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Do you want to meet your tribe and light the fire in your soul? If you do, join @loriharder and I (and other amazing souls, speakers, authors) in an incredible journey to Bliss at the "Bliss Project Event" !! Tickets go up in price tonight, so go check out the link and if it calls to you, sign up to reserve your spot! I will see you there! 😇
Go to this link to find out details ➡ theblissproject.info
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#Repost @chriswharder with @repostapp
@loriharder and I are SO beyond grateful for all of these amazing sponsors 😳😲🙏🏻👏🏻
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My vision was to "support entrepreneurs" ... that was it!
Never did I imagine helping them work through many layers to peel themselves back to reveal their magnificent self, buried under years of ache, rejection, scarcity and many other events.
The business comes when the inner work is done. The success comes when you surrender to a power greater than you. The money is just an outcome of everything you believe to be true about yourself.
My clients are incredible beacons of light, shining brightly everywhere they go. ✨😇
I'm excited to meet a few of them in person in London this week!
My vision has been blown up beyond what I ever thought was possible. So happy and grateful for my clients and their appreciation 🦄✨💖
📸: @mattcrump

Think about how you’ll feel once you realize your dream and achieve your goal. ✨ Now send that out into the Universe and ask to receive it. 🙏🏻 Will it be delivered exactly as you’ve envisioned it? Nope. Will things go according to plan? Nah. So be open to all possibilities and say yes to the opportunities that just feel “right”. Be open to receive all the gifts the Universe sends your way. Thank you for that wisdom, @loriharder - I’m realizing what I want most may not come to me exactly how I dreamt it. And that’s 💯 percent okay with me now. Keeping my heart open to what is waiting for me! ❤️ #team38

What would the world be life if women were safe? What would our world be like if the feminine AND masculine could love without fear?
@ianmackenz @miss_applecat and Naomi Jason with @hollyhocklife take a visionary journey into LOVE WITHOUT FEAR this September: http://ow.ly/Rd4p30eLRjO
Photo of Marco Cochrane's Bliss Project Series
#blissproject #burningman #burningman2017 #art #publicart

ALRIGHT Roll Call -Who Will I be Seeing This Year @ #BURNINGMAN!? I so look forward to this every year as it is my favorite place in the world. A chance to enjoy ultimate freedom, open-mindedness, self-discovery, non-mainstream music, friends that become family, and growth.
If you're thinking about going, feel free to ask me any questions you may have. And if you know of anyone selling tickets, I am looking for one for myself and would so appreciate any leads! Thank you so much. Just trying to get home ;) #burningman #BlissProject #REvolution


a forever kind of love ♡ #tuesdayfeels

Think about how you’ll feel once you realize your dream and achieve your goal. ✨ Now send that out into the Universe and ask to receive it. 🙏🏻 Will it be delivered exactly as you’ve envisioned it? Nope. Will things go according to plan? Nah. So be open to all possibilities and say yes to the opportunities that just feel “right”. Be open to receive all the gifts the Universe sends your way. Thank you for that wisdom, @loriharder - I’m realizing what I want most may not come to me exactly how I dreamt it. And that’s 💯 percent okay with me now. Keeping my heart open to what is waiting for me! ❤️ #team38

Monday reminder ✨ #selfcare #mondaymantra #wordporn

T E A T I M E 🖤 spent this Sunday afternoon with some of my gal pals at tea. What are friends for if not sharing your expensive habits?! ❤️What are your holiday traditions? ✨Wishing everyone a happy holiday! 🎄 xoxo, jen #sundayfeels #teatime #yorkville

⚡️NEW POST UP! ⚡️ Today’s post lists some of my favorite podcasts, episodes, and gives a breakdown of how to start feeling less isolated. Check it out and let me know what you think! Link in bio!!!

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So much fun last night at the @lcbo @greygoose #popup last night! 🍻#kingandportland #checkit #fridayfeels 🙌🏼 Cheers!!

Empowering others to raise their vibe through pure essential oils. Why? Because
I notice when I’m #highervibes I’m way more intuitive.
Lately I’ve been having an #epsonsalt bath with #juniperberryoil and my skin is glowing. It literally pulls the negative vibes from your body, leaving you feeling incredible.
This combo from @elenabrower is my fav as a deodorant and smells heavenly!
My clients love oils to help them break feelings of scarcity and not having enough money...Link in bio to find out more!!!!! 🍃💕💎✨

This. This. This.
Snap by @broken_isnt_bad

Throw yourself into your life - go deep and be powerful always 🐳
Beautiful snap via @moonstrucktraveller 🌏

I N T E N T | Living with intent does not mean having a perfect road map of what the next day, month, year will look like. ✨ For me it’s having had a very honest conversation with yourself about what you want; what you won’t stand for. 🌸 It’s your mind being authentic with your heart. Not hesitating to live life to its fullest and choosing to be joyful. 🖤

Wishing you all a joyful rest of your weekend! #sundayfeels #currentmood #allthefeels

It’s that kind of day ☃️

“You are doing the good work of living and that is enough” 🌿 You are always enough.

