too drying for my hair. But it does give massive volume & shine. Be sure to slather on a conditioning treatment after or your hair will feel like straw.
Body shop British rose bath foam - decent bubble bath but I won't repurchase because I much prefer the argan oil fragrance.

Herbivore Blue Tansy clarifying mask - such a disappointment! Don't waste your money because it does absolutely nothing for the skin.
Bum bum cream - this smells amazing but has shimmers in it 😒 I won't repurchase coz I used to get shimmers all over my hands trying to rub this in

Cosrx acne patches - I always have them in my bathroom cabinet. Very handy little acne patches that help reduce inflammation overnight. I've already repurchased!

If I had to give one recommendation from this list, it would be the Blithe splash mask 😊

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Just a little WIP of my whale tea ☕️🐋

• Final composition •
Fineliner & no sleep

Переходим на полегче😎
Легкие кремы на лето, с которыми коже будет комфортно💦⠀⠀
Это вопрос по заявкам, скоро будут и другие подборки)⠀⠀
Ловите список)⠀⠀
🔹Эссенция Blithe 5 корней энергии⠀⠀
Не просто эссенция, а полноценный продукт «все в одном» Летом может заменить все этапы ухода и наноситься в несколько слоёв для большего увлажнения. 2549₽⠀⠀
🔹Спрессованная сыворотка Ice Plant также от Blithe - освежающая сыворотка в формате лёгкого желейного геля. Матирует, успокаивает и даёт максимальное увлажнение. Может использоваться отдельно или в паре с предыдущей эсссенцией. 2804₽⠀⠀
🔹Гель Blue Vita от Manyo - тающий гель для обезвоженной кожи. Максимально быстро впитывается, но оставляет кожу смягчённой и напитанной. 1190₽⠀⠀
🔹Улиточный крем Storyderm. Просто лучший вариант для жирной, проблемной кожи с расширенными порами. Никто не сравнится с ним по скорости впитывания. Оставляет ощущение голой кожи, что хорошо, безусловно, для тех, у кого лицо начинает блестеть уже к обеду. Подходит для глаз) 2800₽⠀⠀
🔹Ещё одна многофункциональная эссенция от Blithe) на этот раз к идеальному увлажнению добавляется ещё и визуальная составляющая. Эта эссенция из серии праймеров и она умеет сделать ровный, свежий тон с легким сиянием. 2699₽⠀⠀
🔹Крем 4gf от Manyo - легкий крем для кожи после 30. Подходит для лица и глаз) 1790₽⠀⠀
🔹Лосьон травяной из серии Herb Green от Manyo) Идеален всем, кроме своего отсутствия) скоро появится на полках)
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Brand : blithe

Isi 90% masih banyak. Di jual karena tidak cocok saat pemakaian.

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your making me crazy 😜💖💖😊

They said "Say something. Look at me." But I couldn't. All I could do is look at the ceiling and feel whatever the fuck I was feeling; what I had been feeling that entire weekend away. But along with feeling those feelings, I made a promise to myself. I promised myself that I was never going to let another person make me feel those feelings. Especially myself. I promised myself that the next person I was going to fall in love with was myself. I decided to make a change. I wasnt going to dwell on negativity and tear myself down. I was going to feel out whatever the fuck I had to feel out, but I was going to move forward. I decided that I am worth more than the way I felt. I decided that from that day on I was starting over and it was going to be the most beautiful journey I had yet to experience. Lemme tell ya, I wasn't wrong. This has been the most beautiful adventure I have ever been on. I have made so much progress in my mental and emotional health. I have gained so much confidence, and I am starting to learn my worth. I've found little pieces of the old me that I was missing. I found my smile. I found my laugh. I found my voice. I found my positivity. I found my resilience. I found my passion again. I found my explorer. Its so weird how things work out. Storms sometimes last a really long time, at least it can feel that way. But take it from me; the sun will return. But storms can be beautiful too. You just gotta look for it. Without the storm, I never would have made the change in my life to be better for myself. Things don't always happen the way you want them to, but you are responsible for how you react to them. Youre responsible for how you learn from the storm. To me, storms are just so fucking beautiful. They teach you things you don't necessarily want to learn, but should anyway. They're life's teachers. No one wants to listen or learn, but in order to move on to the next thing you have to anyway. Ive accepted that storms are just a part of life. You go through them, learn from them, and then move forward. Don't dwell on the aftermath of the storm. When the sun comes out, enjoy it.✌

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