Beautiful pic by @umberdove

G R O W T H | Last month marked one year of FYF! With so much going on with my family I’ve been a bit quiet, but I’d be remiss to not mark the occasion. Thank you to one year full of life, heart and growth. I’m so in love with this community. Thank you for the daily inspirations. I laughed when I was icing this cake as I somehow started out believing it would be perfect, then realized it turned out exactly as it was meant to be. Here’s to the journey, to manifesting your best days, and cheers to the future! xoxo, Jen ♥️ #fridayfeels #currentmood #nextgreatbaker #anniversary

Great use of a vertical pano here! 📷 by @iransirijillo!

M A N I F E S T | I’ve always been a big believer that we have the power to create our own destiny ✨ Lately more than ever I’ve experienced so many manifested moments that at times feel like pure magic 💕When I don’t know what to think of the world, I at least know that there’s plenty of good and it’s ready when you are 🖤 #tuesdayfeels #manifest

Never believe something is out of reach... Jump into the middle of things, get your hands dirty, fall flat on your face, and then reach for the stars...You will Inspire so many in the process of your journey 💗
📸credit: #bossbabephotography @bossbabephotography
#yesyoucan #reachforthestars🌟 #yougotthos #takeachance #liveonpurpose #growth #blissproject #grateful #committosomething #ladyboss #bossbabe #passion #inspire #itsajourney #lululemon @lululemon #lululemonleggings

Back in the New Forest 🌳 #MammaNature #AutumnFun

You know what I’m talking about 😉

That day we hired a little boat. #kotorbay #montenegro #perast #travelflashback

Showing true appreciation for everyone and everything in my life today and always.
My number 1 is my Mum, she’s raised me to be a strong leader with resilience and integrity. Mum you’re the best!
Who or what is your number 1?! 🙏🏻💜

Binge listening to Lori Harder podcasts. This woman is such a huge mentor for me. I can't get enough of @loriharder . 💖Gorgeous soul - Gorgeous person💖. Everyone has a story. .
✨Highest Self Podcast 040: Why Your Tribe Is the Key To Your Success- Interview with Lori Harder
For the love of money podcast - Chris Harder
Episode 74: Why (and How!) Women Need to Step into Their Earning Power with Lori Harder 💥 .
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My Hero 🖤 #newpost on staying positive during tragedy. This might be my favourite post yet. Please click on the link in bio and let me know your thoughts. Thanks for everyone’s love and support! #tuesdayfeels #myhero

Winding down after a day of serving clients deserves some #lavenderoil 🍃💜 Tomorrow I’ll be live at 12pm GMT, on my FB Biz page @lynnetaggart1 #mysweetsuccess talking all things Money, Spiritual and Manifesting!!! Post your questions below and I’ll be sure to answer you 😍 #mykm

My two fav #doterraoils are today Buy One Get One free in Europe. (And gorgeous oils for US/Canada too are on promo.) So many healing properties in these little bottles.🍃✨
Breathe (Easy air)-let go and release what you’re holding onto, its holding you back. It’s DIVINE!
Onguard-protect those off energies that may be blocking your success. Do you protect your energy between clients? If not you need this oil in your life! A few inhales and you’re good to go!
Shop at lynnetaggart.com/oils or PM me. 📸@889christine

l e t i t g o | whatever is holding you down today. whether it be sadness, fear, anxiety ... acknowledge it but don’t let it rule your day. there’s so much in this world that we can’t control - but where you can, when things don’t feel good, let it go 🖤 #tuesdayfeels #letitgo #manifest #currentmood

Share this week's miracles! No matter how small, we want to help you celebrate! 🌈📿🦄
📸: @theromanticiststudios

@loriharder and I want you to do two things - love yourself & love those around you ❤️

An inspiring evening at the #businessawards2017. A huge congratulations to Well & Truly who won the New Entrepreneur of the Year award! Whoop! Best wishes and much love 🙌


g r i e f | Last Thursday my family lost our wonderful Dad. We are still in complete shock and disbelief. We thank everyone for their love, support and kind words. It’s a very sad time, so i apologize for being absent the past few days and likely the next few to come. My dad had the kindest and warmest heart. i look forward to honouring his life and memories with incredible adventures and happiness to come. But right now, I’m just a bit numb. i hope to talk to you all very soon. Have a wonderful Tuesday. Xoxo, Jen. #tuesdayfeels

Love this great perspective from @erwin_reyes555! Thanks for sharing! If you post a photo of #TruthisBeauty, don’t forget to tag us!

BONUS EPISODE🙌🏻 : Wouldn’t you love to have a sneak peek behind the curtain… to know what really goes on behind closed doors? .

Ya, me too. I’m super nosy🙊 . And since I’m all about learning from my mistakes I am so honoured that @loriharder and @chrisharder agreed to this no-holds-barred conversation. The link to listen is in my profile. .

NEW PRIZE ANNOUNCEMENT🎁: In honour of the Harder’s episode we’re giving away one FREE ticket to Lori’s event The Bliss Project when you leave a review. All you need to do is leave a review and share a screenshot of it to the pinned post on Facebook.
Search Lori Kennedy Inc. .

The Harder’s really showed up for this, were very open and honest. It was extremely refreshing.
Make sure you listen to it with your special someone and if you’re like me -- at the moment sans that special someone, then listen to it with the intention that you will attract a person who is open to working on themselves and your relationship in the way these two are. .

I can’t wait to read your reviews for this one.

Hold the phone! 📞 Serious question up on the blog ✨ // #NewPost ... LINK IN BIO - talking friendship and possibly bad ones 🤷🏻‍♀️ // As FYF turns one this month I’m changing things up a bit and turning the focus on more of a conversation 🎂 What gives us the feels? What gets in the way? Let’s chat 💁🏻 #tuesdayfeels #badfriend

Happy Tuesday! 💁🏻 this gave me #allthefeels when I stumbled upon it last night ✨ // read + repeat 💕 #letthatsinkin #tuesdayfeels #currentmood #manifest

Current mood... who’s meditating this morning with me?
#meditation #blissproject #inspiration #findyourtribe #createthelifeyoulove

My kind of night sky! ✨ feels all over the place at last nights @arcadefire show // blew me away!!! 💜 #everythingnow 🙌🏼 #infinitecontent #sundayfeels #torontomusic

Thanks to @pgadesign for sharing these great 📸 with #TruthisBeauty!

I know it’s not Halloween today, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t let our Wonder Woman show on all the other days. You are powerful, divine and a force that will create everything you desire. Let her out. I see you! 👀👊🏻❤️
#blissproject #wonderwoman #power #powerpose

Lauantaina 11.11.2017 Taivastalon Jarko Taivasmaan johdolla mm. Chi Kungia, kehotietoisuus- ja hengitysharjoituksia sekä kontakti-improvisaatiota ja tanssia 💫☀️
• Lisätiedot ja ilmoittautumiset jarko.taivasmaa at gmail.com / 0440401144 •

#BelenosStudio #Taivastalo #JarkoTaivasmaa #BlissProject #ChiKung #Mindfullness #BlissDayIntensive #Meditaatio #QiGong #Intensiivikurssi #Tantra

Happy Halloween to all! 🎃 nothing says celebrate like a cemetery walk 💛 now time for some red wine and possibly some tv involving vampires ... I’ll leave that a mystery muhaha 🍷#spooky #butnotreally #happyhalloween #tuesdayfeels #cemetery

How’s your hug quota today? 🤗 . . .
#blissproject #hugs #yoga #friendshipgoals #hugitout

Rumah Shalom

Rumah Shalom is located in the outskirts of Puchong, the first thing that caught us was how well-mannered the children were. The home is run by Pastor Aru who truly has the welfare of the children at the center of his concern all the time! The home has been operating for the past 20 years through tough times and more! With around 20 children dependent on the home, this place doesn’t feel like a orphanage at all, more like a well cared for family! For further enquiries;

Pastor Aru : 0122965979
#communityservice #giveback #projectbliss #blissproject #projectblissmy #instagive #instaserve #instagood #helpinghand #instahelp #bigheart #instavolunteer #ighelp

Taking on the new week like... 🐝 (can you see him)?

happy day of rest to all! #sundayvibes ✌🏼 // whatever this means to you, I hope you have a great Sunday! ✨ // for me it’s all about remaining positive, persevering and letting yourself get out of your head even if just for a day... because all the other stuff can wait a few hours 💕 #cheers #currentmood #sundayfeels

Obsessed with these words! 🌸 happy hump day peeps! #wednesdayfeels ✌🏼 #currentmood #irreplaceable

Grow baby grow 🌻 ! #tuesdayfeels #manifest ✌🏼 #mayyourvibeattractyourtribe

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